Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

(Left) There's our big girl Sheba (grey/white tabby). She and her 2 brothers are scheduled to return home this week. They usually come in for a pre-Christmas holiday and get back home again, in time for Santa Claus.... That's not to say of course, that Santa doesn't arrive at the Pet B&B each year... cause he certainly does! There will be a big bowl of cream and Meow Mix waiting for him!

(Left) There's another of my adorable girls, Alley (dark tabby)... now that I look down the page, I see that everyone is a gorgeous girl today, sorry boys, we'll see some of you tomorrow perhaps ... Well, some days are just like that.... Alley and her sister Naomi, below, are always busy entertaining themselves... They will have a whole lot of company to mingle with, in the coming days & weeks.

(Left) This cutie is Peppy (black/white)..She can be hard to get a good pic of, especially when she's in play mode, like she was here. There's always a whole lotta head butting and twirling going on.... She's enjoying all of the activities and her new play friends... She also is expected to return home in time for Santa....

(Left) Naomi, Naomi (dark tabby)... How is BigBird1 today? ... You've been spending quite a bit of time with him lately... I'm guessing that you're the one to ask.. This big girl often surprises me by where I find her these days... She keeps discovering new things and heights to explore. She's an adventurous little Miss...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

As the kitties eyeball the tree ornaments...

(Left) There's my gorgeous big MinMin (grey/white tabby). Mindy is a big, big girl and she's as gentle as her size. This shy girl pops in once in a while. I have 3 or 4 big grey & white shy kitties that visit. You will usually find them in the same cherished hiding spots... Mindy will be staying on for a while longer. She's doing great.

(Left) Gingko Maria (black)... I caught you!! Gingko had climbed down from inside of the townhouse after I had finished filling all of the morning water bowls... She doesn't normally like being caught, out and about... if she's curled up relaxing somewhere, that's not so bad... but, to be caught out, on foot like this... well, that's a different story. I had one click of the shutter, and she was right back up her carpeted tree.... She's agile, sleek, and very fast... did I mention 'adorable'? Yes, she's that too!

(Left) My handsome little ChouieChouChou (orange/white tabby)... he also goes by his name, Choufleur.... This chatty little Mister just went home yesterday... He'll be back, along with so many of his old friends, later this week... Yes, yes...Silly Season has begun at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Our big cutie Bella (dark tabby) just went home too... She had fun exploring all of the new play structures and hang outs, on the 2nd floor... She's not a big climber, but found plenty of new comfy cozy places for snoozin'... We look forward to seeing her again in the New Year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The count down is on.....

(Left) It's a bit hard to tell from his schmoozie pose, but Mijanou (orange tabby) is being all coy and playful... he's not actually hiding... although he does love to 'disappear' up here, on top of the phone booths, when new people are about. He is visiting again with his brother Fauve, below and sister Sheba. It's always great to see them again.

(Left) There's the boy! Little Fauve (fawn/white Munchkin) loves height, like his siblings... and he's often seen sprawled out, lying on one of the carpeted wall ramps... If you temp him over though, he will surely indulge you... and looks forward to his neck scratches whenever on offer.

(Left) This gorgeous girl is Sasha (grey/white). She's visiting for the first time. Boy, this is one laid back kitty. She's very gentle and friendly. She sends out a big Hello to her folks in the sunny south... 'I'm doing just great!'

(Left) As schmoozes go, Parker (white/orange) is right up there... This is yet again, one of his typical poses.... He just went home this afternoon. I know that he'll be soaking up all of the extra attention from having more people in the house over the holidays... more people=more hands to scratch my belly!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brooke looking for her Forever Home

This is Brooke a lovely eleven year old gray female who has been with her current owner since she was a two month old kitten.Brooke is looking for a new forever home because she did not adapt well when children arrived on the scene. Brooke did have a feline companion before so the family thought that bringing a new cat into the home would be beneficial to her and would give the children a pet they could interact with. So, the family adopted a second cat but unfortunately this didn't work. The new cat got on very well with the children but did not make friends with Brooke and even bullied her. Brooke now spends her time alone in the basement away from the family because of the children and the other cat. While it is upsetting for the family, they feel they can no longer keep her.

Brooke does like adult company and loves to be petted. She is in good health and up to date with her shots. She would make the purr-fect addition to a one pet adult household.
This beautiful indoor only cat desperately needs a new home or her fate may soon be sealed!

If you can give Brooke the love and attention she needs to live out her life peacefully, please contact Cat Rescue Network at mhtml:%7B50E74382-F3B5-4D57-9038-9A6057411CF1%7Dmid://00001802/! Please visit the CRN website at

Annie looking for her Forever Home

Annie (Formerly Alphie)
Calico: Medium • Adult • Female

Annie (formally Alphie) is a very playful little girl who was born sometime in 2008. She spent the early part of her life outdoors in a feral colony but is now an indoor only cat who loves attention and rolls around on her back when she is petted. Annie loves to play and chase and would be happier if her new home included a feline friend for her to play with.Annie has been through a lot recently having been in two foster homes and adopted and returned because the resident cat bullied her. Here is the story of her recent events:

Oct, 2010 -Unfortunately little Annie (formerly Alphie) is once again up to adoption. She is truly loved by her adopter; however, the resident cat is not so happy and is bullying poor little Annie. The adopter is very upset about this as Annie is an adorable cat and she is heartbroken that she has to give her up. But she is very concerned for Annie's safety and well being. You can read all about Annie below and maybe you could open up your heart to this beautiful little feline. She really does deserve a new loving home.Jul 5, 2010 - We received this update on Annie from her new family. "Annie is lovely! She's very shy but she's coming out of her shell daily. I was very happy when she gave me a lovely smooch around my ankles this morning. She seems to be getting along with Karma and Soda too. She had a bit of a rough start with Karma but I found them relaxing together under the bed this morning. Her appetite is very good and she takes regular strolls around the apartment now. All in all, I think things are working out swimmingly. I love little Annie very much. Thanks for putting us together!Jun 10, 2010 - Alphie found her forever home today which she will be sharing with two other kitties so she will not lack for company. We wish Alphie a long and happy life with her new family.
If you can give Annie the love and attention she needs, please contact Cat Rescue Network at mhtml:%7BCBDE273F-63C6-4B31-B1F0-1F782F536C67%7Dmid://00000212/!

Please visit the CRN website at to see all the kittens and cats currently in foster homes awaiting adoption.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Christmas Season starts this week at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Little miss Alley (dark tabby) can be spotted sleeping on the corner bunk beds sometimes. Lately I've seen her sleeping on top of the loft, on a cat bed beside one that her sister Naomi is on. These 2 girls will be getting excited at the prospect of seeing their mom again for a visit.

(Left) Little boy Merlin (black/white) would get into determined moods, where he just figured that Polly (muted tortoise shell) should be ready and willing to play cat & mouse with him... (guess who the mouse would be?!)

(Left) My gorgeous girl Bella (dark tabby) was snapped this morning after finishing her breakfast... she does love her wet food... This gentle, sweet girl loves her neck scratches and lots of attention. She's doing great and sends out a big Hello to her folks in the sunny south...

(Left) Oh Caramelle (calico)... I hear that it's never a good idea to fly an airplane when you're lying upside down... This little cutie just went home and is due back in later this week. She's a hamm and a half!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow! YES!

(Left) Gorgeous big girl Polly (muted tortiose shell) has got pretty good balance to perch herself like this, on one post... She and her brother Scamp went home today. I didn't realize how long they'd been with us... time sure did fly over the past few weeks. We all look forward to seeing these 2 schmoozies again...

(Left) There goes Mally with her big 'doe eyes' again... It may look like she was giving the tree house branch a nice big hug, but actually she was holding onto it with all of her might and giving it a good few kicks with her back feet.... I don't know what this branch did to her but she sure enjoyed giving it a piece of ... her foot.... You too cute Mally!

(Left) Another of my charming guests... Syam (siamese) will be returning home tomorrow... This boy is on the go, most of the day. He loves a lot of attention... and the rest of the time, he loves to see what everyone else is up to... He's also been visiting a good while.

(Left) Yes, it's our little adorable Mallykins (dark tabby) again... This pic is for young Kadi... I know that Mally is thinking about her family and is excited to see them again soon. And if there was any question as to 'How Mally hangs onto that tree branch, above... check out the daggers on this little Miss... Nothing like a big stretch when you're flying in the airplane... they say it's good for circulation you know!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Gorgeous female kitty. Free to a good home.

Gabby is a sweet 7 year old spayed, declawed female tabby whose owners, sadly, recently passed away. Gabby loves the outdoors and freedom to come and go but also loves to hop on your lap when she needs a cuddle. She would love to be in a home where she could get plenty of affection. Gabby is up-to-date on her vaccinations. Please give Gabby a chance to have a new home. If interested please call Jennifer @ (613) 747-8072.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The daily 'goings on' at the Pet B&B

(Left) Adorable girl Alley (dark tabby, left top) and handsome boy Scamp (dark tabby, left lower) were all eyes... on our dear BigBird2. Our little charmer Eclipse (black) had his pals in his sights... There's always so much to see and do around here. No room for boredom... That's for sure!

(Left) This gentle little shy girl is Angel, sister of Wilson, from yesterday. She's very sweet and likes to play 'invisible' when there are new people around. She and her brother had their first visit upstairs, while I was busy making messes on the first floor. Next week, I'll switch it up again and let everyone hang out on the first floor for a change.

(Left) Gizmo (grey/white tabby) is a sun worshipper like his brother Simba. Gizmo looked too cute all settled onto this ferris wheel... So, I managed to grab the camera and get a closer view of him....

(Left) Well, I guess Naomi (dark tabby) wanted to send another postcard to her mom too... She came out of no where and decided to take a run at the lower spoke and attach herself to it. She managed to hang on for a good while... good thing they are carpeted... She was very cute...