Friday, July 31, 2009

A kennel full of Pet B&B newcomers.

(Left) Oreo (black & white) is a big solid boy. Many of the biggest cats that we get in, also happen to be among the gentlest.... and fortunately, the opposite is not true... some of the tinest cats we get in are also among the gentlest. Oreo is very friendly and likes to be around people. He's also great with all of his friends.

(Left) This handsome little dark tabby is named Schisser. I think that this is the first time that we've given you all a look at the inside of our pirate boat... for selected eyes only. This is where Schisser likes to call home, when he's visiting us. You will see from the next picture, that his new little sister, Tiny, has decided to move in with her brother.

(Left) Tiny, the petite little black & white kitty, is adorable. She's a bit shy with new people but is great with the other cats. She hasn't really spent much time in the pirate boat. She justs pays her brother a visit every so often. You can barely make out Schisser's outstretched body, in the port hole above Tiny... seems like they've turned my pirate boat into a duplex on water.

(Left) Capucine, the little dark tabby. that is snoozing comfortably in her favorite hay bail, is the sister of yesterdays Ounia. Ounia is the social butterfly so far, in comparison to her sister. You often find Capucine on the bunk beds and sleeping in our Kitty Cabs... She is quite afraid of strangers, so we give her lots of space; like this, she can feel relaxed and happy.

(Left) This little girl isn't named Tiny, but she certainly could be. Her name is Mittens. She is so dainty and graceful. She's one of our senior kitties, and this, is by far, her favorite pillow at the Pet B&B. She is visiting us with her brother Leo (grey), from yesterday. They are both friendly and calm with us and with the other cats.

(Left) This is our new friend Flick. She is visiting us with her sister Jingles, and brother Gaffer. All 3 of these kids respond quickly to their names. Flick is an independant girl who prefers to watch people from a slight distance. Jingles will walk right up to you and start talking. Their brother Gaffer, comes running when you call his name, and soaks up all of the attention, that he finds, on offer.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So many new Ottawa cats & kittens to play with.

(Left) Neil (orange tabby) couldn't run, climb or play, another second. When you're done, you're really done. The youngsters, like Neil, play pretty hard at the Pet B&B. It often takes them a day or two to recover once they return back home. He is having a great time with all of his new friends. He even finds a bit of time to play with his sister Pheobe, below.

(Left) Leo (solid grey) might look a little crooked in this picture. He was being a ham, and rolling around so much, that I bent down to get lower than him... and that is what made him look head on, for the picture. He's visiting us again with his little older sister Mittens. Leo is an active little guy.

(Left) Here's Pheobe, the big sister of Neil above. She is a bit older, but can play just as well as the kittens. We have many young ones in right now. There is a veritable relay race that takes place here early every morning... the only thing that they're missing is the batons... She and Neil have a great time with Sandi and Cordy, just to mention a few of their new friends.

(Left) This is a new friend of ours... gorgeous little Ounia is visiting for the first time with her sister Capucine. This dark tabby is a very friendly girl, albeit she was a bit shy her first day or so. She loves her neck scratches and is often seen near Tiny (black&white) and Menou (white & dark tabby male).

(Left) Little Sandi is having a great time with some of her new friends, shown above. This little dark tabby is full of energy... she was being quite adorable when I took this picture of her.... and was rubbing her cheeks and neck on the bottom of the ferris wheel frame. You can just make out, one of our other new first timers, in the background, Mouse, a little solid grey, that 'has a little white bikini bottom'. As the children clarified, it is of the fur variety, not a fabric one....Mouse and her brother (Marsh)Mello jumped right into the swing of things, their first hour in.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, and all is well at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Sammy (dark tabby) was back again for another quick visit this week. It was his second time meeting all of his friends.. He was a bit shy the first time. There was a huge improvement in how fast he settled in this time. He's very playful and gentle.

(Left) Our little old girl Twitches (calico) has been visiting us for a few years now. She's a tiny little girl, in comparison to a lot of our furry guests. She sure isn't shy about getting her share of affection and cuddles... She is a chatty little girl... always has lots to say.

(Left) Joya (dark tabby) was all snuggled up in her favorite covered sleeping spot. She knew I was there, gave me a squinted eye peek, and went right back to her nap. She knew that I'd stop by later to see her. She's a cutie.

(Left) Yes, Yes. It is little Churchill again. Couldn't you tell, just by the pose?! He wasn't content to sit and watch BigBird1 from our climbing apparatus... I guess he figured that my green birdhouse trim was some kind of ladder that he could climb up, to get into the birdhouse... It's not exactly a 'bean stalk', but if it works, why not!

(Left) Chloe (grey/white tabby) just went home again. We snapped her just after having a few nibbles... She likes to graze on our large buffet, throughout the day. The Pet B&B is a second home to Chloe. She is so relaxed and social, as soon as she arrives. She was just like that, her very first visit too. It's always fun to have her stay with us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From sleuthing to swilling... the beat goes on!

(Left) There's our adorable little British Belle again. She goes home this week, to her new home. She will be happy to see her whole family again. She arrived in Canada weeks ago. This is how we find her each morning. She will venture out of her favorite kitchen cupboard, to say Hello and wait patiently... and, oh so subtly, for you to serve her morning salmon pate up. She is a little lady of grace and patience.

(Left) There's our handsome Cisco (dark tabby). He loves the bunk beds and sleeping in the tunnels that join them, even more. This is another typical dark male tabby... very gentle, friendly and social. Little Churchill (black/white kitten) could usually rouse him into a play session. He loves his neck scratches..

(Left) Yes, it's Thor again. (orange tabby) Our handsome little diabetic friend has joined us for yet another weekend. He is a big cutie and adjusts easily to every other cat. We almost always house the diabetic cats in their own individual room. With Thor, we often let him stay in the group environments because he is much happier having company around him all day/night. We know his personality and habits well. He has a very good appetite and is easy to monitor.

(Left) On closer inspection, Heflin (orange/white) sees that there is a big cat paw print on the top of the tractor. He sniffs it, to see if he knows who it belongs to! 'Nope. Definitely not one of mine. I'll bet it belongs to that new guy in town... What does he go by?!? Ah Yes. That black & white 'Churchill' fella.... I'll bet it's his. He was everywhere this weekend!'

(Left) Here we have Guiness (black) entertaining the pretty girls again. This little adorable girl is Celeste (grey/white tabby). Celeste was in this spot first but, it's also one of Guiness' favorite hang-outs, when he visits us. Isn't it great that they 'figure things out'.... Couldn't we just learn a thing or two from these guys!

(Left) Rodney shows off his amazing flexible elastic spine. He likes to fit in with the two-leggeds... It wouldn't surprise me to see him pick up a bowl of dry cat food, toss a few kernels into the air, over his head, and catch them with his mouth.... chicken flavored popcorn... then, pick up a water bowl, in one paw, and take a swig... Just one of the guys!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lots of additions to the family; Ours and Yours!

(Left) Burt (dark tabby) has returned to visit us once more, and has returned to his favorite space rocket... Ah, yes... but, there is another change this time. His new little brother Churchill, the black and white cutie below, has accompanied him this time. The family tells us that they are great buddies already... Once you meet little Churchill, you'll realize that he makes friends everywhere he goes, if the other cats want to or not!

(Left) Isn't he angelic when he's wiped out!? I've taken to closing the french doors between our two outdoor areas, and putting him on the other side, when I try to empty out cat litter boxes (tries to chase the plastic bag), or when I try to sweep the floors... (wants to attack the broom)! Other wise, he's a lovable, handsome handful! Soo much energy, Soo much fun to go around! I noticed that Burt might've lost a few ounces since little Churchill moved in.. This guy is better than a gym membership!

(Left) Oh Pillule (black), it's so fun to see you and your mom again, after a brief depart to Quebec City... Pillule jumped right back into the swing of things.. We haven't seen him for about a year. I knew they'd come back! Pillule had to check out the new tractor and wagon full of hay bails... He has fun on both. Our friend Spartacat (white with orange), has surely met Pillule in previous years. Both boys are laid back, gentle and very friendly.

(Left) Here's another one of our new faces. Gorgeous little Belle (calico) has discovered, and moved into, the airplane. She loves height, and likes to 'look you in the eyes' when she's talking or meowing, to you. She's a chatty, social little girl.. She settled in right away. She must have little furry friends outside, at home.

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Lynx, is just as friendly and social as Belle. This little dark tabby looks quite a bit like Joya, who is also in for another visit. Belle loves to drive around in our Kitty Cabs... near our front windows... I guess that she likes watching rain fall! or else, she wants to be the first to see the sun, when ever it decides to return for another stint. She's doing great too. Quite a chatty girl, this one too.

(Left) Take a closer look at our boy Spot (white with orange). He's showing off some of his own 'yoga poses'... He looked completely at peace, all curled up like this, with his feet all out stretched.. He's visited us many times over the past 2 years.. He's having a great time with Churchill. Doesn't he look a whole lot like Spartacat (above). They often take their holidays at the same time of year.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our 'Reader's Selected Cat of the Week'

Merlin is by no stretch an ordinary cat. He has a huge personality that requires an active audience. He is the happiest when his older brother Macaulay is either playing with him or giving him a bath. He still acts like a kitten and is always up for a good play session. As fun as it is to play with him, it is quite risky because he is extremely fast and accurate. He is clever enough to know that he can wrap anyone around his little paw and make them work for his love rather than just giving it way too easily.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Always so much to see and do at the Pet B&B!

(Left) What are these 3 handsome big boys looking at so intently?!? Spartacat (white with orange), Silver (grey/white) and youngster Lincoln (solid grey) sure look fascinated by something... or, someone!

(Left) Lincoln gets a closer look at our brown and white bunny, Harli, as she shoots up and down the hallway, getting a bit of a leg stretch... and, a chuckle.... at the stir that she is creating on the other side of those big french doors....Does she look worried?! Hardly!

(Left) Little miss curiosity walked right over to Lincoln and gave him a once over too.... I'm sure this whole scenario would play itself out quite differently, if they were both outside. I always find cats and rabbits to have a keen interest in watching each other here. It appears to be mutual.

(Left) The cats were equally as fascinated with Pumpkin, the orange and black guinea pig. Pumpkin is five years old now. She's very gentle, and a bit shy with strangers.. but she loves her cucumber...

(Left) Diablo, or Mr. D. as I call him, is back in for another stay. Our little grey Abysinian can be very friendly. He likes playing 'an ornament' in our CatMasTree.... You will find him on a different 'branch' each time you see him....

(Left) Alice (black) was just in, with her sister Clara.. It isn't very often that you find Alice not in the phone booths or hay bails... This must've been one of those rare sunny days of July... She found herself a nice comfy pillow, in front of the big windows, to get a little suntan action going... She and her sister are gentle girls...

(Left) There's my little Sneakers again... That's quite the pose big guy... are you sure you won't have a stiff back when you get up? His bottom half is lying completely flat on the airplane. It looks like he twisted from mid spine to sleep in this position... He is such a ham for the camera.... everytime... and, a serious head-butt-er... He knows that I have fun photographing him...

Friday, July 24, 2009

More of Ottawa's Cat Stars and Starletts!

(Left) Here's another of our regular tabbies. Tora is a gorgeous silver & white color... we don't have very many silver's like this. He likes to pretend that he's very fierce with people sometimes.. but, the truth is, he's really gentle... He's a very interesting cat. When he trusts you, he completely lets his guard down...I have lots of fun with Tora.

(Left) Salem (black) is in again with her sister Shadow, also a short haired black... Salem jumps between our wall mounted hot air balloons, until she finds the one that she wishes to enjoy her nap in.... It took her all of about..... 10 minutes, this trip, to discover that we had put them up.... Leave it to the regulars to notice any changes... Salem & Shadow are very friendly, social girls...

(Left) Our handsome orange & white male, in the background, is our dear friend Heflin. He's a chatty & expressive big boy. He's such an elegant little one... his walk, his pose, his gaze... I hope it's alright to call a male elegant... no offense intended Heflin... You just have such style... it bears mentioning... Here's our little older cutie Munchkin again (black with white)... She is quite a unique little girl too.

(Left) Clara. Oh Clara. I said... Claaarraaa. Oh boy. I hope the eleven o'clock train doesn't wake her!! She's a gorgeous little one... I think I know a few people that would be very jealous of how soundly this little girl can sleep.... Oddly enough, she does usually wake up if I'm trying to snap a cute pic of her sleeping... She must be getting used to me... 'I'll just lie here and pretend to sleep.. Maybe she'll just go away already!'

(Left) You know that we've brought out the 'magic wands' when the gang congregates together. On the floor, leading the cat-pack, is Winter, the grey & white very playful tabby (left). Chewbaca (white & dark tabby) has been keeping an eye on Winter, to see who wins down there... Chloe (grey/white long haired tabby) doesn't want to get too close to Winter because he gets these 'crazy bursts of energy' while he plays.. kinda turns other-worldly.... when he gets down and serious about winning.... Cordy (dark tabby) is partially visible in the background.... They were at this quite a while. Chewbaka would grab the wand, from up top, once and a while...He'd wrestle it to the ground....

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Bella (dark tabby) refused to open her eyes for the camera... They'd be open, right up until I clicked the shudder.... Some would say that 'she knew'.... I know she knew! These little creations are a wealth of knowledge....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ottawa Cats in the City

(Left) Our little young friend Percy (dark tabby/white) paused, mid ascent, into the spaceship...One long, last look at the ground below, I guess... Little Juliette (tortoise shell) wasn't distracted by his activity... This is just normal 'cat business', at the Pet B&B.

(Left) Speaking of normal business... Rodney (orange/white tabby), was just being a curious, happy cat when he positioned himself on the top of BigBird 2's house...He and his brother Leo, take turns 'guarding' BigBird, from all of those other kitties, that have less than pure intentions.... Oh, Is that what you guys are doing! Hmmm. I learn something new every day!

(Left) Mimi (grey/white tabby) came back in at the same time as Chloe (grey/white long hair). These 2 girls often end up vacationing at the same time. The only one that we were missing was Celeste... another long haired grey/white. It's rare that the 3 girls aren't here together.. (Just as I was thinking this, Celeste's dad called. Celeste is coming back in today). It had to be! Or, it wouldn't have felt right! Each of these three gorgeous girls is friendly, but with distinct personalities...

(Left) Mally (dark tabby) gives me 'The Look'. She is one independant little girl... She can be very sweet.. and, sometimes, she can have quite the sense of humour... She has some of the keenest ears that we've seen on a cat... Her ears follow the various noises, like a satelite dish turning to pick up the best signal... She doesn't miss much..

(Left) And then, there are others, that only came to rest, relax and enjoy the scenery.. Our little old boy Dimitrie, does just that. He's a very lovable boy. You will always find him on a big fluffy pillow somewhere.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feels like the first week of summer!

(Left) This handsome little newbie is named Chewbaka (white/dark tabby). He has a truly expressive little face. This guy too, settled in instantly... He tends, so far, to like the high perches... unless you're dishing out the wet foods, then you'll find him at floor level... or, more specifically, at ankle level! He's very sweet.

(Left) Our adorable girl Lilly (white/dark tabby) looks quite a bit like Chewbaca... She's very gentle and calm too... she was a bit shy at first, but now you will find her everywhere, especially near our big fish tank and BigBird2. She also loves the wet food.. and, my big Selenite stone.. She's cousin to sisters Tyra (grey/white tabby below), and Pippi (orange/white tabby), from Monday's pics. All 3 love people, and their chin scratches....

(Left) Big cutie Tyra (grey/white tabby) likes to keep an eye on the 'goings on' in the group... She is often found strolling along this long ledge, keeping an eye on what everyone is up to... Once she's ready to turn-in for the morning, she'll climb up into her favorite treehouse, the pink/blue one, in the background, and take the highest seat.... She's a busy little girl... Not as social with the other cats, as her sister Pippi, but she enjoys watching all of the entertainment just the same.

(Left) Big handsome Guiness (black) is back for another visit. He's one big kitty.. my gentle giant...He loves his top corner bunk beds.. We've found him in the airplane, a couple of times, this visit. As the week progresses, we'll see him in the plane more often...

(Left) Chloe (grey/white tabby) looks like a smaller version of Tyra... They both like this ledge, and both are good at looking relaxed, while they enjoy the ledge.... Chloe has been with us a couple of weeks already. She's a relatively recent guest at the Pet B&B. I think we met her 2 1/2 years ago...

(Left) Pegu (burmese) came back in for a few days... He's a little schmooze... and, one of Erin's favorite kitties... Burmese have very unique personalities.. they like to wrap their little arms around you when you pick them up... koala bear style... as if you were a tree branch... and they usually hang on.