Monday, August 31, 2009

Ottawa Cats in all colors and assortments....

(Left) Little Skye (Siamese) climbed into a treehouse to see if he could get closer to the bluebird.... This little cutie goes home today. Things won't be the same with out him.

(Left) Here are two more of our friends from last week. Kahlua (dark tabby) and Nootka (Burmese) both went home on Saturday. They both did really well. Skye was sad to see Kahlua go. I'm sure that they'll meet again on a future visit.

(Left) Furrdinand (grey) and his brother Timbit, are in for another visit. This little guy knows how to turn on the 'doe-eyes', doesn't he? These two handsome boys are extremely social and friendly. They make cat friends very quickly too..

(Left) There's our gorgeous girl Besha (Ragdoll) again. She'll be with us for a while, this visit. This is her typical 'feet in the air' pose... She's a good little climber and very playful. We will have much fun together this week.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maggie, Riley & Molly Looking for Their Forever Families

Maggie ia a long haired female dark tabby kitten. Riley is an orange female kitten.
Riley is somewhat unique because she is a girl. Orange Tabbies are usually male. Maggie and Riley, along with their two brothers Cagney and Flynn were born under a shed in a west end neighbourhood. The quads were lively little things and the two boys, then about four weeks old, were caught pretty easily but the mother moved the other two kits before they could be caught.
The search was on and the neighbourhood alerted and after a few days they were spotted. A board was removed from the fence of the rescuers garden for easy access and a carrier with food was set out. The mother began to come for food every day but she did not bring the other two kits. This went on for over a week then the visits became less frequent and the kits were nowhere to be seen. A neighbour heard a kitten crying during the night but it was a little gray kitten unrelated to the other litter. Eventually the quad's mum reappeared but no sign of the kits.
It took a bit of investigative leg work but finally the kits were rediscovered. They were in another neighbour’s yard and he was able to contain them in his shed. Maggie and Riley were about eight weeks old by this time and were smaller than their brothers. Maggie and Riley are being fostered by the rescuer and are now lively, healthy little things who get along well with Molly, the little gray kitten and the other four older cats in the household. Cagney and Flynn have already been adopted and Maggie, Riley and Molly are hoping it won’t be long before they too find their forever homes.
It is estimated that Maggie and Riley were born around the begining of May. They are up to date with routine shots and are house trained.

Footnote: The quad's mum has now been caught and is in a foster home. She has been spayed and the foster is working with her to socialize her and will integrate her into her feline family. She will stay with the foster where she will live in a safe and nurturing environment with her feline companions.

Molly (below) is a small female grey and white kitten. Her story is connected to that of Maggie and Riley's because she may never have been found had it not been for them. This sweet little four week old orphaned kitten was heard crying in the middle of the night. This precious little bundle was found behind some plants huddled against a wall. Frightened and hungry she had been there all night and all day in extremely hot weather. There was no sign of her mother or any other kittens and it’s a complete mystery as to where she came from or how she got there. Molly was found while searching for Maggie and Riley, two siblings of a litter that was born under a shed in the same area. Molly is quite small but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in stamina. She is very active and entertaining. She gets along with all the other cats and kittens in her foster's household and is not afraid of anyone or anything. She is an absolute delight.
It is estimated that Molly was born around the end of May. Molly is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
Cat Rescue Network
Ottawa, ON(613)820-7088

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A lotta new faces to adore!

(Left) This gorgeous little dark tabby/white, is named Tara. She's a sweet, gentle purr machine. It is her first visit at the Pet B&B but we've had two of her cousins visit, in the past. She is doing great and looking forward to seeing the family in a couple of days.

(Left) This little grey & white cutie is named Victoria. She is a spunky little girl... especially considering the fact that she's 18 years old. She just went home. She fit in well with the other cats and was looking forward to spending some time outside this weekend.

(Left) Stella (dark tabby) was also visiting for the first time. She loves height, and hanging out with BigBird1. She has a luxurious soft coat and loves her neck scratches. She had fun with her new friends.

(Left) Oh Hi Toto! I was wondering where you got to.... This little boy likes to switch things up on a regular basis.... he takes full advantage of all of the different play structures.. He's an adorable orange schmooze. He can't wait to see mom & dad in a couple of days to tell them all about his big adventure... It was great to see him again.

Friday, August 28, 2009

As August winds down.....

(Left) Little Churchill still maintains that 'Oh, So Innocent' look about him. Actually, he's gotten very good about the floor sweeping. I don't actually have to pick him up anymore, when the broom the comes out. He's found other four-leggeds to chase instead.

(Left) Can my boy Gizmo (grey/white) steal hearts with some of these looks? He is a very agreeable model, when it's camera time. He's quite the little head-butt-er too..

(Left) There's Mox... My old friend Moxie discovered our suspended hot air balloons this visit. This was one of his favorite sleeping spaces. We have two other balloons in the room as well.. but, only found him snoozing in this one.

(Left) Quick! Take a picture! 'Cause this little firecracker doesn't sit still for long. Our adorable little Siamese Skye, is always on his way, from a to b, or y to z! Unless he's curled up, grooming himself, or sleeping, you'd better be fast with the shudder! He's got things to do! People to see!

(Left) Felix, on the other hand, loves to take his leisurely time, exploring and hanging out with his friends. He does get his energy bursts, but tends to be more of a constant energy flow kinda guy. What's the hurry?! Stop and smell the catnip!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Belly Flashers Galore!

(Left) No, this is not a one eyed orange kitty, it's Whiskers again.... He was been goofy and rolling around with his belly & feet in the air. He, and his brother Chazz (lower on page), love to play about for the camera.

(Left) Little Siamese Kedosh got very chummy with our boy Cashmire (ragdoll), recently. They were often spotted sharing the top bunk, of our corner bunk beds. They are from two different families, but you wouldn't know it, from this picture.

(Left) More belly-flashers... Yes, Mango (orange/white) is prone to hamming it up too. Here, he was captain of the airplane.... I'll bet he would make the plane fly upside down, if he could.

(Left) There's Chazz (dark tabby), brother of Whiskers.... Hanging out on the hay bail filled wagon. Little Hank (black/white) is one of Chazz's old friends. They have visited at the same time, on other occasions.

(Left) Jasper (black) took his usual, laid back pose, on the top of the spaceship. Our gorgeous girl Winnie (black/white) curled her little toes underneath herself, in preparation for her afternoon snooze. Winnie is looking forward to seeing her family next week.

(Left) Silver (grey/white) was back again for a short visit. It was great to see him. He hung out with some of his friends that he had met earlier in the summer. Some were still here, others, like himself, had already returned for another vacation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gotta love those lazy days of summer...

(Left) This picture was taken a while ago. If you had to ask me What's the fastest way to get sleeping cats onto their feet? I'd have to list, in my top 5 answers, Have someone send you a fax! Here we have Salem (black window) and Cordy (dark tabby) to the rescue. 'Don't want to waste any time reading it, in case it's urgent!'

(Left) There's our boys Tiny (grey/white tabby) and Kahlua (dark tabby). These two are very playful, agile and social with the other cats. Tiny loves to sleep up on the cat beds, on the loft. Kahlua can be spotted just about everywhere you look.

(Left) Some one was snoozing.... We didn't mean to wake little Mickey (dark tabby) up. I guess he figured that it was time to get up anyway. You don't often find him curled up in the bottom of the phone booths like this. He usually prefers a bit of height under him.

(Left) Mr. Pegoodle.... oh alright, Pegu, was snapped while he nestled himself inside of the big fabric cat tunnel. It is certainly getting a lot of use since it arrived at the Pet B&B. We'll have to track down a couple more.

(Left) More gorgeous white kitties. Jade has been to visit us before. I know she's very excited to see mom & dad in a few days. She splits her time between the Kitty Cabs and the airplane... both are parked right in front of the big sunny windows... She's not too hard to track down.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The airplanes are loaded and ready for take off...

(Left) There's my Cookie Girl.... This cute little muted tortoise shell loves to hang out in the townhouses when she visits. We've know Cookie for about 4 years I believe. She visits us regularly throughout the year. We always look forward to seeing her.

(Left) We have a whole lotta orange kitties at the Pet B&B, some of these have just left. On the top of the airplane wing, is Rodney, below him, is his brother Leo. Under the Kitty Hawk sign, is our handsome little Mango again.

(Left) On the top of this plane is Rodrigue (orange/white), the orange tabby, closest to us, is Whiskers. The black & white kitty to the front of the picture, is Maggie. You can just barely make out the black/white kitty behind Maggie.. that's our boy Churchill... hangin' out with a few of his new friends. The other black/white, to the right of Whiskers, is Hank.

(Left) Over the Rainbow, we have Mirette (calico left) and her little beau, Chazz (dark tabby/white). I had no idea that these two cuties were so chummy with each other. That's the thing about the Pet B&B... new friendships can blossom, anywhere, anytime.

(Left) Stanley (black with white) has been in before. He's a handsome and playful little guy. He has one blue and one yellow eye. They are quite striking, against his silky black coat. This is one social cat.

(Left) I don't often get a shot with Gizmo (grey/white) and his brother Simba (orange/white) together. They don't normally hang out this close to each other. Simba loves the kitchen counters and our big loft. While Gizmo loves the spaceship, and more recently, this little FlowerPower structure that was placed in front of BigBird2. Both boys are big schmoozes and love the camera.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Ottawa Summer is not done yet!

(Left) In the background, we have one of our new friends, Milo (dark tabby), joining us for the first time. He, and Burt (dark tabby front), were kind enough to give us a nice pose for this pic. Both boys are very social and friendly. Milo is a single cat, in his household. Big Burt, is the older brother to Churchill, the young kitten (black/white) below.

(Left) I guess that this is Milo's cameo day.... Here he is again, on one of his favorite structures, the rainbow. Yes, you're right. That is little Churchill (black/white) again. Look back a few weeks, in this blog, and you will see how much this little kitten has grown already. This is the first time that I've caught him climbing the Pirate Boat's mast. He's still as curious and adventuresome as always.

(Left) Our very happy, playful twosome, Skye (Siamese kitten) & Jasper (black), do very little all day, BUT play! They became fast friends once they met. They liked playing hide & seek with the colorful fabric tunnel, that's on the floor. They would take their turn hiding inside of it, and the other would pounce at the shadows & motions, that they saw from the outside.

(Left) Kahlua (dark tabby) and his new friend Bootsie (orange tabby), are both staying with us for the first time. These two had zero adjustment period, when they arrived. I love it when cats consider the Pet B&B their home away from home, like these 2 did. Our boy Boots, is related to Shadow, the solid black female kitty, that visited us about 2 weeks ago.

(Left) Oh Hi, Stella! This gorgeous little girl is visiting us for the first time too. We spotted her, shortly after she arrived on Saturday, settled into one of our Kitty Cabs, parked right in front of the window. She is very sweet. She's adjusting very well, to her new short term accomodations.

(Left) More dark tabbies. Many people will recognize our handsome big boy, Felix (top). On the lower level, we have our gorgeous little girl, Sassy. Sassy is visiting us with her younger brother Charlie. I guess that these 2 cuties decided to pay Mr BigBird1 a visit, at the same time. Good thing that BigBird1 doesn't tire easily. He's usually the last one standing (sitting), when he engages the cats. He's small, but mighty!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill has nothing on these guys...

(Left) There's our little orange & white flash of color in motion... otherwise referred to as Mango. This is a lively little boy. He gets even more so, when you mix in a lively little Skye and lively little Jasper, or two.. Mango is back, for his late summer work out.

(Left) Two more young, adorable cuties... Catou (white/dark tabby) and her brother Romeo (dark tabby), popped back in for another visit, with their mother, appropriately named Maman (below).... All 3 kitties are gentle, fun, and funny... They always have a great time when they're in.

(Left) Not to be outdone by the furry threesome above, little Luz (dark tabby) is quite the little fire cracker too. She isn't one to sit still for very long and will go in search of a bit of excitement, just to keep the energy flowing. So many young, playful ones in again/still. It has been an action packed summer with all of this young energy flying about.

(Left) Here's another of our new little faces. This adorable little dark tabby/white is named Tara. It is her first visit to the Pet B&B. Mom and Dad were a bit concerned about how she'd fit in, especially considering that she's getting up in age. She wasn't the least bit worried or intimidated by being in among all of the other cats. She wandered about, right away, checking out all of the various activities, play structures, and of course, meeting BigBird1 for the first time.

(Left) There's Maman! She decided to let the little ones sleep inside of their favorite kitchen cupboards while she scoped out here very own train car. Nothing like rest, relaxation, and fresh, clean sheets.... She was taking a little breather after their morning car ride to the Pet B&B.

(Left) Winnie (black/white) and Sam (grey) enjoyed the sun filled morning, in their favorite sun filled window. These two have visited us on previous occasions. Sam, and his sister Mittens have just left us, after spending most of the summer. We enjoyed having them and look forward to their next visit. Winnie isn't leaving us just yet. We have a few more days to play and hang out with her.

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Ottawa Cats on Holiday...

(Left) Erin managed to snap a cozy shot of the two gorgeous sisters, Streak (tortoise shell) and Taz (dark/caramel tabby). They have been with us a while already. Taz can be spotted all over the place but her sister Streak, likes to stay where it's dark and high up. They are both very gentle and a bit shy.

(Left) Yes, we kinda woke our adorable little Dixie (grey/white tabby) up, with this shot. She's gotten so big since we last saw her. She also likes height the best. She scoped out her big yellow pillow right away. She has a gorgeous soft coat and loves her neck scratches.

(Left) I popped in on Moxie (dark tabby) from the top of his train car. I've known this little boy about 7 years already. He's a big handsome boy, with a big handsome personality to match. It's always great to see him.

(Left) The tractor looks loaded and ready to pull away. Looks like everyone climbed onto the front, rather than on the back hay wagon.. That's different! On the floor, we have our boy Meowie (grey/white tabby). On the very top of the tractor, to the back, is Charlie (dark tabby/white). He's in again with his sister Sassy. Driving the big orange beast, is Leftie (black). On look-out, at the front, is Hank (black/white). Looks like they're gonna make a day of it!

(Left) Little sisters Cleo (white/dark tabby) and Lucy (dark tabby below), visited us last week. These girls are only about 11 months old now. Both are real schmoozes, when it comes to the 'getting cuddles' department. It was fun to meet them and spend some time with them.