Sunday, January 31, 2010

MamaSan looking for her Forever Home

MamaSan is a beautiful adult torbie with distinctive markings and lots of extra toes (she is a Hemingway Polydactyl). She suddenly appeared under the porch of a house in rural Quebec where she bore many litters until she was rescued from her precarious life. She did very well indoors with her new foster family so it is believed she was once someone's pet.
MamaSan begins to purr loudly when someone approaches her, happy cat that she is to have company and shelter. She is a very gentle and caring cat that would enjoy being with other cats; currently she grooms and nurtures the frightened and sick kittens taken in by her foster family. MamaSan is a polydactile with 7 toes on each front foot and six on the back feet! Her big feet makes this striking little feline even more distinctive.
She is vaccinated and spayed and is thriving in her foster home. This affectionate cat is ready for a forever home where she will continue to be appreciated and nurtured. MamaSan is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.If you wish to adopt MamaSan please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613) 820-7088 or via email to

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oooh, lala.... It's almost February!

(Left) Little Lily is just one of the many dark tabbies that I have visiting right now... The last couple of weeks were all about black cats... This is a gorgeous, calm and social girl. Seems she's made a new friend....

(Left) Katie (white) is making the rounds of the group... she can still be shy when strangers stop in, but is quite happy when I walk around the room carrying her. She's very gentle and sweet. Such a pretty little girl.

(Left) Many readers will recognize Sassy (chocolate point Siamese). Right back in her favorite castle, she gets a great panoramic view of the entire group area....and, out the big front windows. As Siamese go, she's not that chatty here. She is however, very affectionate.

(Left) Cleo (dark tabby) just arrived yesterday. She has been coming in for many years. This girl loves the great outdoors.... and is sporting a nice winter coat, to prove it. She has beautiful markings and is a true mommy's girl.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet more of my good buddies...

(Left) Jesse (tortoise shell) and her brother Waldo, will be going home in a few days.... We had a very nice visit. It took her a day or two, to settle into her favorite spaces, but then, there was no stopping her.... and, when the wet fishes come out, for dinner, she can be my down right best friend... She's a chatty little Miss... and a head butter...

(Left) Tigger (dark tabby/white) is still at the Pet B&B.... This is one of my feline 'Retreivers'.... You often spot her, walking around, meowing, with a big stuffed toy in her mouth.... For such an independant girl, she can be very playful... often, playing on her own...with toys..but, she does enjoy going after the feather wand too..

(Left) Most readers, have seen Frankie (black/white) and his brother Leftie (black) for many weeks.... because they have been visiting with us, for many weeks... They are scheduled to return home in a number of days... We had so much fun together. I'm sure that they'll be happy to see the family once again..

(Left) My little friend Flip (black/white) is getting older. He has been B&Bing for many years.... He's having a few more health issues this year, but he's still an adorable little boy...He still jumps up into the tree houses sometimes, but spends most of his time at ground level now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mally, The Hunter!

Our girl Mally (dark tabby) loves to chase the feather wands, when I fling them about, to rally the troups into a bit more exercise.... She is fast at catching it and has a strong grip, when she gets it... It takes multiple tries to pry it free from her claws and mouth....

When she is confident that she has it firmly in her fully clawed grasp, she will drag it into the rocket. She tries to tease it back over to her, each time that it breaks free....

She is a total strategist.... she will wait for it to come around.... then, BAMB, she strikes.... I think she likes the chase far better than the capture.....

(Below) Then, one time, quite by accident, she grabbed it from me... she pulled it into her kitty 'lair' so fast, that she pulled it right out of my hand.....
The following picture, is of the wands handle, hanging down, from the inside of the rocket.... If you check the bottom right hand corner of that picture, you will see a small patch of Mally, as she came flying out of the bottom of the rocket, to get away from it... Neither one of us expected it to follow her fully into the rocket.. lock, stock & barrell.... She got her prize.... but alas, she decided that it wasn't what she wanted after all.... Was quite funny...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it Spring Time already!?! Da Boyz want to know!

(Left) Da Boyz arrived last week for their first visit to the Pet B&B. Demmi (blue), Dozie (green/yellow) and Houdini (grey) (Dini is far right, infront of the mirror...trying to meld with the mirror) are three male Budgies. They are having as much fun watching tand teasing the cats as the cats are enjoying plotting their visit to the birds' private room. Mostly, these boys could care less about the kitties. They have things of their own to do and clucking and chuckling to get on with.

(Left) Parker (white/orange) just arrived for another visit. He is one of my new 2009 friends... He is always interested to keep an eye on the goings on, in the group.... This is one of those kitties that usually turns his head sideways, as you approach him.... It's that whole Stop, Drop & Roll... thing... right into Belly Rub position!
Parker has it down to a 'T'!

(Left) Douglas (dark tabby/white) has arrived for a short visit. He's getting a bit older, and starting to slow down a bit, but he's still got the rumbling purr going, as usual. This is a schmoozie little boy. He loves his neck rubs..

(Left) There's my boy Eins(tein).... settled into his favorite parking spot... in front of the big sunny windows... He, and his brother Chief, will be keeping me company for a couple more weeks... while dad is 'working', in the sunny south..... Sure you are, Dad. Sure you are!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Harvey & Marvin the 2nd, Looking for their Forever Home

Harvey & his brother Marvin the 2nd are two adorable little black and white domestic short haired kittens who were abandoned outside a convenience store. It is estimated that these two little darlings, who are almost identical, were born Sep 19/09. Harvey & Marvin are hoping to find a loving forever home very soon since their short little lives have been so unsettled. Can't you just see their cute little faces looking up at you everyday with joy?

Both boys are up-to-date with routine shots and are house trained. NOTE: Because a young kitten needs feline companionship, it is the policy of Cat Rescue Network that kittens 6 months or younger be adopted out in pairs unless there is another kitten or young cat already in the home.

If you wish to adopt these brothers please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613)820-7088 or via email to

Friday, January 22, 2010

What's on Brandy's Mind...

Q. An acquaintance of mine asked me if I would speak to her dog, Brandy. I spoke to her two dogs, a couple of years ago, at a time when they weren't getting along together. This time, the woman was distraught when she approached me again and asked if I still talk to animals. I remembered her dog and asked if she was sick. She told me that if fact, Brandy had died, very suddenly. She explained that, on Christmas Eve of 09, her dog had thrown up, had some difficulty walking any distance, and had been very sticky with her that night. She called a vets office asking if she should bring her in straight away. They told her that if the symptoms persisted more than 48 hours, to bring her in. The next morning, Christmas day, she found her dog, curled up, on the bed. She was already gone. The lady needed to know what happened. The dog was only 6 years old, in good health. The lady was wracked with guilt about not haven brought Brandy to the vet, the night before.

A. Brandy was happy to talk to me. (Yes, it is possible, even if they've passed). When I asked her how she was receiving me, she saidthat she could see, hear and feel me. I asked her what happened? 'Thickening heart wall, heart wall collapsed.' She said it 'was running on'. I asked why she had difficulty walking Xmas Eve? 'exertion, didn't want to overdo it'. What caused the heart trouble in first place? 'clogging/build up in main organ & valves, blockages forming all the time.' Did you know that you would die that night? 'Not really, didn't feel well/ quite right that night. I was worried about my health that night.' Do you have any other health issues? 'Hair loss'. From what? 'Not absorbing vitamins real well.'

Are you gone yet? 'Not yet. Can't go yet. Can't let go just yet.' Why not? 'Can't leave mommy just yet. She's not ready for me to go yet.'
Anything to tell me Brandy? 'not really'. Ask me? 'not really'. Anything to tell your mom? 'I'll let go, when you say it's alright to leave. I'll wait til you tell me to go on. You were the best mom. I'll come again one day. You'll know it's me by my eyes and nose, but I'll be a different dog, different color & all.'
I asked her when the heart trouble started? 'I've had it all along, just got real bad in the last days.' Were you in a lot of pain when it collapsed? 'not at all, it happened real fast.' Anything I can do for you Brandy? 'not at all'.

I asked her if I could Reiki scan her energy (yes, distance. I don't need the actual physical being). She agreed. I picked up some heat on her eyes and more on her heart & lung area. (Heat, to me, is a build up of blocked energy, in the physical, that can or will manifest as sickness, in some form.) She also allowed me to Gestalt (jump into her energy field, again distance, no physical animal), so that she could show me exactly what it felt like, before she died. Her 4 limbs were numb, there was pressure/strain, on the heart and lungs. The whole time that I talked with her, she sent me huge heart chakra energy. This dog had a lot of love in her.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Classic or Out of Character.....

(Left) This is 'classic' Shroie! He loves to be comfortable... big Shrodinger (black/white) is such a chatty boy.... He just went home this week. It's always fun to get his help when I work on my laptop.... He's sits above me, on the fridge, and makes sure that I take regular, short breaks.... so that I don't over tire my eyes.....Thanks ShroRoe!

(Left) Gingko's (black) mom may be amused to see that her little shy girl took up residence in Choufleur's carrier, when he arrived for his last visit. I thought that was odd, but understood, the following morning, when I came in to find the bedding, on this bunk bed, in a big tussled ball.... I thought perhaps a kitty had left me a hair ball in there.... I began to dissect the bedding, and found a wet, slobbery mess of a thing.... that turned out to be Chouie's cat nip toy.... now, with a few fresh holes drilled through the sides.... Looks like a few of the cats had a crack at it.... They were a pretty happy, mellow bunch, when I arrived that next morning.... I now owe Chouie a new catnip toy, for his next visit.... For some funny reason, his mom didn't want it back, once I showed her the salvaged remains!!

(Left) My little girl Tigger (dark tabby/white) just arrived this week. She takes a day or two, before she wants to talk to you.... but after that, she can be down right friendly.... although, a bit unpredictable... All good!

(Left) Jak! You're too handsome! Our boy Jak (dark tabby/white) just went home this week. He always has such fun with all of the other cats.... and, he's very good at entertaining himself too. He loves to jump around the group, at ceiling level, as much as he can.... He much prefers the high structures, to walking on the floor...Always good to see you Jak.

(Left) This adorable girl is Lilly (dark tabby). She's visited many times over the past year... She just arrived this week and can already be found sleeping in her favorite tractor seat.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Ottawa Cats and Birds on the way......

(Left) This gorgeous little white kitty is named Katie... She is a little bit shy but getting better each day. You never know where you will find her when you come in. She is very gentle and isn't the least bit bothered by all of the other cats... It is her first visit.

(Left) There's my boy Chief (dark tabby). He and his brother Eins(tein) are spending another winter holiday with me. These two boys are big time communicators... We always engage in a few fascinating conversations.... They are 2 of my kitty mentors... they always 'show me (more of) the ropes', with each visit... I'm looking forward to the next few weeks.... I have many questions for them!

(Left) This adorable little grey & white female tabby is named Carberry. She visited with her two house mates Silhouette (black below) and Midnight (black, lower). They just popped in for a short stay and had fun investigating the new surroundings...

(Left) Silhouette (black) is sister to Midnight (below). They were both social and curious. Carberry, above, was the shyer member of the family. She tended to hide, out of view, from the action, but was very happy for her neckscratches....just the same.

(Left) Midnight (black) is more slender than her sister Silhouette, above. These kitties are new to Ottawa. I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black & White Craziness equals Waldo!

Many regular readers will recognize this adorable kitty.... Waldo has been visiting the Pet B&B with his sister Jesse, for many years.... Waldo can be a shy big boy at home sometimes, and is inclined to hide, hence the name... Where's Waldo?! .... but, I've always seen him turn into a big kitten, once he arrives... He usually starts with a jaunt over to the airplane posts for a vigorous scratching......

Proceeded by his usual acrobatics and calisthenics.... 'Or, is that one a yoga move Waldo?'

Then, Cuteness in abundance.....

Finally, Coyness and Playfulness.....Though, not always in this order!

This is an impressive sized cat, so it's even cuter when you see him turn into a big goofy kitten..... He's adorable....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting the week off to a Great start.....

(Left) My little old girl Victoria (grey/white tabby) is back for her second visit. She's such a cutie. She loves to meet everyone. She takes medications for a health issue, so has her own individual room but she loves to run around the hallway and sit on the big chairs at the front entrance. If her door is closed, she'll bat at it, or the big window in her room, to tell you that she wants to come out and say Hi. I love a girl that knows what she wants!

(Left) Jak (dark tabby/white) sits very patiently, to have a few words with BigBird2. How can you tell that he's met this little feathered friend before?! Cats that are less experienced in BigBird's 'ways', will roll around on the floor, trying to find a way inside his big house, from the floor, or try again from the roof.... Aah, Yes... but Jak has way more experience than that.... He knows that you can't make BigBird do anything! Just sit, wait and enjoy! That's the best recepe.... Jak knows!

(Left) Thor (orange tabby) is visiting us for a nice winter holiday.... He's always happy to see his other feline friends and he's always up for a little recreation... I think he's lost some weight since I last saw him.... He's lookin' good! Such a schmoozie boy!

(Left) More schmoozie, head butt-er kitties.... Little Jesse (tortoise shell) was being so cute, while I took her picture... rubbing, scratcing and head butting the ferris wheel. This little Miss loves to be in or near the big sunny windows, especially in the morning.... she loves to sleep in the sun's rays too....

(Left) Seba (black/white) is a big marshmallow boy.... Very gentle kitty.... He's a big cat... He's often found lounging on the hay bails, perched in the sunny windows, or passed out in a Kitty Cab, parked in front of the windows.... Always great to see him again....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Abbey Looking for her Forever Home

Abby is a beautiful grey tabby adult cat that is very affectionate, gentle and friendly. She was adopted as a kitten in 2006 and has been living in a large home with many windows. She also likes to go outside, especially in the summer. People in her neighbourhood always comment on her looks. (She likes to go for very short walks with her guardians when they are walking their dog).
She is a very well-behaved little cat and has never scratched any furniture or other expensive items. And she is completely potty trained. Abbey likes to play hide-and-seek and really believes no one can see her... Have you seen her picture? How cute is she?Gentle as she is she is not used to children and will not do well in that situation. Abbey is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.
If you can give this lovely little girl a new loving forever home it would ease the pain that her guardians feel about having to say goodbye to her due to newly developed allergies. If you wish to adopt this lovely girl please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613)820-7088 or via email to

Friday, January 15, 2010

La LaLa LaLa.... Not a care in the world!

My gorgeous little Jade (white) is a quiet and independant little girl. (Left) This is one of her more standard poses.... sitting squarely on the Rainbow or Airplane, or curled up snoozin' in one of my Kitty Cabs....

(Below) What ever Olaf (from yesterday) has been eating, I think that Jade has been embibing too... She would turn into a nutty little white kitten, at different times of the day... She would often stop, if she saw me with the camera in hand, but this day, she continued on anyway....

(Left) Hmm, I never looked at the ceiling from this angle before...

You look kinda crooked right now Mel.... Are you feeling alright?

Nope. Still the same. Are you sure you're ok?

I'm so darn cute when I'm being cute!

Ok. I'm done now! I think it's all out of my system.... I'm good! Where were we again.. before that adorably adorable interruption of mine?!?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My little Tree Hugger, Olaf!

Olaf (dark tabby) stayed with me for a few weeks over the Holidays. He just went home. I have known him for years. During the second half of this visit, he became very playful and goofy. The usual Olaf, as seen in the photo left, would sit quietly, calmly and a bit reserved, atop one of my snow capped trees..... But, then something happened with him... He gained this whole new appreciation for the trees, that I had never witnessed before.....

He would embrace them.....

Hold them tightly in his arms..

Head butt them...

Feel their energy...

And alas, sit atop his favorite tree, as if he hadn't done all that crazy, playful goofiness.... I tell you, it pays to slow down sometimes..... If I hadn't, I would've assumed that Olaf hadn't moved... that he just sat on his tree, watching me do my morning set up. Stop and smell the Roses! Something like that!