Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain! I want snow! Where's my snow?!

(Left) So many black cats and black & whites... well yes, and orange too! That's baby Merlin (black/white, front) setting up to tackle his pal Polly... complete with the back end and tail twitching side to side.. and, blast off.... Our little old cutie Bandit (black/white, back) was in again for another visit this past week. She takes up residence in the lower kitchen cabinets most days and pops out for a nibble, from time to time...

(Left) Eclipse! (black/front) and his new friend Wilson (black/back) both went home last week. We'll see Eclipse again over the holidays... all of his best friends will be staying with us... It promises to be an around the clock party... Wilson and his sister Angel will pop in again in the New Year... I have no doubt. Wilson is Mr. Toes.... you have gotta see the extra digits on this big lad...

(Left) Felix (black) just went home yesterday and will be back at the start of 2011... always great to see this big shy boy... I was telling his mom that he's not at all shy around other cats... only strangers. He's a real gentle soul.

(Left) Who do we have here!? Well, for starters, that's Bootsie (orange tabby) up on the loft... His buddy Scamp (dark tabby) is keeping BigBird2's house extra warm... Thank you Scamp! and that's Scamp's sister Polly (muted tortoise shell), watching the fish tank, to the back of the wall. Bootsie is scheduled to return home this week. Scamp and Polly are probably staying on through the weekend... Everyone's welcome. Stay as long as you like!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A building I will go.... That's right... Melanie's Reno Weeks are here!

(Left) There goes our big boy Syam (siamese) heading on up to his favorite ledge for a snooze. Each time that he visits, he chooses this as his choice look out. Our big orange & white cutie Parker, on the floor, just went home last week but I hear from his mom that we'll get a chance to see him again before the Holidays.... He will recognize quite a few current faces, on his next visit.

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Sylvester (black & white, lying down) is spending her first holiday in the group with her buddies. She does love lying on her back in the morning sunlight... Our little handsome boy Merlin (black & white) is back again for his 2nd visit. Oh, he's grown so much already! He had such fun with his buddies... and Eclipse, in particular.... Baby Merlin goes home today.

(Left) How about a couple of big orange marshmallow kitties.... Bootsie, in the airplane, couldn't look more relaxed if he tried... Guess he was just born to fly... My charmer Simba, below, looked quite interested in chasing Bootsie's tail up there... He restrained himself though... and decided to give himself long neck scratches on the rough wooden ears of the train car that he was sitting on... Both boys are such schmoozes...

(Left) My gorgeous girl Gingko Maria (black) was in, just a short while ago and will return before long... This little Miss is an old friend of mine... It's always a treat to see her again.. She can be such a shy little one with strangers and is just as likely to be a big hamm when she does know you... She loves her neck & tummy scratches...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Remember our Special Holiday Hours next week folks!

Just a reminder to everyone that the office will only be open mornings, from 9-11am, for the entire week of Monday November 22nd. We resume regular office hours on Monday the 29th of November. I will, as usual, be taking lots of great pics of the boys & girls over the week, but I will not be updating the blog until after I'm back to normal hours on the 29th.

(Left) If my handsome big boy Parker (white/orange tabby) isn't holding up the fridge or BigBird2's house... you'll find him 'holding up' a wall... All that you have to do is look at him, and he gives, what ever he's closest to, a full body slam.... Just one of his many signature charms! I was mentioning to his mom this morning that he almost always manages to plan his holidays over the same days & weeks that Eclipse (below) does.... Hmm, interesting!

(Left) SimbaLeeSimbaLi (fawn/white tabby) is playing Sun God this afternoon. My handsome Simba here, is visiting with his brother Gizmo. Once the sun shifts around, you're most likely to find this cutie in the spaceship... He prefers it's lower levels for snoozin'.....

(Below) Handsome Syam (Siamese) is back in for a nice extended visit once again... He'll be in excellent company because about half of his buddies here, are currently enjoying extended holidays too... He'll have lots of time to get to know these kitties in real depth... He's doing great as usual. That's our gorgeous girl Naomi (dark tabby) behind Syam, on the ferris wheel. She loves sleeping on those corner bunk beds....
(Below) Well, even though it looks like our adorable Eclipse (black) has been here for weeks already, he actually just arrived this morning, during the Friday flurry of drop-offs.... His mom said that he's been way too bored lately... so she brought him in to have a bit of 'play group' time with his buddies... and BigBird2 of course....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ottawa Cats on Holiday!

(Left) We see this gorgeous little calico girl every once in a while... Caramelle has been enjoying the great outdoors all year long. She's gonna have many new changes coming into her life... namely some new puppies to chum around with and teach the ropes... or, show the boundaries... (depends on where you're standing I guess)...

(Left) My handsome little boy Dimitri (orange tabby) likes to manage his time well... and incorporate his morning stretches into his getting out of bed routine.... He's staying on a while longer and then we'll see him again for an extended visit over the Holidays...

(Left) Another handsome orange boy, Bootsie just returned again this week... He's settled right into one of his favorite 'viewing' spots.... He's very familiar with the B&B environment and goes about his regular tours, from his first day in... That's our gorgeous girl Alley (dark tabby), atop the stairs... She's loving this Queen's Eye view..... Both kids are doing great.

(Left) Our charmers Polly (muted torbi) and Lillie (bengal) both had the same idea... time for a little nosh and a spot of fresh water.. Lillie, as you can see, likes to put a 'spin' on her water drinking techniques... This isn't the first time that I've noticed her drinking out of the water bowls like this.... I haven't noticed Polly following suit yet... but, there's still time.... Kitties often learn new habits while observing their fellow guests... Gotta have something new to show the family!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tues November 16th... and all is well...

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Calliekins (calico) again. Yes, she was here not that long ago and has returned for another brief holiday. She will be returning home later this week. Always great to see you Calllie.

(Left) Check out the expressive big eyes on my handsome old friend Gizmo (grey/white tabby) here. He and brother Simba are visiting all of their buddies for another autumn holiday. Many of my current guests will be staying on for a good long while.

(Left) Suzie (tortoise shell) and Sweetie (Siberian) just returned home this week. As I mentioned earler, these two are often found in close proximity and usually up in the airplane. That's our adorable girl Naomi (dark tabby) to the back of the picture, sitting on the stairs.

(Left) You've heard of a hand stand... this, is a Lillie (Bengal) stand.... You find Lillie in one of these poses often, throughout the day... Standing, to take a better or closer look... Little gorgeous activity girl here goes home this week.... I look forward to seeing all of my little friends next time.... Au Revoir!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Was that sunshine I saw?!

(Left) Meet a couple of the B&B Newbies... Handsome brother Scamp (dark tabby) and adorable sister Polly (muted torbi) arrived this week. I was excepting little Scamp to be a bit skiddish, but haven't seen any sign of that yet. Both little ones have adjusted quickly to their new surroundings and are getting on just fine with their feline piers.... They will be staying a few weeks... I look forward to getting to know them both better.

(Left) Yes, Alley (dark tabby) and her sister Naomi (dark tabby, below) are back again.. this time for quite an extended holiday. They only arrived this week too. As you can see, they are settled right in to their home away from home.... They both wish their mom many happy, exciting adventures.... You will see much more of these 2 gorgeous girls in the coming weeks....

(Left) Well, Well... Who do we have here?! Could it be our charming, playful Suzie (tortoise shell)? This crazy little girl is having a great time with Eugene, Lillie and Sweetie, just to name a few of her buddies.. They are usually found up in the airplane or space ship, never that far apart.... Suzie sends out a big East Coast Hello to her mom... Hope you're havin' fun too!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello! Anyone Home?!

(Left) Our little charmer Eugene (orange tabby) is always on the go... things to do, people to meet... friends to pop-in on.... Little Sweetie (Siberian) knew that he had a visitor... but wasn't sure it he wanted to go out and play.... just yet...

(Left) I guess Sweetie had other things in mind.... like, perhaps, popping in on adorable little girl Smokey (white/grey).... or maybe he just wanted to observe Smokey's playfulness for a while.... At this point, she's not even aware that he's there. She's too busy hammin' it up for me and the camera.....

(Left) Still, Smokey is oblivious to her handsome big admirer, below.

(Left) I guess Sweetie decided that she just looked too darn cute... he had to introduce himself... That's when Smokey realized that she had an audience.... Oh Sweetnes... you just love to play with everyone, big fella! But, remember when Eugene popped in on you?!

Who wants to do the chores? Any volunteers?

(Left) So, as the morning setup usually goes... I like to get the sink filled with soapy water to do the morning dishes.... This, today, was done before I doled out the morning's wet food... How nice to have help with the dishes.... My handsome little EugenieBean (orange tabby) offered to help out... in exchange for getting to clean all of the mornings spoons as they exit the wet food tins.... Tammy (calico) was content to wait patiently for me to prepare her bowl. Now, if I could just teach them to sweep!

(Left) My charmer Lucky (black/white) is always a hamm for the camera. This time, he demonstrates his nail sharpening techniques, on the edges of the wooden planks. He is such a character! We always have fun together...He sends a big Salut! to his mom.... A bientot!

(Left) This handsome little Mimi (orange/white tabby) is scheduled to return home later today. He had a good time exploring all about. Most afternoons, he's settled onto one of the 3 catsized beds, on the loft. Lucky and Dimitri are usually occupying the other 2... They have always been one of Mimi's favorite spaces.

(Left) Gorgeous little girl Lillie (Bengal) is seen here in full camouflage mode... hiding in the leaves... If it weren't for the metal chair, this would all seem very convincing... I'd love to witness her running and climbing through a grove of trees... I'll bet she'd be quite impressive.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyone is in... Lift Off!

(Left) Chief (dark tabby) has returned for his Autumn visit. Sounds like he's still got a whole lot to chat about, when he's home with his dad. I didn't find him to be any more talkative than normal with me. That being said... he does love to talk. My little drool and purr machine here, adores being brushed and talked to.

(Left) Our handsome little Mimi (orange/white tabby) has returned to his favorite cat beds, up on the loft. He only arrived yesterday and settled in right away. He's probably finding the B&B peaceful and quiet compared to his busy life with a rambunctious 2 year old running around the house. He's doing great as always.

(Left) Tammy (calico) just returned this week as well. This gorgeous, laid back girl has been visiting us for years. She gets a bit older each time... like the rest of us.... but is always such a charming guest. She sends out a big Hi to her family in the sunny south.

(Left) Yes, it's Eugene (orange tabby) again.... and, he's finally met Sweetie (Siberian). These 2 are going to have a blast over the coming week & days... Sweetie just keeps getting bigger.. his mom said that Siberians continue to grow right up to 4 years of age. Both boys are gentle, playful and social... I know that little Lillie will want to be included in all of the craziness....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lets see... we're still expecting a few more friends....

(Left) Meet two of the B&B's newbies... Gorgeous girls, Storm (white/dark tabby) and her sister Alley (black/tortoise shell) had a short stay with us this week. Storm, as you can tell, is a big, cuddly marshmallow.... her sister Alley is a bit more reserved but does like her neck scratches, just the same. They both did great on their first visit.

(Left) When I first saw this cute picture of Eugene (orange tabby) I automatically wanted to start singing 'I feel good... I knew that I would now..... I feeeelll goood....' Nothing quite like a big stretch after a long sound nap, eh Geniebeans!? This little lad is real happy to meet Sweetie for the first time... Let the party begin....

(Left) Yah! I finally got a pic of Banjo (grey/white tabby) before he 'exited left'... as he always does... once he sees the camera come out... He sends out a big Hi to his mom... Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.... We're getting snow on Saturday! Ah, it's not so bad. This place is always toasty warm.... and there's plenty of entertainment here, too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kitties, Kitties, all the time....

(Left) Well, our gorgeous girl Lillie (Bengal) has just returned for another holiday with her playful buddies. Yes, she will certainly have a grand time with Eugene... They have never met before but I expect to see them racing around with each other before morning. Always fun to see this adorable little charmer.

(Left) Zapata (orange tabby) looks a whole lot like Eugene. They are both friendly and social. Zappie spent time hanging out with Stella (dark tabby), on the loft. Can Stella ever be a hamm! She loves to meet every person that comes in... I just have to keep an eye on her, because she will sometimes attempt to jump up onto me, from the ground. She goes home soon.

(Left) Slip (orange/white, chair) just left yesterday. He had fun with Eugene (orange tabby, under chair). It was orange cat weekend at the B&B... could that have anything to do with Halloween ?! These boys are certainly full of tricks...

(Left) Chloe (grey/white tabby) has been surprisingly restrained, when it comes to pulling my heat vents out of the floor... I find that she's been more relaxed and social than other times too. This may be due to her new little brother that has been 'warming' her up.... waiting for acceptance... I predict that she'll finally be ready to start playing with the little lad, once she returns home later this week.

Monday, November 1, 2010

As November begins... Snow anyone?

(Left) This little cutie is named Banjo (grey/white). He is a funny little boy. He loves to sleep for hours, all stretched out on the yellow pillow here, but as soon as he hears the click from my camera shutter opening, he's gone! Wow. I thought that I was camera shy! He's doing great all the rest of the time though.... as long as I'm not holding the camera in my hands....

(Left) All Aboard!! Little Melodie (tortoise shell) is a train conductor in her spare time.... Doesn't she just play the part?! This energetic girlie girl had a lot of fun chasing Eugene and Zapata around... She's a bundle of unharnessed energy.... Lets just hope that she can reach the brakes on that train car, when she needs to....

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Gingko Maria (black). This shy little one spent most of her time hanging out in the treehouses... She is fine with all of the other cats but likes to play 'invisible' for the 'two leggeds'.... She just went home earlier this afternoon. I look forward to seeing her again later this month.

(Left) Look at that face! Has it got 'full of beans' written all over it?! This handsome little lad is Eugene (orange tabby). He's back for another holiday and having a great time with his buddies. Little Lillie just arrived this afternoon, so I know that he's gonna be in excellent company, for his relay races... Always great to see you again Eugene... He sends out a big Ciao Famiglia to his family...