Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't forget our Special Holiday Hours next week folks!

I will be only open mornings from 9 til 11 am for the coming week of September 27 through to October 1st. So for any pick-ups or drop-offs, they will need to be done in the morning. I am similarly taking a week in October and again in November with 'morning only' hours. Check the website under the Location & Hours page for full details.

(Left) Look who's back for another visit. This is our well travelled Silka (dark tabby). He's a handsome, gentle big boy. Sounds like he enjoyed a lot of time at the family cottage this summer. It's always good to see him again.

(Left) Oh Lillie (bengal). You too cute! This is one funny little girl. She likes to switch things up for herself. She'll either sit and be very goofy for the camera... or, she'll let you follow her all around the group, with camera in hand, while she ducks into, under or around things, just as you're lining up your picture. There she is. There she's not! She will eventually sit and be schmoozie, like this, but sometimes she makes you work for it.

(Left) Maza (dark tabby) is back in town! This little cutie has had some interesting airport adventures judging from her mom's stories. FYI people. If you're travelling carry-on with your kitties... and your kitties aren't really 'people kitties'.... save yourself some human shredding and put a harness and collar on them, while they're inside of the carrier, for the duration of your travel... I didn't know this before, but some customs agents (or most), want you to remove your cat from the carrier before you are asked to carry the cat through the full length human scanner devices. (Yes, those ones.. with the bells and lights going!) ... You see where I'm going with this !?!

(Left) This big handsome boy goes home next week. Parker (white/orange) is getting very excited to see his family again. He's been vacationing with us for a few weeks this time. He will be happy to go outside again and chase some leaves....

(Left) We didn't see Hank (black/white) for a while. He too will be going home to a brand new environment. I'm not worried about him. He'll make friends, regardless of which street he lives on! This guy is a hamm and excellent climber..... We look forward to hearing all about his next adventure, when we see him in the future.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's not forget the Introductions...

(Left) This handsome little lad just went home this afternoon. Chessie (dark tabby) hasn't visited in a number of years. He hasn't grown much. He's still a sleek, fit little boy. He doesn't just give you head butts.... he gives full body 'butts'..... Such a cutie. He reminds me a lot of Romeo.

(Left) Remi (Abysinnia) and Esmeralda (black/white) had met and played together many times before they 'met up' for this pic. Both kids are energetic, playful and full of beans. They both went home this week.

(Left) I'll call this silhouette 'Cat climbing Airplane'... Felix (black) made quick work of his ascent into the airplane. I had him lined up, in the camera's lense, on the floor, just before he crouched down slightly.... then I found him here. He adores hanging out in the airplane.

(Left) When Tigger (dark tabby) isn't swinging from the 'chandeliers', he can be spotted in the ever popular fabric tunnel.... He just returned home this week. I'm not surprised to hear that he gets on so well with some of his cousins....

(Left) Well, Remi (Abysinnian) certainly made his way around the group, stopping to say 'Hi' to everyone, on his way. He and Sydney (black/white Maine Coon) would chase each other around most mornings. Sydney and his siblings are a laid back, social bunch... I'm sure that they will have a great weekend with Mia and Tucker, who are just arriving...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As the leaves change color outside....

(Left) Oh wait. There she goes!! Our gorgeous little Lillie (Bengal) is an adventurous jumper & climber. She does actually sit still sometimes, usually in her favorite hot air balloon, at the top of the staircase. She's sending her dad best wishes to get better real fast.... 'I won't even launch off of your tummy for a while!' My little LillieBean goes home later this week. I don't think that she will bring you your slippers dad, but she will surely keep your toes warm, if you ask her.

(Left) This handsome older boy is Rocky (black). He and brother Murphy just went home earlier this week. Sounds like these two have a grand time at their family cottage. Little Murphy has turned into a real 'bird watcher'... not hunter, just watcher.... unless of course he can get close enough, then he just likes to patt the pretty birdies on the head... not to light.. not too hard.... Very good Murphy! Gentle does it!

(Left) This is my adorable Tessie (dark tabby) just as she's getting into play mode... and, right before she rolls onto her side or back for a tummy rub. She just went home yesterday. Sounds like she's loving her new country diggs.... and still goes for her daily evening strolls with her mom....

(Left) My girl Pheobe (dark tabby/white) is such a walking contradiction... She loves to tease and torment her brother and neighbourhood cats by watching down on them from a high tree or roof, where they can't climb to... But she can be so scared of some cats & situations sometimes, that she drools and almost hyper ventilates. She loves to act like she doesn't want human affection ... and other times, she's an absolute clown, when she tries to get my attention... Mostly, she's just a big softie... but don't tell anyone!!

(Left) Here's another charmer for you. Mathilda ( tortise shell) played the small but mighty tree climber this visit. I often found her sitting on top of this tree, watching me catch up on my paper work, on the other side of the window or french door. She has already returned home. She has come a long way in the past year. She's a rather complicated little girl too... I will sit and have a long chat with her one day. I think she'll be very interesting to talk to.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mamasan looking for her Forever Home

This beautiful tortie does well indoors and it is believed she was once someone's pet. As soon as anyone approaches her she begins to purr so loudly she can be heard throughout. She is a very gentle, quiet cat who grooms and nurtures the frightened and sick kittens taken in by the foster family she lives with.She is polydactile with 7 toes on each front foot and six on the back feet. Her big feet make this striking little cat even more distinctive. This affectionate cat has been waiting for a permanent home for a long time. She would love to be appreciated and nurtured, and she would enjoy being with other cats in a quiet loving home.MamaSan is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.
For more information about Mamasan and to see all the other lovelies that need a forever home, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

Friday, September 17, 2010

Something for Everyone.

(Left) Go Simon Go! This handsome little fawn & white tabby didn't take to my furry wand toy right away. I tried him with the pink furry one, at first attempt, but he just kept running away from it and hissing at it. He would chase this wand some times, but only for short bursts. When he'd have enough of it, he would catch it in his paws and teeth and growl at it to go away. I guess nothing quite compares to his canine companion at home, for good old play value.... Simon and his sister Pheobe go home this afternoon.

(Left) I think Tigger's (dark tabby) dad is gonna have to break out the tools and make this boy a few carpeted tree houses....He is having a crazy time with Remi, Linus and Esmeralda.... Little Lillie just arrived today, as did Felix, so he'll have plenty of new play partners to cajoul with through the rest of the weekend, until his parents return.....

(Left) There's a pretty little calico for you. Barney has been with us all week and has just had her vacation extended further than originally planned for. She's doing great. This little Miss is a quiet, calm girl ... with a very big voice, once she gets talkin'... Stay as long as you would like my dear Barney. You're always welcome. She likes sleeping in the hay bails that face the window.... especially when we actually get sunshine...

(Left) Look at that face! My handsome Darwinian (orange tabby) is such a cutie... He's also on the quieter side, as kitties go... He likes to curl up and relax in a cozy, out of the way spot... He is scheduled to return home next week. I know he's getting excited about going outside again... Looks like sunshine for Monday Darwin. Yipee!

(Left) No. This is not another picture of Spike, from yesterday. This little charmer is Murphy (black/white).. although these 2 boys could easily pass for siblings... both friendly, affectionate and too playful. Murphy is visiting with his older brother Rocky.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Again! Are you serious?

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Portia (grey) exiting my Hippie Bus, from the back (emergency) window....She just went home earlier this week. Oft times she hangs out in the tractor or Kitty Cabs, in front of the windows... This time, she thought she'd try something new I guess... Such a cutie...

(Left) Well, Bailey (grey/white Maine Coon) must have a spine of rubber, cause she can sure flex it backwards, when she wants to... And I thought that I'd built plenty of 'easy to access' scratching posts for all the furries.... 'Nah. Too easy... This is how Maine Coon's do it!' Looks like a bit of a yoga work out Bailey.... That's a good way to stay in shape and sharpen the claws.... Good thinking.

(Left) MenouMenou (calico) just left earlier this week. This gorgeous girl is quite 'connected' to her moms.... People just don't realise how sensitive our animals are to any and all changes in our circumstances... emotional especially...

(Left) There's another gorgeous girl for you.... Wow, it was starting to look like Girls' Day, until I saw that I had put Spike (below) on for today too.... Feline (dark tabby) is a gentle and somewhat shy girl. She's sensitive to getting ample attention on each visit. She remarks everything... So, I'm sure to always say Hi to her, even if I'm just passing through.... She always appreciates it.

(Left) Spikie! (black/white) This little charmer was back last week for another visit. He's a typical black & white kitty.... Loves lots of attention, but isn't stuck to you all the time.... He is very happy to entertain himself but enjoys human contact, just the same ... He had fun with his little buddies Cajsa & Noel....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Change is Good. No Really!

(Left) Peek-a-boo Sam (grey/white tabby). That suspended rug is a dead give-away... or, the bunk bed covers that have suspiciously doubled in volume.... This handsome little boy isn't a real people kitty. He does love his chin scratches, when you approach him, but he can be a shy lad... He went home earlier this week.

(Left) Remi (Abysinnian) has directed his attentions at a cat toy, for the moment. He doesn't generally find them as entertaining as his other feline friends.... I spotted him, earlier today, climbing into one of my tree houses, with a green pipe cleaner in his mouth... 'She doesn't keep pipe cleaners in the tree houses.... If you want to play with one in there, you're best to bring your own...!' He and his brother Linus are having too much fun!

(Left) There's my little PudgeWudge... Pudgewick (dark tabby/white) is also a bit on the shy side.... Oh ya. And she's not that crazy about her cat carrier either.... She and her sister Saucisse went home yesterday. Sounds like they have lots of fun changes gonna be taking place at their house in the coming weeks & months... I'm sure that they are both up for it!

(Left) Zapata (orange tabby) visited again last weekend. His folks say that he's finding the newest 2 legged addition to the family to be a bit of an adjustment, so far. New babies tend to get a lot of the kitties 'old portion' of attention... It's always a good idea to try to squeeze in a little one-on-one time, with kitty, for a daily child-free love-in.... and, don't ever forget that a little explaining to the cat, goes a long way...

(Left) OK. Could these two be twins or something!? Well, they aren't ... That's our gorgeous girl Esmeralda (black/white, airplane) and our adorable girl Saucisse is the one on the train car, below. Both girls are quite similar in personality too... They love to hamm it up for people and the camera.... Can you say Schmooze!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting into the September Groove..

(Left) Parker's (white/orange) folks are off on an exotic trip this time around... Can't wait to hear all about it when they return. I have no doubt that this big handsome boy will be more than content to sit on their knees, for hours on end, hearing all about it too. Doesn't he just look like a big plush stuffed toy? He's a cutie!

(Left) Wendy (dark tabby/white) popped in for a visit. We haven't seen her in a while. She's an independant, curious little girl. She spent much of her days hanging out in the tree houses. She has already returned home.

(Left) The Boys! I really liked this picture when I uploaded it... Kirk (lower) and his brother Kirby (top) were chumming together on the top step, when Kirby decided to jump onto the loft, for a better view... I don't think I could've gotten a cool action shot like this if I actually tried to PhotoShop it (assuming that I'd know how to do that)... The two boys had so much fun on their first visit. We look forward to seeing them again next summer....

(Left) Speaking of action shots... Tigger (dark tabby) was climbing the left hand scratching post, to the top of the rocket, when he switched gears, and decided to continue climbing up, using the middle red scratching post instead (I always thought that they were the same).... Gotta love those 'Mid Air Manoeuvers'.... This handsome little guy is always trying something new! He sends out a big Hi to his folks.... 'Have some fishies for me too! ... Mmmm, creamy clam chowder'....

(Left) Linus (Abysinnian) and his brother Remi have started this vacation, where they left off, on their first visit.... It didn't take them long to exit their cat carriers and head for the airplane and spaceship... These boys had a great time with Carl, Miloshka and Tigger, just to mention a few of their friends.... They will be staying on a while longer.... Guess I need to re-launder my pile of train bedding, eh Linus... Why is a pile of warm laundry always so inviting to these furry boys & girls...?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Danny looking for his Forever Home

Danny is a handsome medium sized brown and white male tabby. He was born in a feral colony in Feb 2007. He has been socialized and is shy at first, but friendly once he gets to know you. Danny is neutered, vaccinated and litter trained. He is anxiously waiting for his second chance and hopes to be adopted soon by a loving, nurturing family.
For more information about Danny and to see all the other lovelies that need a forever home, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's that time again boys & girls!

(Left) Well, I was told that Max (dark tabby) was going to be rather shy. I haven't really seen much evidence of this just yet. He loves to sleep in one of my Kitty Cabs or right on the window ledge. He's a handsome, gentle, schmoozie big boy. He's visiting with his brother Simon and sister Ceilidh, both shown below. It is the first visit for the 3 of them. They are all doing great.

(Left) More 3's... Cali (calico) and her brother Sydney, below, and sister Bailey, arrived this week. We aren't quite sure how long they will be staying with us, so we will definitely enjoy their company while they are here! Cali is the shyer, independant one of the 3. She just loves this prize spot... On the biggest, highest, yellow pillow... She's a cutie.

(Left) There's Cali's brother Sydney (black/white Maine Coon). He was hammin' it up for the picture. He's a real people lover... Often he chooses to sleep in the lower kitchen cabinets.... I've found him in one of them with Cleo and Miloshka. He's great with all of the cats... This is a big kitty.

(Left) There's Simon (dark tabby). This picture was taken the same day that he and his sibling, Max & Ceilidh arrived. And indeed, he is a social, friendly guy. He is also quite the seasoned climber. This handsome boy is having a great time hanging out with the other playful cats.

(Left) This gorgeous grey kitty is named Ceilidh. She is the 3rd sibling. This big girl is gentle and shy. She's most often found in one of my hay bails. I think that once all of the '2 leggeds' go home at night, she passes many an hour, sitting in the big windows. So many cuties passing the weekend with us...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Holiday Postcards....

(Left) Yes, that's our gorgeous girl Bailey (dark tabby) again. We'll have to start calling her Miss Adventurous.. This was the first time that I found her climbing in the airplane. I've since seen her in the space ship and on top of BigBird2's house... She's doing great with all of the other cats and getting lots of exercise at the same time.

(Left) Well these two handsome boys became fast friends. Lincoln (solid grey) and Tobias (grey/white) hung out together for most of their visits... Lincoln was visiting with his sister Sophie again. It was Tobias' 2nd visit this summer. Both boys are real schmoozie, people kitties...

(Left) There's another gorgeous Bailey (grey/white Maine Coon) for you. This adorable girl has visited with her brother Sydney and sister Cali, on many occasions. Bailey has enjoyed sleeping up in the castle, oft times this holiday.... All three kids are completely used to the B&B life style... and have settled in quickly.

(Left) Some more of my younger guests... These 2 cuties met a few months back, when they were just wee ones... They didn't forget how much fun that they had together that time, as you can see from the pics... Some things don't change. Except for the size of Noel (grey), she has almost doubled in size, since her first visit.... Little Cajsa (black/white) could still pass for a 5 month old kitten.... She's been graced with a petite frame.... These 2 girls had an exhausting time, playing each other out.... They both went home earlier this week.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everyone is settling in... It must be September!

(Left) There's my handsome big boy Kaju (grey) again. He's a unique fellow. Aside from wanting to climb onto the nearest person's back, to settle in for a nap, he has a charming way of settling onto his pillow, when he's ready to pass out for a while. Kaju likes to do his kneading, while standing, using all 4 feet... if you can picture that... From the front view, he looks like a little grey bear walking on the spot... Too cute... It really does warrant a video clip... He's the only cat that I've ever seen do that.

(Left) Boys, boys, boys.... Newbies.... Kirby (white/dark tabby, left) and his brother Kirk (white/dark tabby, below) are such fun little guys. They fit in instantly with all of the other young rowdies that I had here this weekend. They are part puppy, I swear. They love to follow people around and meet everyone. Kirby has 2 different colored eyes... Kirk has this habit of trying to catch you as you go by... No. Not just your attention... He'll extend his front arms and try to lasoo you.... Both boys are having a great time...

(Left) Miloshka (black) is a long time friend of the Pet B&B. Here, he was being goofy for the camera and giving himself a chin scratching, with the help of BigBird's house... Sounds like this little lad can be quite a challenge to catch, at home, when it's time to go in the car.... He is a thinker... no doubt about that. He's a gentle, sleek, handsome boy.

(Left) Hi Darwin (orange tabby). I found you! This handsome big boy is a bit shy with people.... He's moved into one of my big red phone booths, this visit. It takes him a few days, but then he comes out to greet me in the mornings and loves it when I 'pop in' to visit him in his phone booth.... He's always up for a little chit-chat and neck scratch... He sends out a big 'Salut' to his folks and the new grand baby too!