Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Party, anyone?

(Left) Frankie (black/white) and his brother Leftie, want to wish a very Happy New Year to their family. This little cutie is a little purr and drool machine.... I think it's due to his excessively charming personality.... it overflows this svelt little frame.

(Left) Little baby Nando (grey/white) thought that this big tiger rug, was his other brother..... the big, big, big brother.... 'Peanut is big, but he's got nothing on my buddy Stripes here!' As you can see, Nando is doing just swell!

(Left) So, people are wondering what their cats are doing on a New Years Eve afternoon....?!? Take a peek! The big fur bear on the top of the treehouse, is Sweetie (Siberian). The little white & dark tabby, crashed out, below, is Ty. These boys know that they'll need to catch a few extra winks before tonights festivities.... I told you that they're smart!

(Left) Here's Kedosh (siamese) and Ty (dark tabby/white) again, scaling BigBird2's house. Little Charlie (grey/white tabby) wants to do what the big kids do.... He has made many attemps at this and always succeeds! What an awesome little climber!

(Left) Here are a few of my longtime friends... Simba (orange/white tabby) on the stairs, Ares (orange tabby) on the floor and Jasper (black), are all faces that my regular viewers will recognize from various visits over the year. The three of them are social, playful and very fun..... Fun is the name of the game around here.... even more so, tonight!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not there yet! One more dodo!

(Left) Moe (black & white) loves to spend his time in the airplane. Betsy (Cornish Rex) loves to spend her time everywhere.... Moe, who loves the camera, is actually sitting with one arm off of the side of the plane, and the other arm placed through the post opening, on the bottom of the plane... He likes to be different!

(Left) Axel (grey/white) cozied up to Sweetie (Siberian) on the same big pillow. Both boys met last Christmas Holiday for the first time. They are of the social & laid back variety. Share a pillow!? Sure, bring your friends!

(Left) BooBoo bunny went home yesterday with his sister Max, the calico cat. This big boy loves his carrots and isn't the least bit bothered by the cats that he encounters. He's a pretty confident bunny.

(Left) Yes, Gunther is facing the train car, but he's not looking at it.. I watched him follow Betsy (above) into the bottom of the car. He likes to follow her around sometimes to see what she's up to. He is also enjoying play time with his new friend Eclipse, who is visiting for the first time.

(Left) Kashmir (white) and his brother Petit Loup are in for another week. This handsome big boy had food allergies as a kitten. He stays in one of my individual rooms. His brother, who has no health issues, stays with him to keep him company. Too bad, cause they would have way more fun in the group areas.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BBBBRRRR.... Break out the hot chocolate!

(Left) Bella (calico) went home yesterday. We got to hang out often this year. She's a cutie and is happy to be home with the whole family for New Years. See you in 2010 Bella! Happy New Year!

(Left) Choufleur (orange/white), or Chouie, as I call him, discovered the hot air balloon. It has been one of his favorite places this trip. He has visited me many years. He, and little Bella above, are both big talkers... not to each other, just in general, they love to talk.

(Left) Esmeralda (black/white) and Molly (black) shared a treehouse yesterday morning. These girls are from separate homes, but got on real well. They are both playful and friendly.

(Left) Gizmo (grey/white tabby) and Jasper (black) appear to be much better friends than I had realized. I caught them yesterday morning, bunking together in the rocket. Our little Bow (orange/white) thought that would be a fun place to catch some z's to.... If his buddies above like it, it must be good!

(Left) Jak (dark tabby/white) was snoozin' this past weekend, til little Molly (black) made her way across the loft. Jak couldn't resist. He had to stop and have a look at this little charmer. This is the same Molly, from above. As you can see, she has made many new friends.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A few go home today. Just as many arrive. The party continues!

(Left) Princess (black/white) is very active and adventurous this visit. I've been finding her often, on top of BigBird2's house. She's also more social than she has been on other visits... Must be the spirit of the Holidays...

(Left) There's my little Tuckie Bear...I snapped Tucker (Persian)snoozing in a tree house, with his stuffed friend, to keep him company. This is a very social little boy. His fur is so fluffy, I'm constantly pulling fuzzy toys out of his tail, especially curled up pipe cleaners..... It's quite cute. He doesn't realize that he's got a little Swiffer goin' on back there..

(Left) Felix (dark tabby) is a handsome big boy. He is active, social and, as I discovered this past weekend, when friends stopped in with their kids, he's a schmooze with the little kids... It's always fun to have him visit.

(Left) Ares (orange tabby) and Winnie (black/white) are often found hanging out in the spaceship. Our handsome little Percy (dark tabby) is spotted in the back ground, relaxing on the top deck of the airplane. This must've been an afternoon shot.... most cats are lying down... Everyone had a wonderful festive Christmas together....

(Left) There's our gorgeous girl Mally (dark tabby). She finds a nice cozy, well positioned spot, when things are to busy 'out there'... She's on the independant side, but I did find her chasing & playing with Charlie (kitten) yesterday. That's the little grey kitten that I posted Saturday, the new brother to Winnie, above.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Splotchy looking for her Forever Home

Splotchy is a lovely little brown calico female who is just coming out of her shell. She spent much of her time as a kitten in a feral colony so she's a little slow to trust new people, but she loves to be petted. With a little loving attention she'll make a lovely addition to the right family. Splotchy is learning to love soft spots to curl-up in, in the afternoon and often sleeps at the foot of her foster-parents bed. She is a quiet kitten who integrates very well with other cats. Splotchy has been spayed, microchipped, has been given her first vaccinations, and is generally healthy. She is already house trained and has been a ltered.If you wish to adopt this lovely little cat please contact the Cat Rescue Network at(613)820-7088 or via email to

Winter Kittens looking for their 'Forever Home'

They were found huddled in an open structure at the side of the road; their pregnant mother wrapped around them to ward off the blast of cold wind. The five little winter kittens were but a few of the many Cat Rescue Network has been asked to take in this December .

They were lucky. An emergency foster home agreed to take them, and their mother, and keep them in her bathroom until a foster home became available.

There are many more under porches, and garbage bins; cold, hungry and frightened. "Without suitable winter shelter, these wee kittens will certainly perish" says Louise Hindle, founder of the Cat Rescue Network. " Our foster homes are busting at the seams" she continued, "we have protected some of the kittens in makeshift winter boxes on porches but the calls keep coming, and our volunteers are exhausted".

Volunteers are so busy with calls about outdoor pregnant cats that few have completed their Christmas preparations. "There are many ways to celebrate the spirit of Christmas", says Hindle, "There is better feeling than to know that the cat you saw shivering in the cold is now safe, warm, well fed and will eventually be someones cherished pet."

The dilemma is that Cat Rescue Network foster homes still has some of the spring kittens, who grew up in foster homes because of the large numbers taken in, and fewer adoptions this year. Now, there is little space available for the winter kittens. Some cats are so desperate, they are running into houses.
Cat Rescue Network will be doing adoptions throughout the holiday season. There is an adoption fee and a strict screening process which curtails impulse adoptions at this time of year.

The network hopes that more people will consider sponsoring a kitten or cat as a Christmas gift for the ‘animal lover’ on their Christmas list. Every animal taken in receives appropriate veterinary care. Cat Rescue Network is entirely volunteer driven and the group could use a bit of help from Santa this time of year.

Contact: Louise Hindle, founder Cat Rescue Network, 613-820-7088.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

When the whole family visits....

(Left) Max (calico) has been Christmasing with us for many years. She visits a few times a year with her brother BooBoo the bunny. She is a bit shy but sooo sweet.

(Left) Kedosh's (siamese) mom was so sad to leave her little girl for Christmas. This gorgeous kitty visited us for a few weeks this past summer for the first time. She's having fun, as you can see.... She's a good climber & jumper and has fun being goofy, in the morning sunshine.

(Left) Baby Charlie (grey/white tabby) is visiting us for the first time, with his new big sister Winnie. He was quite shy his first day in.... boy, how things change. He's now the life of the party... He fits right in with his new buddies, Percy, Bow, Ty, Jasper, Esmeralda & Kedosh... just to name a few.... He will sleep for a couple of days when he goes back home...

(Left) Many people will recognize Peanut (grey/white tabby). He is visiting with his new young brother Nando, whom you've already seen.... and will see much more of... Peanut is a big marshmallow... he's a bit shy too, but is very schmoozie when he knows you a tad.

(Left) Petit Loup (grey/white) is back with his brother Kashmir. This boy is a whole lotta fur.... and fun. When you pick him up, he's not so heavy.. he just looks huge... Both brothers are gentle and social.
Looks like everyone here has a sibling except Kedosh... I don't think she'd object to that... not for a second!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Very Merry Christmas from the Pet B&B kitties!

(Left) Christmas Kitties everywhere! Our little hairless kitty, Betsy (Cornish Rex) had her little Santa's helper coat on, when she arrived this week. She likes to be in the Christmas spirit... and, she likes staying warm. Our handsome Gizmo (grey & white) and adorable girl Xena (black & white), also wish their families a wonderful Christmas Day!

(Left) Cisco (dark tabby) is a charming, gentle big boy. We last saw him in the summer time. He's enjoying all of the Christmas music and treats...Oh, the treats..... lots of treats to go around.... Sorry guys, no live turkeys!

(Left) Christmas Festivities... Feline Style! Zaria (white) and Nando (grey/white tabby kitten) hit it off right away. They are usually spotted playing tag and/or relay racing around the group area. They are certainly going to enjoy the rest of their stays.

(Left) Molly (black) is visiting for the first time. She is less than a year old and so sweet. She is making many new friends. I have a dozen or so youngsters in upstairs, so she'll never get bored. I know who's going to sleep well tonight.

(Left) More handsome boys taking a Christmas pause, to refresh and recharge, from the days activities. Bow (orange/white tabby) and Sweetie (Siberian) met a couple of times this past year. They, and I, wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy & safe Holiday. Don't rush HOHO Home, Mom's and Dad's. We're having a ball!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Christmas Eve. Not a mouse was stirring... Not here anyway!!

(Left) Jade (white) picked the kitty cab, in front of the window, to watch for the big red jolly man with the flying reindeer.... She is doing great and spends her time between the cabs & the airplane...

(Left) Caruso (black) was being goofy for me yesterday. He's been visiting regularly for a number of years. He always does great and, well, he can be a ham.... We'll just call him this year's Christmas Ham! He's very playful.

(Left) More playful kitties... Nando (grey/white tabby kitten) is visiting us for the first time. He is the new little brother to Peanut. He isn't shy like his big brother.... This little guy is adventurous and fearless. Gingko (black) had fun watching Nando meet BigBird1 for the first time.

(Left) Leftie (black) demonstrates some of his yoga moves for me. He was all stretched out, enjoying the top of the big blue bus that I just built. He's visiting with his brother, Frankie, for an extended stay this time. We will have much fun together. These boys are social butterflies!

(Left) Axel (grey/white long haired) and Percy (dark tabby/white) have been to the Pet B&B before. Axel first visited us last Christmas. Percy visits us throughout the year. Axel is a bit more independant. Percy makes friends with everyone, no questions asked.... All of the kitties are very excited for Christmas to come.... Santa is going to have to be very quiet if he doesn't want to wake any of these furries tonight....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So many friends dropping in today! Can you say crazy time?!

(Left) Little miss Sophie loves the camera.... She has schmoozie-ness in the bones.... & eyes.... She can be shy sometimes, but those are generally times, when you don't have a camera in hand... She's only too willing to pour on the charm.... And, she does it so well!

(Left) Our handsome Eugene (orange tabby) just went home... I snapped him relaxing, in between the hay bails... He's not one to curl up and hide behind a curtain... He's much more of a face-to-face, kinda guy. We look forward to seeing him next time..

(Left) There's our little Ty (dark tabby/white) and Odo (black/white) trying to entice BigBird2 to come out and play again. Big little Sweetie (Siberian) had already given up on BigBird, and was seated along the stair ledge, not far away. These three boys had a great time together.

(Left) My Wylie Coyote (dark tabby/white) is such a gentle, charming character. He's another one that likes the camera. I had him come down to a lower landing, and he was very funny, goofing around and head butting everything... too bad that the pictures were poorly timed.... I didn't get a nice face shot of him, while playing.... funny guy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd.... you know what's coming!

(Left) Handsome Django (orange tabby) popped in for a pre-Christmas Holiday. We look forward to seeing him again in the New Year. He's a gentle, shy big boy...

(Left) Olivia (grey/white tabby) and Mirette (calico) are joining all of their buddies for the Christmas Holidays. Both gorgeous girls have visited the B&B many times in the past. I'm sure that they have met each other before.

(Left) Adorable Zaria (white) is a familiar face on my blog. I've known her since she was a wee kitten. She's not a 'big' kitty in size but she has plenty of personality.... I always have fun with her. She's not used to the hot air balloon being mounted on the wall.... she found it and landed in it, before take-off, just the same.

(Left) More adorable girls visiting for Christmas.... Tess (dark tabby/white) was just in a couple of weeks ago... and came back yesterday. Jane also arrived yesterday. These two have met on previous visits too. So many regulars. Many more to come.....So much fun to be had!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Pet Bed & Breakfast starts it's 9th year today!

I love this time of year because so many old friends get together to eat, drink and make merry... Many happy memories will carry each one through to their next holiday together.....

(Left) Jasper (black) meets up again with his close buddy Sweetie (Siberian). They always have a great time together. This pic was taken after 1pm Sunday... they still hadn't slept since the early morning.

(Left) Bow's (orange/white tabby) mom was so worried about Bow's new little brother Ty, (dark tabby/white) in the background. This pic was taken shortly after they arrived Friday morning.... Little Ty may be a bit shy with strangers, at the house, but he certainly had no issues with all the other kitties. They had an amazing weekend with all of their friends and BigBird2, of course.

(Left) As all the Holiday revellers filter in, everyone is jockeying for their favorite spots.... Sophie (dark tabby), is on the pink/orange town house roof. To the right, is Wiley (dark tabby/white). We first met him this past summer. Zaria (white) and Sophie, have been holidaying with me for many years. Scheduled to go home before Christmas, is our newbie Eugene (orange tabby). He had a great first visit but I know he'll be happy to see mom & dad, just the same.

(Left) Cookie (muted tortoise shell) won't be spending Christmas with us this year. She also had a nice stay with us. I was sure that she would've moved into the tall townhouses, on the other side of the group environment, but she quite liked the new location of the tractor & wagon load of haybails....

It has been an incredible 8 years for me building the Pet B&B. Thank you again to all of my recent and long time customers for your business, friendship and support. It has been great getting to know you all, and your little furries....