Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Canada Day festivities are in the works....

(Left) My gorgeous girl Xena (black/white) is just as playful and schmoozie as some of her younger counterparts.... She loves her neck and tummy scratches... This corner bunk bed pillow is one of her favorite hang outs when she's visiting.. I've known Xena and her brother Ares many years.... Each year they get cuter...

(Left) My handsome boy Olaf (dark tabby) goes home today with his sister Cajsa. Olaf may not have the spunk that his little sister has, but he's still a big charmer... I think it's been rejuvenating for him to have a new little sister. They get along very well. Both are real people kitties...

(Left) One of my sunbathing beauties... Suzie Q (tortoise shell) was soaking up the rays, in between rain bursts... This adorable girl has a lot of play in her... She may be best described as 'coy' ... about getting attention.. She's not a lap cat and doesn't like being fussed over for any length of time.. but, when she wants attention, she'll appear, very quietly, and give you a playful look or pose, with her tilted or turned upside down face, that means she'd like some lovin'.... Such a cutie...

(Left) More sunbathing beauties... All that Leo (grey) is missing are the sunglasses and swim trunks....Does he know how to chill out, or what? As you can tell, Leo is having a relaxing, low stress vacation.... He sends out a big Hiya to his family.... See you soon! Hope that you are havin' as much fun as I am....

(Left) There's my handsome boy Parker (white/orange tabby)... Now THIS is a scratching post!! People often get frustrated with their cats, because they love to scratch the sofas and high backed chairs.... To be able to compete with those pieces of furniture, it's important to have a scratching post that's as high as them, and that has a texture that's just as appealing to them... open textured or soft enough, for them to get their nails really dug in there, so that they can have a real good stretch, which actually re-aligns their spine...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One of these kitties... doesn't look like the others....

(Left) Oh, Hi Twinkletoes.... Ginny (black) was being all goofy and playful on the floor... She's not very chatty when she's B&Bing, but I know that she's a big talker when she's home. She had fun with her other black cat friends.... many of whom have been visiting us for years... This gorgeous girl is probably going home later this week. I'm sure that she will chat non-stop for her first day home.

(Left) As I write this, Eclipse (black) has appeared out of no where and landed in my lap, where he's all curled up. This handsome young boy had a ball with his regular friends Jasper, below and Miloshka, also below... He should be going home this week. He had so much fun.

(Left) Jasper (black) and Zoe (grey/black tabby) didn't waste any time in getting acquainted. Zoe arrived yesterday, from Boston. Jasper didn't give her much time to get settled.. he wanted to play right away, once he saw her trying to play with BigBird2. Jasper just went home today. Zoe is all settled in now. She remembered all of her favorite attractions shortly after she got here.

(Left) Another handsome black cat... Miloshka is a long time visitor to the Pet B&B. I snapped him this morning, all stretched out, on top of Bigbird2's house. When I first saw him, I thought that he was Jasper, because this is a typical Jasper hangout & pose.... When I took a 2nd look, I was surprised.... This is a charmer...

(Left) Waldo bunny has energy to burn... He's visiting for the first time. He's very good at entertaining himself. This is one of those bunny poses that cats don't quite know what to make of.... this, and the 'straight up in the air' jumps & landings... they often send the cats scattering, especially if the bunny does it from a dead stop, standing still.... Funny stuff... Waldo is doing great.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mya Looking for her Forever Home

Mya is a friendly domestic cat who was abandoned in a barn, pregnant and hungry. She delivered two little kittens. Her rescue shows that she loves to be indoors. She plays with her toys, sleeps soundly, eats heartily, grooms herself and welcomes any visitors with much purring and head butting. Mya is a very gentle cat who has been through a great deal and is very deserving of a wonderful home. She is spayed, vaccinated and litter trained.
For more information about Mya and to see all the other lovelies that need a forever home, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ottawa Cats settling in for another (hopefully) sunfilled weekend.

(Left) There's my girl Ople (white) hanging out with Rufus (orange/white)..... I think you probably figured that out, without the color descriptions..... This is Snowy's daughter.... The girls send out a big Hello to Kaitlin.... Snowy was trying to help me paint yesterday afternoon though.... Any color would look great against a nice white back drop like that.... I had to put her on the small side of the group area while the paint dried.... She joined some of my other curious Georges & Georgettes over there....

(Left) There's Tigger (orange/white tabby).... He visits us every once in a while.... I snapped him up exiting the pirate boat yesterday morning.. It was drier in there than it was outside... He was happy to be indoors for that. He's a gentle, handsome big boy. He tends to be a bit shy with strangers.

(Left) Here's a little boy that isn't shy at all... He loves to be near and be a part of, the action.... If he's not, he'll talk your ear off, anyway...He's a chatty kitty. He goes home next week. He'll be looking forward to exploring his country home again. He's doing just great.

(Left) Seba (black) moves to the West Coast today. I'm glad that we got to see him again before he left. This gentle giant is gonna love being outside all year around. I have no doubt that he'll make a ton of new friends in his new home town. All the best to Seba and his family.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looks like Thursday is Ladies Day at the Pet B&B

(Left) This adorable calico is a familiar sight at the Pet B&B. Bella is one of my very vocal kitties. She gravitates to the top of the airplane most days and comes down for a nibble and chat, throughout the day. She's very affectionate and sweet. She'll be spending a few weeks with us this visit.

(Left) This gorgeous girl is named Misha (dark tabby/white). She is the sister of Pinot, from yesterday. This is her 'Belly rub please' pose.... She loves her neck scratches and, so far, prefers to sleep up high on things. Her brother likes height too... but, he's often found around BigBird2's house..... Call it neighbourhood watch!

(Left) More adorable female felines.... Fez (black) is also visiting for the first time. We'll probably see much more of her as the months go on. She was displaced from her home due to a fire but she's doing great. Her grandma will be shocked to know that I can actually pet Fez already. She arrived on Monday and has been no trouble at all. She's just a bit scared sometimes, that's all.

(Left) Cajsa (black/white)! Look at you! You're getting so big! This little munchkin has returned with her brother Olaf. We saw them a few months ago when she was all of 5 or so months old. Her folks say that she's a real outdoorsy kinda girl. She was an excellent climber months ago.... It would be fun to see her in action outside, in the real trees. She's playful, fun and cuddly.... Great to see you both again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not even an earthquake can slow these kitties down...

Just had an email from one of my customers that was concerned about their cat that's staying with me, in regards to the earthquake.... Everyone and everything is fine here. The cats, oddly enough, didn't react much. Olaf is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. His dad called to say that he was nervous before it happened and still is.... Most of the excitement here was from the people running outside into the parking lot, and the cars shaking from side to side..... That was something to see!

(Left) This is a leftover weekend pic of Percy (dark tabby, top), Besha (ragdoll, front floor) and Tucker (persian, back floor). These 3 wouldn't have even noticed that there was an earthquake.... They make a pretty impressive rumbling on the floor, when they get playing together... especially if you are standing on the first floor... they sound like a wild herd of elephants.....

(Left) This handsome big newbie is named Pinot (dark tabby). He is visiting with his sister Misha.... They are both very sweet, gentle cats. Their folks might be surprised to hear that Misha was the more adventurous of the 2 when they first arrived. They both love their neck scratches and are integrating very nicely with all of the other cats.

(Left) There's my boy Silka (dark tabby/white) agian. He visited us this spring, after living 4 years abroad. He's doing just fine. He's a laid back, social kitty that likes being around other felines... He slept right through the earthquake.... must've been quite the dream!

(Left) More familiar handsome faces...Leo (grey) recently lost his little older sister. He is sure enjoying the company of his friends, Percy, Ginny & Pinot.... Jasper is coming back in on Friday.... Leo will be excited to see him again. They had so much fun together last time they vacationed at the same time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone gets at least one new name at the Pet B&B....

(Left) Baloulou (dark tabby)... I know, I added a few letters there.. that's what I usually call him... Balou goes home this week. He was an absolute joy to hang out with. This big cutie is looking forward to going outside and rolling around in the grass again.

(Left) My gorgeous GinGinny... (black).... Oh, I did it again... That's what I call this little beauty most days... Ginny is such a helpful girl when I'm sorting the fresh laundry... I'm guessing that she helps her family on laundry day too. She's doing great as usual and making lots of friends...

(Left) My little TuckieWuckie..... (may as well get all of the Mel-isms out at once).... Tucker (Persian) looks very reflective as he stretches out and looks through the sun filled windows.... This was taken pretty close to their nap time.... when things were winding down for the morning.... He just went home to his brand new home yesterday... Sounds like he has beautiful deep window ledges to stretch out in there too. See you again my little Tuckie....

(Left) Mommy SnowSnow (white).... You guessed it... Snowy! This gorgeous girl and her daughter Ople are visiting again.. Their mom was telling me about how these girls get along so well with the neighbourhood racoons and skunks.... They don't chase them out of the yard or get nervous around them... Everyone just agrees to get along... and does... What a concept!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missy looking for her Forever Home

Missy is a lovely little brown tabby found wandering around scrounging for food and a safe place to have her kittens. A kind lady took her in before Missy gave birth to three lovely kittens on March 6, 2010. She was not even a year old herself when her kittens were born. The kittens, James, Shila and Pesto are now in a CRN foster home awaiting adoption.
Missy is a little shy with strangers but with a little TLC and understanding she will make a lovely addition to any loving family. She is spayed, vaccinated and litter trained. For more information about Missy and to see all the other lovelies that need a forever home, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's gonna be a playful kinda weekend....

(Left) Suzie Q (tortoise shell) returned this week. She looks so casual about being at the B&B. This gorgeous girl has a way of always looking 'at home' and relaxed. She had a great time with Tess before Tess went home yesterday. Those 2 girls always have fun together.

(Left) More handsome dark tabbies. Sparky is a big cuddle suck. I've know him many years and he always looks forward to seeing his old friends. He loves his head butts and neck scratches.... you just have to be careful of his 'half swats' at your hand, as you try to walk away.... He's a playful big boy.

(Left) Molly (white/dark tabby) is having a terrific time with her buddies Tucker (Persian) and Percy (dark tabby/white).... don't forget about their other crazy friend Besha, the Ragdoll, below. The whole area turns in a live, moving playland, when these 4 get things rollings... Should be another fun weekend... Their playful friend Leo just arrived this afternoon.... Mamma Mia!!

(Left) We all know that BigBird2 loves to tease the kitties..... and yes, even Besha (Ragdoll) knows this.... but, it still doesn't discourage her from trying... maybe one last go at it.. before I leave Ottawa next week... She is enjoying the remainder of her stay at the Pet B&B before her family packs up and moves away.
We'll miss seeing you Besha...Come back and visit!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smiley faces everywhere I look.....

(Left) Jane returned this Monday & was soon settled into her yellow & red kitty cab.... She loves to lay in the morning sun like this and soak it all up. When you touch her, her fur is quite hot. None of that seems to bother her.

(Left) My handsome boy Balou was back in his favorite hay bails this week... he even stayed long enough for me to get a pic this time. So many dark tabbies in this week. They all have the same adorable, affectionate personalities.

(Left) Tessie Wessie just arrived yesterday and is right back 'in the saddle'.... or, should I say, 'in the pilot seat'..... Those 'beansie eyes' say it all. My gorgeous Tess loves to play around and show off her charms....

(Left) This big cutie just went home this week, but I thought this pic was too cute to pass up... Moe (black/white) isn't falling down or climbing down the stairs. He was actually sitting like this for minutes, before I observed what he was doing.... Such a funny little guy... Just getting a good stretch in and lengthening the front arms I guess.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are Beautiful Ottawa Summer Days for?

(Left) He's back! Kamikaze (black/white) is summer vacationing with all of his friends again this year. This boy has an interesting chirp instead of a meow.... could just be a language dialect of sorts, seeing as how he's travelled all the way here from Japan. He sends out a big Congratulations Emma! Well done !

(Left) More handsome big boys....Lionel (dark tabby) loves watching out the windows... He is often found up on top of the red phone booth or on top of BigBird1's house... both places offer him fab panoramic views of the goings on out of doors..... Such a friendly, affectionate kitty.

(Left) What a face! Lucky (black/white) spent another weekend with us and is most likely returning in a couple of weeks. He loves his cat beds, up on the loft. Sounds like he's had some outdoor swimming adventures back at home. Mr. Curiosity! He can be such a suck up! Especially with his mom.

(Left) Well, these two got the party going, and then Besha joined in.... Tucker (Persian) and Percy (dark tabby/white) have hours of fun each day, chasing each other & jumping out from behind doors and such, especially in the morning. I caught Besha joining in with them today. She's a very playful girl and can keep up with these two boys.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Au Revoir to some....

(Left) More familiar cuteness... Handsome boy Cozmos (grey/white) came back last week for another visit. He hopes that his dad is staying warm up north... and sends out a big Hello to him. This little charmer is gentle and friendly. He is often spotted in his favorite red phone booth. Always great to see you again Coz.

(Left) A standard Cleo (grey/white tabby) pose.... This is her way of saying Hi... Would you like to be friends.... Got time for a neck scratching!? Perfect! I'll take 2! She sends out a big Salut to her family over seas....

(Left) Laid back Frankie (black/white) had just finished snackin'.... His folks will be thrilled to hear that he's back to his Iams beef.... go figure! This guy bores easily in the food department.... and would happily swap food for attention .... He's such a funny little toe licker.... Oooh, yuckie...

(Left) Zaria (white) goes home today after many weeks with me and her friends... It went so fast... I know she will be so happy to see her folks again. Eins (dark tabby) just left on Friday with his brother Chief. You can just catch a pic of Leftie (black) on the tractor seat... He and his brother Frankie, above, go home today too.

(Left) Another of my handsome friends that are returning home today. I take Schmellow (grey/white) and his shy brother Moe home today. They had a fun couple of weeks on their vacation. Schmellow climbed up on this blue chair after his afternoon nosh to watch BigBird2 sleep. A little dessert with that big guy? These boys will be interested to hear all about their parents' trip.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bobbi Looking for her Forever Home

Bobbi is an adorable little girl who we believe was about 2 years old in mid December of 2009 when she was rescued from the side of a country road along with her five kittens. She was an awesome mother to her kittens who have all been adopted. Bobbi is named for the little white socks on each of her paws. She is a bright, lively little girl who loves to be petted and cuddled and loves to play with her toys. Bobbi gets along well with other cats but is still a little shy with strangers.
Bobbi would like to find a loving forever home that will be understanding of her shyness and work with her to overcome it. She is spayed, vaccinated and litter trained. For more information about Bobbi and to see all the other lovelies that need a forever home, please visit the CRN website at or send an email to

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another weekend. More friends arriving...

(Left) My gorgeous girl Besha is visiting for her last time before she moves away from Ottawa. You never know, we may see her again in a few years time if her family gets posted back here one day. I'll hope for that. It has been a pleasure getting to know her over the past couple of years.

(Left) My handsome boy Balou (dark tabby/white) looks a bit like Percy, below. This big guy is a bit shy around strangers... He was being very cute sleeping inside of a hay bail earlier today... unfortunately, he didn't want his pic taken there... He looked so comfortable. I'm sure that I'll find him snoozin' there again in the coming week.

(Left) His dad made it quite clear that he expected Percy (dark tabby/white) to send email updates while he's on holiday at the B&B.... Well Dad... this pic was taken this afternoon, while I took the airplane out for a leisurely spin....It's such a wonderful feeling to be weightless as you fly through the air. Don't forget to wish Grandma a very Happy 80th Birthday from me & all of my feline friends.... Percy.

(Left) Miss Noodles (dark tabby) just went home yesterday. This adorable girl loved to play with BigBird2. She is such an easy little one to get along with. For her first visit, she did great. I didn't expect that she'd be much of a jumper.... but, I'd be busy doing something and turn around to find her on the counters, stairway wall, or up somewhere else at eye level.... She was quite curious....