Friday, October 30, 2009

Whoa! Hold up! This week has just gone way too fast!

(Left) My little Burtie Beans (dark tabby) is quite an athlete, much like his little brother Churchill, not unlike their mom & dad. These boys both love people, but I'd have to say that Burt enjoys humans more. They send a big Hello to their folks overseas...

(Left) Brothers Monk (black, left) and Kenji (Siamese), hung out with Blackie, the black Burmese. They were all taking a bit of a break. If you're still on the floor, it means you are still willing to play with the others.

(Left) Odo, my little black & white ham, loves to roll around, upside down, in the mini tunnels. Ok. In all honesty, Odo loves to run, jump, climb, play with all of his friends and follow the new cats around, until they'll play with him.

(Left) Mally (dark tabby) heads up the front of the airplane and gives me one of her looks. She is having great fun with Odo & Suzie this week. I think this is a really good picture of her. 'Ok. Just take it already. This one is for the baby. Make it good!'

Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you live in the River Rd/Hunt Club part of town.....Help Requested!

I ran into one of my regular customers last week and was told that Woodie, their grey cat, was gone. He didn't know what had happened to her, but she hadn't come home in a couple of weeks. If anyone lives in the River Road & Hunt Club area, please keep an eye out for our gorgeous little Woodie, and contact me if you should spot her. (This was a summer picture, when she had her hair clipped short, but she is normally a medium/long haired grey and has very unusual fiery yellow/brown eyes). She's most likely to walk up to kids.

I spoke with Woodie twice in the past week. She has gotten herself lost. When I spoke with her last week, she told me that she had crossed a big, busy road, that she doesn't normally cross and is afraid to cross it again due to all of the traffic, mentioning all of the buses that go by regularly. She also seemed unsure of which direction her house was in. She gave us some co-ordinates, in so far as what landmarks she was near, but she was not located.

I spoke with her again Wed the 28th Oct. to see how/where she was. The first thing that she said was 'Alive & Well!' She now seems to be near a much quieter subdivision that has big houses and large yards. I told her to find a nice family and bug them, at their door, for food. I also told her to keep sending them the idea/thought, of them taking her to the Ottawa Humane Society or Cat Rescue Network, as I know that her dad is checking with them regularly.

If anyone spots Woodie, comes across her at any of the local shelters or sees an ad showing a Found Cat that resembles her, please contact me with the information. It would be greatly appreciated. I know that Woodie really wants to get back home to her family and I'd love to see her safely back there as well. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lots of black cats this past week... Halloween's Coming!

(Left) This gorgeous little girl is named Nikki (dark tabby/white). It is her second visit to the Pet B&B. She is a bit shy compared to many of the other kitties that stayed for the weekend. She had fun watching the craziness, from her high up yellow pillow.

(Left) Yes, Alberta. You are still too cute! This very funny little girl loves to climb my double french doors, when people are in the entry, so that she can be at their eye level..... 'Just in case they can't see me'....

(Left) This is a typical Jasper (black) pose.... either on his way to go somewhere... or, just back. He descended the spaceship ramps, and had his attention drawn across the room, to Monk and Odo, racing each other into the airplane. It didn't take him long to join the race!

(Left) It's a bit difficult to make out the dark tabby/white cat... That little white tummy belongs to Jak. Our handsome big black & white kitty is Waldo. Jak was all about play that morning... Waldo was ready for a morning nap. These two have met on many previous occasions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cuteness, everywhere you look!

(Left) Hi Mally! I see you! This little cutie was observing some of her crazy young friends, Kenji, Monk, Jasper, Odo & Miloshka running about the entire room. There were more male cats in this weekend than female, on both floors. Our girl Mally is happy to watch, incognito, from behind the airplane curtains...

(Left) Who else could it be up in that there tree!?! You're right... It's Churchill (black/white) again. He was having great fun with Buttons (grey/white), pictured below. They were chasing each other through the tunnels in my carpeted 'tree forest'.... I'm glad that they are enjoying it for now... it is scheduled to be mowed down! I'm taking Chief's recommendation and planning to build them a series of bridges, in it's place... Will they call it progress!? or Deforestation!? Change is Good!

(Left) You have all heard about the infamous 'Balloon Boy' in the US.... but, have you heard about the little black Balloon Kitty at the Pet B&B? Our little friend Monk (black) was being very cute this past weekend... hanging about in one of my hot air balloons.... Is he scared.... hiding... just snoozin'... or, just too cute?!

(Left) My little Ododo Bean (black/white) had an absolute blast this week with his many playful playmates. This is another one of those cuties that likes to pose for the camera.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it really the 26th already?!

(Left) As I write this, I have our handsome little Typhoon (grey Burmese), curled up on my lap. The cats are loving the fact that I leave my laptop in the group areas and do my blogging there, when it's not busy. Leave it to a cuddly Burmese to find a warm lap.

(Left) Blackie (black Burmese) is the brother of Typhoon, above. Blackie loves attention, but to date, hasn't been much of a lap cat. He is a bit more independant than his brother. Both boys are gentle and handsome.

(Left) I took our little Alfred (orange tabby) home last week. He is not an easy cat to catch, at the best of times. After making a few attempts at capturing him, with no success, I managed to corner him in one of my townhouses. He still wasn't interested to cooperate. So, I quieted myself right down and sent him a picture of him walking into the carrier, me putting it into the car and then I showed him a picture of his home and his mother. I held the carrier open in front of him, and he walked right in. Some cats are very visual... luckily for me, Alfred is one of them.

(Left) Spencer (orange tabby) can be such a reserved, shy little guy sometimes and, other times, he's such a schmooze! He and his brother Javert just went home a few days ago. We look forward to seeing them again, in a few weeks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Penny looking for her 'Forever Home'

Penny is a young, pretty, domestic medium haired female calico. She became lost or abandoned in the summer of 2008, and was seen scrounging for food. People fed her but could not take her in. The people feeding her went away for Christmas and, upon their return, the little cat came running up for her food. She clearly did not like the ice, snow or cold and wanted to be indoors.

These people provided her with shelter from the wind and elements but could not take her in, out of the cold. Local shelters were full and told them that all they could do was euthanize her. By February, she was visibly pregnant and the people again began to phone for help. A local sanctuary contacted Cat Rescue network and we were able to take her in. A few days later Penny had 7 kittens. She was very happy and grateful to be indoors. Penny is an affectionate cat and was a good mother. She even readily adopted two orphaned kittens and saved them. This little survivor deserves a very good home with people who will take good care of her and love her forever.
If you are interested in adopting our little Penny, or any other cats, please call the Cat Rescue Network, Ottawa, ON at (613)820-7088 or by email at

Friday, October 23, 2009

Not every health issue is medically diagnosable....

I have a young male cat that visits regularly. He's about 4 years old. He was such a lively bundle of energy as a youngster. About 2 years ago, something happened to him, and he became a bit lethargic, had lost a fair bit of weight and seemed to have lost his zest for life. The doctors had run every test on him, but couldn't come up with a reason for his marked change in disposition.

When I looked at him, I found his eyes were blank, without light or sparkle. He didn't exert himself anymore, wasn't playful but was affectionate. He'd mostly sit quietly and watch the other young cats, but didn't get involved.

I got more curious about him, each time that I saw him. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to talk to him. He mentioned that he has had blockages in his heart valves, that caused angina attacks. He said his heart felt tired, overworked, under pressure all of the time. He thought that blood pressure pills/heart meds, would help his heart to clear the blood/thin the blood.

I asked him, energetically speaking, what is causing his heart troubles? 'I'm not real happy with my life right now. I'm not feeling whole right now. Why? 'The fall, a long time ago, took me apart, broke me apart. I'm not whole anymore. When did you fall? 'House, landing wall, fell far backwards descent. What happened because of the fall? 'That's when it all started, not feeling well, lazy, lethargic, sadness, loneliness, heartache, pain, feelings of loss. How do you feel now? 'Loss, loneliness, emptiness. I asked him if he wanted to ask me anything? 'Help me get back my loss, my part, I lost. I'm not sure where to look for it. I know it isn't far from me. I know I'll feel a whole lot better, whole again, with it back inside of me.

I asked him what scares him? 'Beating heart, just stops one day. Why would it? 'No life left in it. What makes you laugh? 'My dad argues with my mom all the time, just play fighting. It's fun to see them so happy all the time.

FYI: This is not the first animal that I've spoken with that was suffering from Soul Loss/Soul Defragmentation. It happens to people too.... sometimes from a trauma, abuse, car accidents, a fall, etc.... Parts of the soul can become separated from the physical energy, thrown from the body. It often results in the animal having serious health issues, even at an unusually young age, if the trauma happened at a young age. These animals, in turn, are often afraid of dying because they know that they will have trouble getting to the other side, without their soul in tact. A process for soul retrieval can be successful in re-integrating the fragmented parts.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Adorable Ottawa Cats, for your viewing pleasure!

(Left) Little Miss Alberta (black) looks quite relaxed, all sprawled out on the floor, under the taxi cab. Alberta was just visiting again with her little sister NewK. This cutie is an adult, but most people think that she's a kitten, when they see the size of her.

(Left) Our adorable NewK (white/dark tabby) sat very pretty for the camera a few days ago. She had fun with Buttons and little Churchill, chasing each other around. She's slowing down a bit, now that she's getting past kitten-hood but, she's still a very active little one.

(Left) Yes, we had Lefty (black) in again this past week, with his brother Frankie. That's our crazy little boy Churchill, on the top of the townhouse roofs, in the background. The adorable little dark tabby, to the right, is our dear friend Tess. She had fun with Churchill too.

(Left) It's not often that you get a clear picture of Romeo (dark tabby), out of the kitchen cupboards, and not scurrying off somewhere. It was a bit of a trick to get this picture. Each time that I bent, to snap the pic, he'd come straight for me, looking for a neck scratch.... needless to say, I have many blurred and back end/tail pics of him, snapped after he got to close to me. With persistence, comes triumph!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday October 21... and all is well....

(Left) There are two of our regular friends, Catou (white/dark tabby) and Kenji (chocolate Siamese). These two had a great time getting to know each other and my other guests. They have both been very helpful with my computer work.

(Left) Burt (dark tabby) was being quite goofy, headbutting the pirate boat, while I played with him. He is the big brother of Churchill..... We were lucky enough to spend a number of weeks with the two of them, over the past summer season. They love attention and neck scratches.

(Left) Mummy, mummy, mummy..... Little Maman (grey/white tabby) plays 'Captain Lookout' from the treehouse opening.... She's looking far out the big sunny windows.... a good 25 feet away... Some of these high structures provide the cats quite a view of the great outdoors.

(Left) Aries (orange tabby) and Javert (white/dark tabby), in the Spaceship above, seem to have the same idea.... 'How cute I am!... Check it out... check it out!!' Yes, Boys. You are both too adorable.... Don't ever change!

(Left) Lucky (black/with white) is still visiting... He had a lot of fun following and playing with Tiggy 2 (calico) last week. He's always on the lookout for new play partners. He's had so much fun these past weeks. This big boy would have a hoot with another cat at the house. He's very playful and social, with people and the other felines, as is Tiggy 2. That could be why they got along so well.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black & Grey Day!

(Left) Minouche (black) has stopped in for another visit. She's getting up there in age now... aren't we all?! She is one of my special needs' kitties. She sleeps a lot these days but still has time for her neck scratches. I've known her for almost 8 years, when I first opened the Pet B&B.

(Left) My long time friend Portia (grey) visited me again this past week. She's also getting older now but always a pleasure to see. We'll see her again in a couple of weeks.

(Left) Yes, another black cat... this little cutie is named Monk. He's the new young brother of Kenji. Monk is quite the Monkey! He loves the action.... he creates most of it himself. He had a great weekend with Maman, Catou, Lucky and Romeo.... as well as with his brother. It's his first time in. He was a natural..... one of those kitties that hits the ground running!

(Left) Typhoon (grey Burmese) and his brother Blackie are back to visit again. They'll be with me a couple of weeks. They haven't been in for a while but remembered all of their favorite places. They are both very gentle and affectionate.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big, little, shy and not......

(Left) Smokey (grey/white) visited me once again. I remember what a tiny little fluff ball she was, the first time she came to the Pet B&B. She used to be so shy. These days, she's all growed up.... and loves attention and neck scratches. It was fun to see her again.

(Left) Buttons (grey/white with button nose) is in for her first time. She's a big marshmallow and loves to hang out with the other cats. The rainbow is one of her favorite sleeping/viewing spots so far. She's making lots of new friends this week.

(Left) Churchill (black/white) is back again with his brother Burt.... and, he's shaking things up, like Churchill loves to do when he's in.... He's still quite a little guy but that personality and confidence, just keep stretching the boundaries of his physical size. He's keeping everyone else in shape this week! and, his brother Burt, is happy to have a little help in being Churchill's full time play partner.

(Left) Our handsome Romeo (dark tabby) is visiting again with his sister Catou and mother Maman. As per usual, his favorite hang out is under the kitchen counters, in the cupboards. He's such a gentle little boy and can be very schmoozie.

(Left) Rocky (black) was in last week with his brother Murphy. Rocky is getting a bit older and isn't as active as he once was. He tended to hang out in the back 'hay bails', well out of the way of the goings-on, in the busy group areas.

Friday, October 16, 2009

They really are like us... more than we realize!

I had the opportunity to talk with a handsome big male cat that I have known for many years. I was interested to know about his frequent squinting, which seemed to have worsened in the last six months. I wanted to know about his personality and about if he had any health issues that I wasn't aware of.

He mentioned that his kidney, left side wasn't strong enough, getting weaker all the time. He said that his eyes hurt all the time too. His eyes, he said, hurt from a light sensitivity, mostly to sunlight. He said that there was pressure from the outside eye, outer eye layer was thinning, breaking down. He didn't find regular light bulbs or flourescents too painful but said that sunlight and the camera flash really do hurt his eyes. He also said that he's having trouble seeing colors now. 'Can't see color at all anymore, it's all one now, everything looks the same. He couldn't remember exactly, but thought that the light sensitivity happened at about the same time as the loss of color. He said that he's not liking being unable to see colors, 'was more fun with color, life was more meaningful, vivid'. He said that it happened over time and had been like this quite a while now. I asked if there was anything that would help his light sensitivity. He said, 'stop going outside in the bright light of the day, night is fine.

He said that his kidney 'had blockages, slowing down, processing slower now, not like before, not good like before, slowing down'. He said there is 'not enough filtration, too much sediment building up, blockage. I asked him, emotionally speaking, what's causing his kidney problems? He told me, 'not processing my life the way I should, not making the effort to be at peace with myself, I get so controlive sometimes and don't accept the way I am, I have a hard time to be just me. I prefer/wish I was someone else sometimes/mostly, most of the time'. I asked him who he wishes he was? 'Not me. Anyone else but me. What's wrong with being you? 'I'm not that kind with others. I try to be, but I don't really like other people/cats. I'm not naturally like that. I find it hard to like others. I judge everyone, all the time. I don't like that part of myself but, I don't seem to be able to stop doing it, even though I try sometimes. I just think that I'm not a very nice boy a lot of the time.

He described his personality as 'smart, playful, bit of a braggart, think I'm more special that everyone else. I'm real beautiful, handsome, gorgeous. People always tell me that stuff'. What would you change about your life if you could? 'let more light/life into my world, through my eyes, let myself shine more, outwardly'. Emotionally, what caused your eye sensitivity? 'Not being there to enjoy my life, spending my time being judgemental and not very nice, alot of the time.' What makes you happy? 'Not being with me. Explain? 'Being like the others, not me. I don't like being me. I'm happiest when I'm someone else. Explain? 'I put my face on someone else.'

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Ottawa Cat GobbleGobble pics!

(Left) Here are a few more of our Thanksgiving Kitties.... Our handsome orange & white tabby is called Mimi. He's an energetic little guy. He had a lot of fun with his old buddies.

(Left) This cute little grey & white kitty is named Clint. He is the brother of Matilda, from earlier this week. He did very well on his first visit. I'm interested to talk to him to see if he has any information about the seizures that he gets. Some of these cats have incredible knowledge about their own health, and ours.

(Left) Menou (calico) is a long time Pet B&B guest. She has, from her early days, years ago, decided that the kitchen cabinets are her favorite 'safe' spot. She usually chooses the same cabinet too. Who said that animals don't have memories?

(Left) My little Xena Bean (black & white) also has her favorite pillow. Xena is the sister of Aries. They have both been visiting me, almost from my start. We usually see them twice a year. They joined us for Thanksgiving this year too. It's always a pleasure to see them again.

(Left) Thor (orange tabby) is a big boy that many regular readers will recognize. He's one of my diabetic friends and gets insulin shots twice a day. He too, has his favorite relaxing places. Once in a while, his brother visits us too. I've had so many cats in lately/currently, that have medical conditions/medications.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More adorable Ottawa Cats, Anyone!?

(Left) Frankie (black/white) loves to flash his 'Life is Good!' pose.... He's such a cutie. He visited us this past weekend with his brother Lefty.... We'll see both boys back in again, real soon. The big orange and white cutie, behind the french doors, is our friend Paco again.... still lovin' that tractor!

(Left) Our gorgeous big girl Jesse (tortoise shell), goes for a nice big scratching, on the airplane's leg.... I'm thinking it's about time that I recarpeted all of those posts.... they have been very well used and enjoyed, this past summer... it's all good.... Mel's reno mode is kicking in, now that the long weekend has passed. These guys love to watch me build....

(Left) This handsome black & white, is the brother of Jesse, above. Waldo is an absolute charmer.... He loves his cat beds, up on the loft.... I always say that he turns into a big kitten when he arrives.... He loves to run, jump through the air and give all of the structures a good scratchin', even more than Jesse does.

(Left) What are sunfilled mornings for?? Mia (calico) stretches herself out, in one of the open-top train cars, right in line with all of those brilliant sun beams.... When the sun stops shining, she'll move down a floor, to a more enclosed, cozy train car. She is quite the adorable, playful cat too!

(Left) My little ZarZar Bean.... isn't she precious?! Zaria (white) is a fit, compact, lovable little girl.... Her favorite pass times include being adorable, being charming and being a little white ham! Seriously though, she is quite the climber. She must have a ball outside at the cottage!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So many kitties going home today... almost as many coming in!

(Left) This picture was just taken on the weekend, but it's a dead ringer for a few of the pictures that I took this past summer, when Lefty (black) and Maggie (black/white) ended up vacationing with us, at the same time. They both managed to hook up again. They had much fun together a few months ago.... They met on the plane again, naturally!

(Left) Our gorgeous little Chloe (dark tabby/white) is back for her second visit. She was hammin' it up for the camera on Sunday. She has adjusted real well and is fitting right in. She spends a lot of her day on the back bunk beds.... She is one chatty girl..... It's hard to get a picture of her with her mouth closed.... no, really! She loves to talk!

(Left) From Chloe to Cleo.... Cleo (dark tabby) has been visiting the Pet B&B almost from the start.... at least 7 years, I'm guessing.... She is a gorgeous, fit, independant big girl. She likes to hang out in the big red phone booths... if you look closely at the picture, you will see that she has lined herself up quite nicely, to view BigBird1, from her little wall opening.... Here's another cat with a plan!

(Left) Tiggy2 (calico/white) has visited us many times in her young life, already. She's a playful, curious and busy little girl. She had fun playing with Miloshka and Lucky, this weekend. Here, she thought she'd see what that colorful tunnel was all about.... She doesn't miss much..... and she loves to stop by and visit with BigBird2 from time-to-time.

(Left) This handsome big orange tabby is named Alfred.... He is a bit shy with people but is fine with the other cats. It's his first visit with us. He likes to position himself comfortably, in the big red phone booth to the right of BigBird1. Cleo, above, hangs out in the phone booth on the left.... Two very different kitties..... same big ambitions!