Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As we ramp up for our Halloween Party...

(Left) Little miss Chloe (grey/white tabby) arrived yesterday. This goregous girl has visited many times over the past few years. She has an active mind and even more active hands. Each time that she pops in, she inevitably has to check underneath my heat vents, by popping them off, out of the floor... She's not looking for spare change.... spare mousies perhaps?! She's a character.

(Left) Vegabond (dark tabby/white) and his brother left yesterday. This charmer loves being around BigBird2. He's laid back and cool. I think he enjoyed hangin out with his furry friends once again.

(Left) This pic, about sums it up... Maggie (dark tabby) has a versatile, open minded view of the world...If she doesn't strike you as being uptight... you're absolutely on the money. I was telling her mom that she is 'part puppy'... and will follow you or the action, anywhere.

(Left) Little miss Sunshine, Stella (dark tabby) is a bright and sunny personality.... she loves attention and her neck scratches... You only need to call her name or make eye contact with her... she can take a hint.... Well, OK! If you're sure you have time! Little cutie!

Ottawa Cats on Vacation!

(Left) Zapota (orange tabby) has an abundance of playful energy that can sustain him for the whole day. This handsome young boy is adjusting very well to the new bundle of joy, at home. It was a big adjustment at first, but sounds like he's taking it all in stride now. Just think Zappie, another little Being that can keep up with you!

(Left) When I opened the kitchen cupboards to say Hi to Dusty (grey/white tabby), Slip (orange/white tabby) decided to join me, in welcoming our shy little boy back. Dusty is only visiting for a short while this time... we look forward to seeing him again. Slip will be gracing my counters (this is his normal pose) for a bit longer still. Everyone is enjoying the sun beams today.

(Left) Melodie (tortoise shell) is joined by Zapota and all of her new buddies for another fun filled holiday. That's our gorgeous girl Callie (calico) in the background. Callie just went home this afternoon. She had a good time, as usual. We'll see her back again real soon. Baby Melodie is staying on for a few more days. She loves to playchase every other cat until they give in, and surrender to her exuberant nature.

(Left) As I mentioned above, this is Slip's (orange tabby) normal state/pose. He's a gentle, affectionate big marshmallow boy. He's very good with the other cats and loves to be surrounded by company, human or feline. He doesn't discriminate. A buddy is a buddy is a buddy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday October 26th, and all is well.

(Left) My boy Django (orange tabby) is seen lounging in one of his favorite treehouses. My big orange jelly bean here, loves to roll around on his sides and back... while he flashes his 'What? Cute! Me?! Moi?' smile at you. Always good to see my little charmer again.

(Left) Twyla (dark tabby/white) is much the same. She's not an 'in your face' kinda girl, but she knows how to 'work it', just the same. She is looking forward to seeing her folks again in the coming week. Twyla Wyla.... You too cute!

(Left) HiHi Timmy (dark tabby). I see you've discovered the airplane! This handsome, shy little boy is soo gentle and calm. He is the brother of Maggie. These 2, so far, have opposite personalities. Maggie is a complete extrovert... Timmy is a thinker... Both are adorable.

(Left) Monk (black), you love to make me nervous with all of your high-wire antics.... You hold on now! That's Kenji (siamese) farther in, on top of the airplane. These 2 brothers had so much fun over the past weekend. Both are awesome climbers and love to take full advantage of the fact that they never get asked to 'get down' from anything at the B&B. It's all for them. Yes, even the kitchen sink!

Monday, October 25, 2010

As Black Cat Day approaches...

(Left) Peek-a-boo.... I see you my handsome big Moustique (grey/white). I come in each morning to find my colorful pillows in new places. This big cutie is on the shy side, around strangers and will oft times dive under a pillow to avoid being seen... He's easy enough to find, while in stealth mode... cause the pillows miraculously take on a new largesse. He and his brother Vegabond are doing great.

(Left) Baklava (black) is in for her 2nd visit. This gorgeous little girl is an awesome climber and real playful with everyone. Our adorable Callie (calico) is seen in the background, on tour, climbing down from the sink.... guess she just wanted to check her hair in the mirror....'I still got it goin on!' Callie is a busy one too.

(Left) Stella (dark tabby) is back again. We haven't seen her since last year I believe. Tad (black) is visiting for the first time. Stella can look reserved and serious sometimes, until you approach her... then, it's full steam ahead and feet in the air... Tad is a big charmer. He isn't fazed by anyone or anything. I was told that he'd be kinda shy... I've yet to see that. He's social and friendly all of the time.

(Left) Vegabond (white/dark tabby) had to lean in, for a closer look at Maggie (dark tabby). Vegabond is brother to Moustique, above. Maggie is visiting for the first time with her brother Timmy. We'll see him tomorrow. All kitties have integrated quickly and are now in full play/curiosity mode. Lots more comin' this week. We'll keep the party going!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Forget our Special Holiday Hours Next Week Folks!

Please keep in mind my Special Holiday Hours: I will only be open my morning office hours ( 9 - 11 am) during the week of October 18th and will resume normal office hours on Monday October 25th, 2010.

(Left) As Portia (grey) entered the front door of the bus, I snapped her making her way to the back seat... Portia's seat. She is often found snoozin' there. Oddly enough, she usually exits the bus via one of the open windows... This little cutie is back for another short visit. It's always good to see her again. She's doing great.

(Left) Adorable siblings Mini Pearl (Persian) and Gizmo (cornish Rex) just went home this week. They had fun climbing about. Pearl loves to be up as high as she can get, while little hairless Gizmo, was often passed out on the window benches, soaking up the sun shine. We will see them again shortly.

(Left) Little Twyla (dark tabby/white) just arrived yesterday for another extended visit. This little cutie can be quite a tiger when she first arrives, but, before you know it, she will batt her big doe eyes at you... then, you'll know you're in! She's a quiet little girl and loves to sleep on her ferris wheel, in front of the big sunny windows.

(Left) Chloe (dark tabby/white) just went home this week as well. This dark tabby, like baby Alice and Twyla, turn into little cuddle sucks, once they have settled in.. actually, this is Alice's normal state, when she arrives.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I say. Who wants to play!?

(Left) What is it with kitties and warm laundered blankets...It didn't take my gorgeous girl Callie (calico) long to hone in on the pile of fresh laundry before I had a chance to place it. This little Miss will be spending a couple of weeks with us this visit. She only arrived yesterday but we originally met her this past spring. She and Peppy are going to have a grand time together.

(Left) Yes, this would be Peppy (black/white). She's a playful, social little bundle of energy. She was just here 2 weeks ago. I have to smile each time I see her. It's unbelievable how she's gotten so comfortable and confident around the other cats and in her new environments. Well done Peppy!

(Left) This handsome little boy is named Rocky (grey/white tabby). He went home earlier this week after his first visit at the B&B. He loves attention.. and isn't shy to stretch his front paws up your legs to make sure that you get the idea... He's very sweet and gentle. He did great, especially with all of the young crazy girls that I had in at that time.

(Left) This is Alice's (white/dark tabby) 'Serious' pose. 'Well, are you gonna take the darn pic or not.... I gotta go play some more! Come on now. ChopChop!!' This too funny, little girl just went home this afternoon. MamanMia, did she have fun! Until next time, my little AliWalli.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cute, Cuter, Cutest....

(Left) Mallykins (dark tabby) joined us for Thanksgiving this year. This gorgeous little girl is generally active, playful, independant and very alert to what's going on throughout the day. Mally isn't much of a talker while she's here, but that all changes drastically when she hear's her mom's voice.

(Left) This adorable little old girl is Minouche (black). She's coming up on 19 years of age. She went home earlier this week. We'll see her again for an extended stay, in a few weeks time. She sure loves her fishies! See you soon, my little Minouchka.

(Left) KouKou (dark tabby/white) and his sister Bella went home yesterday. This little charmer is calmer and quieter than I remembered him to be, when he visited last fall. Maybe it's because of his new sister. Perhaps she's burning some of his energy down.

(Left) So many crazy kitties to entertain me and everyone else that stopped in, this past week. That's our handsome Newbie Willie (orange/white tabby), making the rounds. In the middle of the floor is JoJo (black/white, medium haired). She was always a part of the action, this visit. The little black & white girl is Cajsa again. Yes, that's our girl Alice (dark tabby/white) lying in the sun beam... They would spend large segments of their days shooting pipe cleaners and mice underneath the door, to me, or to the other people that visited and would wait for them to be returned.

(Left) Three guesses... going once, twice.... Bingo! That's right. It is Alice again. Kinda hard to tell when they're inverted upside down like this... This gorgeous little girl is scheduled to return home later this week. Just thought I'd warn the two little pups that will be waiting for her.... She's been training! Y'all better get your rest. She's in top form now!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watching pretty leaves fall....

(Left) My, oh my.... what long fingernails you have, Jasper (black). This handsome boy had a fun filled weekend with Tucker, Mini Pearl and Gizmo... The nails came in handy for all of that climbing and descending..... It has been a very busy day here. Jasper and Tucker both go home today.

(Left) Antone (dark tabby/white) has visited us many times over the years. He does love his phone booths. From his windows, just like this, he can watch BigBird1 without even having to get up... He's had Maza sharing the phone booth with him this stay. She usually occupies the top two levels and Antone sets up shop, in the lower 2 levels. Antone left earlier this afternoon.

(Left) Cajsa (black/white) is not one to sit still. Off she goes again, climbing up to the higher bunk beds. Handsome Willie (orange/white tabby) is visiting for the first time. He wasn't the least bit bothered by all of the girlie energy that filled the place this weekend. He's a gentle, social, laid back big boy. He did great.

(Left) My handsome big friend Pillule (black) is vacationing with us while his mom is away soaking up some rays. It's not that common to find Pillule hanging out in the airplane like this. He's been up here a lot this visit. I haven't managed to snap a shot of him in his classic pose, with front arms extended forward and crossed.. He's done it, I just didn't have the camera handy. He's too cute!

(Left) This gorgeous little girl is Bella (grey/white tabby). She visited for the first time with her brother KouKou. He's been in before and this is his new sister. Bella is goofy and playful... this is one of her standard poses when you stop and play with her. She's an awesome little climber and loves her belly rubs.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Freya & Malkin looking for their Forever Home

Freya – Brown Tabby – Female
Malkin – Brown Tabby - Male

Freya and her brother Malkin were first spotted on a cool grey misty day in August pressed up against an outside basement wall. Malkin was apparently using his body to protect his smaller sister Freya from the dampness. They were likely born under a neighbourhood patio sometime in the middle of June 2010. Frightened and hungry they had become separated from their mother so the prospects for their future were dismal. Fortunately, rescuers interceded, capturing Freya first and Malkin a day later.
Freya a beautiful brown tabby was severely malnourished, painfully frail, fearful and suffering from diarrhea and may not have survived long outside. But this little girl has gone from a frail, gaunt little figure to a happy healthy kitty. Purring quietly in your lap, her eyes have taken on a brightness that speaks boldly of her curiosity towards her surroundings and her desire for attention and affection. She has blossomed into a sweet, lovable little girl.

Malkin a handsome brown tabby with reddish highlights. was happy to be re-uniting with his sister, caught the day before. From the outset they huddled together closely, apprehensive of their new surroundings, Malkin always inserting himself between his sister and their rescuers. Malkin is a sweet, friendly little character who purrs readily to the touch. His curiosity and sense of play grows by the day.

Malkin and Freya must be adopted together. Malkin’s affection and protectiveness towards his sister and her tight bond to her brother, makes separating them unthinkable. Their first few tenuous weeks of life were spent together and had chance dealt them a bitter blow they may have perished together. They deserve a chance to live their lives held together by a special bond of birth and survival.

Malkin and Freya are litter trained and up to date with shots. They will be spayed and neutered shortly.NOTE: Because a young kitten needs feline companionship, it is the policy of Cat Rescue Network that kittens 6 months or younger be adopted out in pairs unless there is another kitten or young cat already in the home. For more information about Freya and Malkin and to see all the other lovelies that need forever homes, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't be a turkey, kitty!

(Left) Mirette (calico) and all of the other kitties on the first floor are getting an 'ear work-out' with all of the youngsters running around. Sometimes it's just easier to turn your ears towards all of the commotion rather than actually getting up or popping your head up to take a peak. This gorgeous big girl is doing great as always.

(Left) There's my little TuckieWuckie (Persian) again. This laid back little cutie just arrived yesterday and has big plans ahead for his weekend. Jasper, his old friend, just arrived this afternoon too. Tucker has already reunited with his little pal Gizmo and Gizmo's new sister, Mini Pearl. Lots more friends to come this afternoon. They had best start to pace themselves.

(Left) Ok, little miss Twinkle Toes... aka Alice (white/dark tabby). What! What did I do? I always give myself a manicure like this. It's a great way to stretch my abs...! Yes mom. Your little Wonder knows how to hamm it up for the cam! As expected, Alice and Cajsa are having a great time playing with JoJo already.

(Left) Tofi (dark tabby) and her sister Maggie just returned home earlier this week. This adorable girl loves to watch BigBird1 from the floor, the bunk beds.... and, when she really wants a close look, you can often spot her sitting on top of his bird house, sneaking a peek at him through the slats on the roof. No doubt, she will be catching up her rest now.

(Left) This gorgeous little Miss is Chloe (white/dark tabby). She has staked out her favorite top bunk bed already. She, like all the rest of the kitties, has a lot of visual stimulation to keep them occupied and entertained this weekend. Chloe has visited a few times in the past. She sends out a big Hello to her mom out west.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nope. No Live Turkeys. No Dogs! Not even for Thanksgiving!

(Left) Sammy (dark tabby) was in last week for a visit. He can be a bit shy with strangers and a bit hissy his first day in, but then he warms up and enjoys watching all of the other cats. He's definitely mommy's boy, this one. He's a cutie.

(Left) This handsome orange tabby is Django. My regular readers will recognize his little furry face. He went home earlier this week and we'll see him again a couple more times before the year is out. He did great as usual.

(Left) This gorgeous girl is JoJo (black/white). It's her second visit to the B&B and she integrated much quicker this time. She is still a bit hissy with the other cats so far, but she only arrived yesterday. Even her first day, she was wandering around everywhere and coming to me to say Hi . I think it will be great for her to get a chance to hang out with so many other crazy young girls. She's very playful herself, so I know she will be playing with her piers before long.

(Left) Yes, that's our little cutie Gizmo (cornish Rex), spotted here with his adorable new 'big' sister Mini Pearl (Persian). I was telling their mom yesterday that since Pearl can't follow her around now, she's been following the other cats, when she sees one get up and go for a stroll. She is especially curious about Dimitri, below. Mini Pearl is visiting for the first time. Baby Gizmo has been in many times already.

(Left) Speaking of our handsome Dimitri (orange tabby), he is expected to return home tomorrow. That's ok Pearl, cause Tucker's comin' in... This orange cutie has been visiting me for many years and is getting close to 20 years of age. He's still got a nice healthy appetite, although his sense of smell is diminishing, so sometimes I need to keep his wet food quite close to where he is, so that he can smell that it's there.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Board Games! As if! Way too boring!

(Left) There's a big boy with an even bigger personality. Carl (Siamese) and his sister Cleo just returned home this week. As his mom said to me, when she picked him up the first time... Carl is ALOT! Enough said! Anyone that has stopped in during his visits can attest to that. I had trouble figuring out why he has such an excess amount of energy, at all times.... My conclusion is that: Carl Loves Life! It's as simple as that.

(Left) More exuberance.... Tofi (dark tabby) on the top bridge gets ready to welcome Cajsa (black/white) for more playtime, at the top.... That's our adorable Clara (dark tabby) again, watching them, before she joins right in herself. People really wouldn't believe how crazy this many young playful girls can be... just imagine a lot of giggling, impersonating, teasing and showing off for one another.... If they were a bunch of teenagers, the neighbours would be calling the police to complain about the noise level!

(Left) I wrote Maza's (dark tabby/white) mom back yesterday to tell her that Maza is indeed much calmer and relaxed, than I remembered her to be. She's showing great patience with all of these silly little girls running around her ankles all the time. But, the real test will come next week, when I try to get Maza into her cat carrier... I am feeling less & less worried about the prospect. She's doing great.

(Left) If you want to find Ople (white), oft times you have to climb waaay up, to find her... She will be hanging out with her feline friends for a while yet. That's her new friend Clara (dark tabby), who's climbed up to visit with her... and, to get a better view of BigBird1. It's a bit dark up there.. you may need to click on the pic to enlarge it.. Clara is there, being goofy on the bridge..

(Left) Not to be outdone by all these kitteny kids... Suzie Q (tortoise shell) shows you her playful charm with her eyes... or, should I say... One eye! She's a real character and a lot of fun. It's a good thing that we have more boys coming in for the weekend.. or poor Olaf (brother of Cajsa) will be wondering if he can survive another weekend alone with all of these girls... 'No. I don't want curlers in my hair. Really! .... and, go paint your own toes.... !