Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Ottawa Cats! Take 2!

(Left) Look out Aries (orange), here comes Squeakie (grey/white tabby).... She can be very quiet, and just appear out of no where... These 2 cuties really like height... Aries is visiting us with his sister Xena again... Squeakers is visiting us with her brother Blinkie again... We have many brother & sister combos in this week...

(Left) Oh Sparky! I didn't mean to interrupt your quiet lie-in with your big furry friend Tiger... You both looked so peaceful and happy... You were breathing so subtly, with the occasional twitchy feet.... you must've been off playing in the universe somewhere... Your friend though, doesn't move much at all....

(Left) More brother & sister duos..... Our handsome grey & white kitty is named Timor... His sister Tamarind is a luxurious chocolate brown color... an Asian breed, I believe... We must get clarification from mom & dad.. Tamarind was still a bit shy in this weekend picture... but, not anymore... She loves to roll on her back with the tummy showing... Timor never was shy... It is their first visit to the Pet B&B... Both are adjusting very easily.

(Left) This is a typical Ella (solid grey) picture.. She knows how to make 'calm, cool & relaxed' look easy.... She went home yesterday... Wow, how time flies... She's a curious little one...very adorable..

(Left) Antone (dark tabby/white) took a short stroll around to introduce himself to all of the new kitties.. He's a big plush marshmallow boy... He loves attention and has an amazing soft coat..

(Left) Blinkie (dark tabby/white) is the brother of Squeakie (above).. Blinkie is definitely the shyer of the 2, but they are both so gentle... He loves to hang out in the lower kitchen cabinets... with his other shy play mates... He's less shy this time already, than he has been on his previous visits.. They do have fabulous memories...regardless of what many people believe...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots of new kitties holidaying at the Pet B&B

(Right) You, and even I, would be scratching our heads for a good long while, trying to figure out a) what kind of animal this is... and b) does it have a name.... I know that this isn't a very clean intro for our gorgeous girl Lucille (dark tabby) here... It's just such an interesting picture... Here, she's found her favorite yellow pillow, very high up, just as she likes it... Almost every time that you climb the stairs to see her, she'll start by giving you a big adorable stretch, just like this.... then, she'll roll around on her back and sides, with feet in the air, til she gets all of the neck scratches that she seeks.... very sweet girl... she's visiting again with her sister Tara.

(Right) Here's a new one for ya! This handsome little boy is named Sammy (dark tabby)... He was a bit shy at first but is turning out to be quite the schmooze! Very gentle little boy! Typical male dark tabby..... loves his cuddles....

(Right) And another one! This gorgeous big girl is named Magoo.. She's a grey cat with some white markings... She is supposed to be very shy around people... she is so far, to some extent, but she certainly isn't hidden away, out of view... She's found her favorite sleeping spot, in the bottom of the kitty Cab, right in front of our big sunny windows... Good for her! She's very quiet and doesn't mind a neck rub, here and there....

(Right) And another still! This little cutie is Dharma. She's a dark tabby with lots of white... This is one extroverted kitty... I think that she would follow anyone home when she's outside.... Verrry friendly girl.... She's chosen the airplane as her favorite hangin' out spot.... so far!

(Right) This is a picture of Nickel (orange tabby) his first day in.. It's his second visit to the Pet B&B... He only stayed up high like this, his first half day... after that, he was everrryywherrrre!! Another typical male orange tabby... never far from people! Yep. He's a schmooze too!

(Right) Aries (orange tabby) has been visiting us for years, with his sister Xena.... He is usually first in line to meet any and every playful young cat that stays with us... It didn't take him long to become friends with Winter (grey/white tabby) and Newbie, Kenji (chocolate point Siamese)... Kenji is just a baby still, at 10 months, while the other 2 just play like they are!!! Lots of energy here boys & girls!!! They have a great time together...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Reader's Selected Cat of the Week

Rocky is our Reader's Selected 'Cat of the Week'...

This is what his mom had to say about him: Rocky is a 9 year old orange male tabby.
He is very people-friendly and is always there to greet you when you come through the door. Rocky can always be found in the room where he can get the most attention.
He was a quiet cat when he was younger, however, in the last 2 years, he's discovered that he can meow and appears to love listening to himself . He's become quite a chatty one...
He loves his food, and gulps it down, with absolutely no manners... He comes across as a bit of a toughie, even though he's not one and has a distinct freckle on his nose... The house wouldn't be the same without him.

Chappie looking for his 'Forever Home'

Chappie is in need of a wonderful permanent home and family. He is brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Cat Rescue Network... They can be reached at 613-820-7088 or online at www.petfinder/shelters/ON159.html

Chappie is a young, short haired brown/black Male tabby.
He is a handsome boy who loves to cuddle once he gets to know you. He can be a little shy and nervous to begin with, but that’s just because he spent the early part of his life outdoors in a feral colony. He has adjusted well to being indoors and once you gain his trust he will snuggle up and sing to you, especially if you have some treats.
Chappie is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and neutered.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh, Brother(s)!!

(Right) How's this for brotherly love?!.... Pogo (black/white) snuggles up with his younger brother Puma (orange tabby)... but, then again, Pogo snuggles up with all of the friendly kitties.... He just loves everyone! These two had so much fun over the past two weeks... We look forward to seeing them again on their future holidays..

(Right) Our girl Cookie (muted tortoise shell) came back for another visit this week.... She's getting very chatty and schmoozie... as she gets older... She has a gorgeous soft coat too...

(Right) We knew that we would see them again before they left for their new home on the East Coast.... We bid Charlie (black/white) and his big brother Fluffy, (grey/white) a very happy adventure with their mom & dad....

(Right) We had to put this picture up... I thought it was too cute... Gunther (dark tabby - counter) (brother of Moe black/white) popped by, shortly after brothers Darwin & Joey arrived last week.... That's a lot of dark tabby! Gunther was our 'Welcoming Committee' that day... I guess that He and Pogo were taking turns that day!

(Right) Tess (dark tabby/white), only eat the ripe ones, big girl!! This little big girl loves to climb and be waaay up high, most of the day... She's a schmooze and a half!! So much fun.. and, obviously, very good at amusing herself.... as well as her friends....

(Right) Fluffy (grey/white) wanted to see what all the other cats were doing, out in the group, but didn't feel like getting up to go explore... But, this worked too! He can relax in the comfort of his favorite kitchen cupboard and follow the action...

Friday, June 26, 2009

So many new Ottawa Cats Boarding for the long weekend!

(Right) Moucia (dark tabby smaller) hung out in the airplane with Kuzia (dark tabby larger)... They have both been with us a while now.... They tend to be a bit nervous around people.. but, we've seen huge improvements in their self confidence over the days & weeks....

(Right) Fluffy, our little black & white friend, is at the Pet B&B for the first time.... She prefers to keep to herself, rather than mingle with the other cats too much... but, it doesn't slow her down.. We find her out & about, on a regular basis... She's very cute! and tiny!

(Right) We all recognize this big boy... and his signature posture... Simba (fawn/white tabby)... is back for another visit with his brother Gizmo (below)... Both boys are so gentle and social.... Gizmo (grey/white tabby)... is also giving us his standard, laid back pose... from the space ship.... That's usually where dad finds him when it's time to go home....

(Right) Frimousse (grey tabby) hasn't visited for a couple of years... He's in with his sister, Kira, the budgie.... This is a schmoozie little boy.... loves attention.. and the morning sunshine... He's doing great.

(Right) Here are 3 of the 5 kitties from the same household...
Simba (orange), Sacha (dark tabby middle) and Gypsy (dark tabby right).... What a fun picture... This is how the cats line up to watch our 'small animal' visitors, like bunnies and guinea pigs... They'll sit behind the french door, all eyes fixed on the little critters.... weighing on their every movement.... It's shear entertainment, for them, and for the 2 leggeds to observe...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are Ottawa's Cats getting Cuter??

(Right) Handsome Prince is joining us for the first time. He's quite curious about the other cats but tends to steer clear of most humans... He's a very gentle big boy.... A small percentage of black & white cats are shy by nature and prefer to hide in a favorite spot when people are milling about.

(Right) Tara (grey tabby) is back in for another visit with her sister Lucille... This is Tara sitting in her favorite spot.. on the stair structure, at the top of the 2nd floor staircase... From here, she can see everyone that comes & goes... We have a few regular grey kitties that love this spot.....

(Right) It's naptime in the indoor/oudoor area.... Far top, we have Gingko (black) getting ready for her snooze... Our little grey cutie is named Ella... She can be a very busy little girl.... Loves attention and is real curious.... On the lower bunk, we have Riley again, (orange/white)... This has become his new sleeping spot.... All three are doing great..

(Left) Here is a picture of both brothers, Joey & Darwin... Darwin has the dark nose... that's how I tell them apart... Once they know you, they are your friends for life... they're very affectionate and will follow you for more attention..

(Left) Who else could it be?? Moe is teaching us more Mo-ga... This is a new 'Balance Posture' that he has come up with.... 'I think we should stand on the rounded top of the airplane, 6 feet off of the ground... On the count of 3, OK?!'.... Actually. I think I'd really prefer to try this on a chair instead Moe.... I don't think my balance is up to your standards... yet! But, Maybe if I tried it!?! Nah, I'll take a pass... thanks. I hope he doesn't flunk me!

(Left) This is a typical Riley pose.... Is he too cute or what?! Orange tabby... That sums it all up!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All in the family!

(Left) We get many families of 2, 3 and 4 cats visiting us at one time... but, 5 kitties in a family, that's more uncommon....
These five boys & girls went home recently.. They were visiting for the first time.... The dark tabby, on the chair is named Gypsy.. that's her daughter Sacha, (another dark tabby, smaller format), to the back of her... Sacha is much more shy than her mother... Gypsy is quite the extrovert.... This is their brother Simba (orange tabby).. He's the only boy in the bunch.... He's very warm and charming....

(Left) Simba has a few nibbles while his sister Peggy (grey/white patches) passes by.... Peggy was a bit shy at first, but, as you can see, was moving around easily before long....

(Left) Emma (grey/white tabby) is quite a charmer too.... A bit shy, but loves attention... These 5 got along well with each other and adjusted really quickly to the Pet B&B.... I'm sure that it helps, having grown up around so many other animals... But, even 20 year old cats, who have never been around other cats, adjust equally as well...

(Left) This little boy Winter (grey/white tabby), is not from the same family.... or, that would mean, that they brought us 6 kitties!!! No, Winter is a single cat in his household... He was a bit shy at first, but has since realized that it's a lot more fun playing with the other cats, than being shy with them... He's doing great!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ottawa's Cats on Holiday...

(Left) This is Darwin (dark tabby), sitting on top of the airplane. He's visiting us for the first time with his brother Joey, also a dark tabby.. They are having fun playing with all of their other young friends... Joey is a tad shy, in comparison to Darwin.. but, all in all, they are both adjusting beautifully. Both boys are very gentle.

(Left) Tessie (dark tabby) and Tiger (orange/white) both love to sit in the morning sunshine... They should be very pleased then... looks like we're in store for abundant sunshine this week.... These two have visited us many times in the past.

(Left) Kids, kids, kids.... In the forefront, we have our friend Cleo (grey/white tabby).. She's been with us a few weeks already... Pogo (black/white) sits watching Jasper (solid black) play with BigBird2... or, vice versa.... Big Bird is playing with Jasper...! That's our boy Moe (black/white medium hair) further in... I'm not too sure who/what he's watching... Take your pick.. could be any one of our crazy little kitties at play....

(Left) That's much better! It's not an easy task to get a good close up picture of our girl Gingko Maria... (black)... She's either up high somewhere far away, or she's busy doing summersaults... and you can't make out which black kitty you're looking at.... Very nice pic Gingko... Thanks for holding a pose for me....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ottawa Cats - Summer Day 1

(Left) This is our gorgeous girl Ginny (black)... She will be spending a good deal of the summer with us this year. She is a very confident, schmoozie big girl.... and this, is one of her favorite pillows.... I'm sure that you will see a whole lot more of her in the weeks to come..

(Left) The gang's all here... We had so many playful little kitties in this weekend... and week... Pogo (black/white) and Gunther (dark tabby), you already know from last week... Trema (medium haired brown/black tabby) and his sister Apostrophe, (muted tortoise shell) are back in for their 2nd visit... These 4 played very well together.... but, they weren't the only ones....!
Erin has been busy painting up our purple play structure that the cats sit on, to watch BigBird2... Very groovy!!! I'm lovin' it!

(Left) This big handsome boy is Kuzia (dark tabby, medium hair)...It's his 2nd visit to the Pet B&B... He looks a lot like our other friend Abraham, who went home a couple of weeks ago.... It's good to see Kuzia adjusting so well..He isn't a huge 'people' cat, but he is already much more social than he was his first visit, many months ago.. He knows he's safe now!

(Left) We have many new black and whites in this week.... This big cutie is named Mac... He really likes height and lots of attention.. It's his first stay with us.. He's doing great...He's a big solid boy...pound per pound of cuteness...!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Reader's Selected 'Cat of the Week'

We chose Fox (fawn tabby) to be our Reader's Cat of the Week.

His mother says that Fox is 5 years old and verrry friendly. He loves playing with his new 'laser' toy and always enjoys being brushed. He sleeps each night on his Mom's bed beside her. He enjoys looking out the kitchen window from the kitchen counters and thinks that cut fresh flowers are delicious. He has chosen a giant 'lady bug' pillow as his favorite sleeping place. It is on the dining room floor. He inherited it from the teenage daughter of the house. She didn't want it anymore. Fox is a very affectionate little man.
Everyone is welcome to forward us a picture of their own cat/s with a brief discription of what makes them THEM. email to melanie@petbedandbreakfast.ca or send a photo snail mail to our office Pet Bed and Breakfast, 101 - 5460 Canotek Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9H1

Edward & Abigale looking for their 'Forever Home'

These two cuties are in need of a warm, loving family. They are brought to you by our friendly neighbourhood Cat Rescue Network.

(Left) Edward - Orange Tabby - Young- Medium Frame - Male
Edward's story is intertwined with Abigale's. He is one of two kittens, that were protected by a big snaggled tooth Tom Cat before being rescued from an abandoned farm. Edward and his sister Abigale are doing well in a foster home. Edward, is more shy than Abigale but he still enjoys attention. He does not like to be carried about unless he is in his cardboard box. He likes to sit on knees, be petted and played with. He will be a very loving and attentive pet and will fit in to any home. We would very much like him to be adopted with his sister, Abigale, because they are bonded, and have been through a great deal together.
Abigale (Below) - White & Dark Tabby - Domestic Short Hair - Small - Young- Female
Abigale especially, has become a loving people-friendly little purr machine. She likes to sit on knees, be petted and played with; so much so that the foster parent cannot work on his computer because Abigale keeps grabbing his hand. She lifts her little paw to get attention. She will be a very loving and attentive pet and will fit in to any home. We would very much like her to be adopted with Edward (above), because they are bonded, and have been through a great deal together.
Abigale is up-to-date with routine shots and house trained

or call Cat Rescue Network at 613-820-7088

Saturday, June 20, 2009

So many friends stopping in this weekend....

(Left) More Mo-ga.... Moe (black/white) finds the most uncomfortable looking poses to pass out in... They never seem to bother him though... Like I said earlier.... 'Elastic Kitty'!

(Left) Suzie Wouzie...... Oh, alright..... Suzie Q (tortoise shell) is back in this week... This is her 'Bear Hugging Tree' Impression...I kept expecting her to give the carpeted post a great huge thundering shake... and watch, as my tractor and bird house fell over.... There I go again with the imagination....! But really, she was just getting all cozied up in front of BigBird1... Time for a little clean up & a lot of bird watching! Her favorite!

(Left) Tessie Wessie.... otherwise referred to as Tess (dark tabby/white), is in for another visit... She is one playful kitty... and, she's a chirper... she doesn't actually Meow.... It sounds more like a chirp... that's the best way that I can explain it..

(Left) Grommit (dark tabby/white) seems to think that there must be a roof top access, or some kinda chimney, up on BigBird1's house.... Hmmm... I wonder why she wants to know that?!? She's visiting for the first time... When we talk about a cat's 'adjustment period' to settle in... this gorgeous girl didn't have one.... You'd think that she'd visited on a regular basis... I love it when they make themselves at home!