Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Black & White Event!

(Left) On the top bunk, we have Mimi. I've know her since my early days in business. Our handsome little guy on the lower bunk bed, is named Wiley (dark tabby). It is his first visit to the Pet B&B. They are both doing great and spending lots of their time exploring all of the different play structures.

(Left) This big cutie is Clara. Many regular readers will recognize her, and her sister Alice. I found her perched in front of BigBird1. Mom & Dad may or may not be happy to hear that I found Clara up on top of the red phone booths when I arrived Sunday morning. I had never found her up top there before and thought that she may need rescuing. But, this is one resourceful little kitty.... Once I started replenishing the food and water bowls, she appeared, right there in front of me, sprawled across the floor. She is one funny little girl!

(Left) No. It's not a mirror! It's two adorable black & white kitties. On the left side of the door, is Frankie, who just went home this week. On the right side of the door, is Beau. He's the cousin of Matilda, from yesterday. Beau is a very large kitty and soo gentle... Black & white cats are quite often a safe bet, when it comes to friendly personalities..... unless they are very skiddish... but you would know that very fast.

(Left) More black & white cuties.... Yes. It's my Mogo instructor.. back again with his brother Gunther. Every time that Moe sees me with the camera in hand, he meows at me to come over, and almost immediately goes into one of his hammin' poses.... He cracks me up! And, he doesn't seem capable of taking a bad picture either!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So much to do at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Our adorable little Rex, Betsy Boo.... is quite the little adventure girl... You never know where you'll find her next. She is quite taken with BigBird2. She tried playing with him from the floor and figured out that she can get much closer to him if she approaches from the top of the bird house.... Betsy is a hairless breed. Rex's are also known for their very large ears. She's very friendly and settling in quickly with the other cats.

(Left) My little Ododo Bean, or Odo, as his mom must call him... Is Mr. Chilled & Relaxed. He's had a lot of fun running around with Gunther and Sammy this past weekend. I think he's trying to tell me that I need to build the tree houses a bit taller.... This is one busy boy!

(Left) Another of our new faces... this little cutie is named Matilda, she's a tortoise shell kitty. She loves the phone booth because she gets her close up views of BigBird1. She's a first timer and is visiting with her cousin Beau. They are both very gentle and love their neck scratches.

(Left) Our little Sammy (dark tabby) just went home. He has visited us a few times this past summer. He can be a bit shy at first but adjusts faster with each new visit.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ottawa Cats being Cats!

(Left) Does little Caramella (calico) ever know how to work it! This cutie loves the camera almost as much as, lets say, Moe or Sneakers does! She and her brother just went home. It was fun to see them again.

(Left) As little Kamikaze (white/black) cat naps.... he keeps '5' on me with the camera.... He's having so much fun running and jumping about... He will be even fitter than when he arrived, once he returns home next month....

(Left) Here we have Naomi (dark tabby), the sister of Alley from last Thursday. She is a definite 'people' kitty.... almost part puppy, this one.. Both girls are doing real well, very calm and relaxed all of the time.

(Left) Our adorable Tamiko (dark tabby) and her brother Kouko just went home. This little girl must be a great tree climber outside. She loves height as well as the whole running 'ascent/descent' thing....

Friday, September 25, 2009

What is on Einstein's Mind?

Q. Einstein's Dad mentioned that Eins had badly hurt his back leg a week or so before coming to my Pet B&B this visit, Sept 09. He was curious to know what had happened to him and if he was alright not?

A. Eins mentioned falling out of a big Blue Spruce tree that is in his neighbour's yard. He said it was quite big and took up most of the yard. He explained that he 'jumped too far, landed badly.' I asked how badly he hurt his leg? 'ligaments stretched too far backwards'. I asked if he hurt anything else? 'Only my pride got a bit bruised, that's all.' He said he was up there looking for birds, mostly Blue Jays, sometimes Sparrows. I asked if he was chasing something in that tree when he fell? 'Not at all'. I asked him what makes him happy? 'being outside, playing outside with Dad'. What makes him sad? 'The fall, shouldn't have happened. It was careless, that's all.'

I asked him if he could see me while we talked? 'not at all'. He recognized me by voice and 'knowing'. He said that we were communicating at the 'Astral' level. I asked him if he knew how telepathy works? 'like an old telegraph machine, our consciousness' tap out the codes in the language of the universe', he also mentioned wave lengths.

I asked him.... Is there anything that you want to ask me Eins-ikins? He responded, 'Stop calling me that!' (I always give the cats little funny names... I guess it's not always appreciated!) He also wanted to tell me , 'It hurt me real bad, the fall. I've never fallen like that before. It was traumatic for me. It shook me up bad. It really scared me.'

I asked him if there was anything that he wanted to tell his Dad? 'You're not bad. You are kind to take care of me and look after me when I fell. Sorry that I scared you like that. I'm giving up tree climbing for now. I may do it again later though. I need to heal for now, get stronger first.'
Eins' Dad picked up the boys yesterday. I asked him if he knew of a big Blue Spruce-like tree in one of his neighbours yards? He mentioned that there is a big one across the street that takes up most of the neighbours front yard.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday already! Time sure flies when you're a cat!

(Left) Our gorgeous little girl Twyla (dark tabby/white) has been with us a few days already. She's just a tiny little one.... very dainty. She has already progressed from the tree houses and has found one of her favorite big pillows, the yellow one, free and vacant... so, that's usually where I find her most mornings.

(Left) Alley (dark tabby) and her sister Naomi are visiting us again, for a number of weeks this time. Alley is the smaller and shyer of the two girls. They come to me from Montreal. This is their second stay at the Pet B&B. They are very comfortable in familiar surroundings and can be found pretty much anywhere.... no more hiding for Alley, but she will run away if people approach her.

(Left) Here's our handsome boy Stanley (black/white) giving us one of his favorite yoga poses.... He had so much fun this past week. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Esmeralda was still in, whom he'd met on his previous visit. They are both black & white, with the same curious, playful personality... and energy... too much energy!

(Left) Spike (fawn tabby) likes to hang out near BigBird1. 'Just imagine.... I can get this close, for hours at a time, and I never once have to worry about falling out of a tree or off of a roof top to do it!
Where else can a kitty find that kind of luxury....?!'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As the week continues.... lots of company still to come!

(Left) Here's our adorable 'shy' little girl Tamiko... She and her brother Kouko go home today after spending the last few weeks with us. I had a ton of fun with these two playful, comical kitties.... I look forward to seeing them both again in the future.

(Left) Eins (dark tabby back) and Lefty (black) were hanging out on the wagon & tractor, just enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Eins and his brother Chief go home tomorrow. Lefty and his brother Frankie (black/white below) are with us til next week. We've known the four of them for many years already.

(Left) Yes, this is Frankie ( black/white). People may recognize him from earlier visits. He is the little cutie that I refer to as Mr. Distractable..... He also has somewhat of a foot fetish.... if you happen to be wearing open toed shoes. He's an extremely likeable, crazy little boy.

(Left) Two orange kitties are better than one! Our handsome little Apollo (orange tabby left) is a curious, outgoing social butterfly... as most orange boys are..... He's having a load of fun with his brother Spike, and all of his other friends.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A few of Ottawa's Cat Charmers....

(Left) Spike (fawn tabby) and his brother Apollo are back for another visit while the folks are in the sunny south.... Spike is the shyer of the two boys. They have just arrived, so my little friend has cozied up beside my big peaceful Selenite stone for a snooze. Both boys are so affectionate.

(Left) Grisou (grey/white tabby) is the brother of Caramella from yesterday. This is a quiet, calm, affectionate little boy. Male grey tabbies are often of this nature. He's not a big sized boy, but he's all heart!

(Left) Our handsome Sushi (Lynx Point Siamese) just left us yesterday, after spending a few weeks with us. He warmed up quite nicely with the other cats. I actually found him playing with Ezmeralda a few times. That was really nice to see. It was the longest that Sushi has stayed with us. We'll see him again real soon.

(Left) Lefty (black) likes flying the airplane on the top deck... That must be where the 'First Class' guests stay... sure seems to have lots of leg room! Lefty is visiting with his brother Frankie again. They are both affectionate, happy cats.

Monday, September 21, 2009

'Siblings' Day at the Pet B&B

(Left) Oh Caramella! You too cute! This adorable little calico is back for another visit with her brother Grisou. We've known these two since they were wee ones..... Dad says that Caramella is a 'high maintenance kitty' and her brother is about as 'low maintenance as it gets'. I wonder what he meant by that Caramella?!? She does a pretty good 'innocent' look.. doesn't she?

(Left) Chief (dark tabby) and Eins' dad just wrote to check in on the kids..... They are both doing great.... big schmoozie, affectionate cuddle sucks.... Yep! They're acting normally! I've known these boys probably a good 5 or more years.... They are both very interesting to talk to... I hope to have a chat with Chief this week. I talked to Eins last week.

(Left) I've never had a conversation with BooBoo Bunny before though... Maybe I'll try to work that into this weeks schedule too.... He's not the friendliest 'people' bunny .... I'm curious to know why... His family will be interested to know too...

(Left) This gorgeous little calico is named Max. She is sister to BooBoo Bunny. I've know Max for 5 or 6 years too....She's a bit shy but adorable. She gets her 'sucky' moods.... She can be independant too... but, that's a calico for you. It's always fun to see her.. even if you have to find her first!

Friday, September 18, 2009

What is on Sigmund's Mind?

Q. Sigmund's family asked me to find out if he liked his personal environment, and if he liked his name. He is a baby Ball Python, also called Royal Python.

A. He listed his favorite foods as snails, crickets and 'mice of course'. He said that the things that make him happiest are: sun filled days, warm nights. The things that make him laugh are: being upside down, playing dead for the critters. I asked if he liked his cage? Not really, too limiting, too small. I want to roam free. He'd like more things to climb, hiding places, leaves, to hide and nest in, as well as fresh grass, saying that it makes a nice soft bed to lie in. He would like smooth, high, tree branches added to his cage, with lots of branches to curl around.

I asked him what he thought of the young teenager that takes care of him? He's kind, gentle, soft spoken with me. He's nice to me, takes care of me, wants me to be happy.

I asked Sigmund if he'd like to say anything to the young teenager? I like it when you carry me around in your arms. You're not too rough with me. You don't hurt me at all. Stop worrying about me. I'm strong and healthy.

I asked him to describe his own personality to me? I'm fun. I'm funny. I like to be left alone sometimes. I'm not that complicated really. I have a lot of heart. I can be so gentle and nurturing sometimes. I like to be with/around my loved ones. I will be the best pet ever for the boy.

I asked him what he thought of his name? It's alright. It's boring, old school, out dated. I asked what names he would prefer? Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld, others? Hefner, Hugh Hefner, other? Brock. I asked him why he liked these names? They're hip, happenin' they mean something to all people. I asked him if he knew who Sigmund Freud was? Yes, old guy, famous old guy. I told him that most people know who he is. He wasn't impressed.

I asked him about Jerry Seinfeld? funny guy. I asked him if he ever saw him? not really. I asked, so how do you know about him? He answered, Collective Consciousness, rates high. I asked him how he knew Hugh Hefner? High up there too! I asked him about the name Brock? Soap Opera name. I asked him how he taps into Collective Consciousness? It's not hard. We're all part of it. I asked him how HE did it? Don't even have to try, it's there, it's us, we're all a part of it. I asked him where Sigmund Freud ranked on Collective Consciousness? High up but dull, dry and boring.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's New at the Pet B&B!

As most of you have already discovered, I have a new website now. I still have many changes and additions to come, on the website, in the coming weeks, but here are a few of the highlights:

I have implemented a new vaccination policy. Full details are listed on the site.

Starting with last Saturday September 12th, I am no longer open Saturdays for drop-off or pick-up. I now have Monday to Friday office hours only: 9-11am, 1:30-6pm. I have always been closed Sundays & Holidays.

I have placed a maximum cat restriction on my boarding facility. I now only accept 50 cats at any one time. This is way off of my highs of approximately 80 cats a day, in the summer time, and 120 cats a day at Christmas time.

I decided half way through this past summer, that with that capacity, I simply didn't have the time to do the work with the animals, that was so important to me. Most people already know that I am an Animal Communicator. I have found it very frustrating and sad that I haven't had enough time in the past 6 months to do my research and improve my skill with them. There is just so much 'work' to do, with that many animals, that I no longer had time to do the 'fun' stuff... my passions... talking to the animals, learning about what they can teach us and learning about how we can help them too. I also have a huge curiosity in the 'energy work' realm, and look forward to learning more about that, with the help of the animals. They are incredible teachers!

Needless to say, that if you are travelling over my busiest times of the year, it will be very important to book well in advance. I only have a few spaces left for this Christmas & New Years period. With the reduction to less than half of my normal capacity, I have also increased my daily rates. It is the first time in 4 years that I have increased my rates, the second time in 8 years.

I have incorporated the blog into my website now. It is still available at . I find that the blogspot software is easier to use, if you are searching for your cat by name, using the Search feature on the old blog. I plan to keep both active.

I will be gearing up to redesign my group areas and make a bunch of new play structures for all of the cats, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and the winter season.

The Best for Last: Now that I have reduced my workload quite drastically, I actually have managed to find time in my work day to get back into talking with the animals... I am thrilled to be back at it... Each animal can teach me something new. I will post my first conversation, since summer, in tomorrow's posting. I had the pleasure of speaking with 'Sigmund', a baby Ball Python (also called Royal Python).

Happy Fall Everyone,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ottawa Cats ... mid September..

(Left) Topaz (orange tabby) is a master at doing what orange tabbies do best.... pulling off the 'laid back' look! He's laid back, but he's adept at tracking down the cuddles too.... In a 'laid back' fashion, of course!

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Jane (dark tabby), is still with us.... This is one of her favorite snoozin spots... right beside the music.... From this vantage point, she can keep an eye on what's going on in the entire group area, both sides, without having to ever get up. I'm sure that she'll be excited to see mom next week.

(Left) Prince of the castle.... this handsome little dark tabby/white is named Kouko... You've already seen him and his sister Tamiko. As you can see, this 'shy' little boy, isn't so 'shy' any more! He's having a great time with all of his furry friends....

(Left) Kamikaze (black/white) doesn't often hang out in the bunk beds. He prefers to be closer to the big sunny windows....he's usually sleeping in one of the Kitty Cabs.... He's a sweet, playful little guy. He's not ready to leave just yet. We'll have him for a while longer. He's a busy boy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots of familiar faces....

(Left) Buster (orange/white tabby) ended up coming in again this week, just as Chief and Einstein arrived. It never fails. These guys always find a way to plan their vacations at the same time.

(Left) Speaking of Eins(tein), here's our boy (dark tabby). I'm looking forward to having a long chat with this handsome cat, this week. Seems that he hurt one of his legs quite badly a short while ago. I'm interested to find out what happened... so is his dad.

(Left) Many people will recognize our handsome orange tabby, Dimitri. He is staying a number of weeks this visit. It is certainly the Autumn season. I get many longer term cats in the spring and fall. Many customers head over seas for these beautiful times of the year.

(Left) Oh BigBird2.... You love to play with the kitties!!!
He knows how to rally the troops, when he wants a little added attention. Besha (Ragdoll right), Lulu (grey tabby) and Percy (dark tabby), on the left, get duped again.... BigBird loves to get their hopes up.... Who said that birds don't have a sense of humour?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Someone old, someone new, no one blue...

(Left) Our adorable little calico girl, Friday, had great fun with my furry wand. She and Topaz (orange tabby) chased it for a long time. Then, Friday decided to chase Topaz's tail. I guess, as long as it moves, it's fair game!

(Left) Here's another of my regular cuties... Trudy (black) just arrived for a short stay. She's such a gentle little one. She can be a bit nervous and shy, but once she's installed in her favorite townhouses, all is well...

(Left) Our little black kitten is named Callia. She is the sister of Friday, above. Friday is the more outgoing of the two, so far. Callia wouldn't play with the furry wand. She was actually a bit afraid of it and stayed far from it. That's our handsome boy Percy (dark tabby/white), watching Callia, from the train car, on the right.

(Left) Our regular readers will recognize Menou (calico). She is a long time visitor to the Pet B&B. Like Trudy above, Menou has her favorite safe spot too... inside of the lower kitchen cabinets....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kaito: Our Reader's Selected Cat of the Week

Hi. My name is Kaito...I'm 5 & 1/2 years old, short hair grey, black & white tabby with; what my human describes as "porcupine-needle-looking-fur", whatever that means!
I've spend all of my life in Ottawa. My cat-mom was a pretty lady but unfortunately she was a stray. In a weird turn of events, I was fortunate enough to meet this human who took me in "for the night" and, well, life has been pretty good since!
I like to play--LOTS and have a few favorite toys in my house, but I think my favorite toy is my human's hands...they tend to heal pretty quickly and he likes to rough-house so it's a fair trade; his skin for my attention!
I'm a big guy with sharp claws; but gentle, handsome, affectionate and kinda shy...but I do love a good tummy-rub and will eventually come around and let you rub me if you want...I met my human's new friend the other day and she was saying that she think's I'm a little sarcastic and a bit of a brat--so what? She's met my human and can see where I get it, can't she!?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boys, boys, boys, girl...

(Left) People may recognize this handsome little black and white tuxedo kitty... It's our boy Oreo, back in again with his brother Topaz... They had so much fun a week ago, they decided to come back again.... Not to mention, that mom & dad had so much fun on their first vacation, they decided to go away again too! Funny how that works!

(Left) This striking little boy is named Sushi. He's a Lynx Point Siamese. He's visited us many times over the past couple of years and has returned for an autumn holiday with us. He says HI to mom & dad in the sunny south...

(Left) This adorable little black & white cat, is named Seba. We've known him for a number of years too... He's a big boy... but, very gentle... He adjusts very quickly when placed in our group environment. He must have many outdoor kitty friends at home.

(Left) I could run a 10 pic layout of this little cutie... She loves to hold a pose for the camera. This gorgeous little girl is named Tamiko... She's a dark tabby with orange markings... and, she's adorable.. She's the sister of Kouko, that you saw earlier this week. They are both getting very confident and socialized around all of their feline friends. I think mom will notice a big difference of how they are with people too, once they return home. That old shyness is definitely wearing away.

Friday, September 11, 2009

And, friendships formed....

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when Leo (orange/white tabby) and Skye (Siamese) were in at the same time. Leo already has a brother named Rodney... Skye was a single kitty... That may have changed by now.. I know mom & dad were looking into bringing Skye home a little brother or sister....

Aren't they just too cute together...?!

This is quite indicative of the socializing and interaction that takes place between the cats each day, at the Pet B&B...It's all good!