Friday, April 30, 2010

Countdown to May....

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Tutti (dark tabby) arrived yesterday for her 2nd visit. She is settling in very nicely. To the back of the room, we have our handsome boy Affe. He's the brother of Picasso, below. Affe isn't really shy, but so far is content to watch and learn.... Tutti of course, remembers the whole place. There are some new features for her to explore since her last visit.

(Left) So many dark tabbies visiting this week. This adorable big boy just arrived this morning. Picasso & his brother Affe, above, are Pet B&B newbies.... It didn't take Picasso long to introduce himself to BigBird1. This is one friendly, social kitty. You would think that he's already a regular around here. He is more outgoing than his brother Affe, so far, but both boys are doing great.

(Left) Abby (grey, lower) and Tommy (grey/white, top) have had ample time to explore their whole new surroundings. These laid back kitties love attention and are big talkers.... Abby talks almost as much as my birds do today, since I installed their new bird toys inside of their houses... It's shaping up to be a fun weekend.... Still a few more to arrive today....

(Left) My adorable Tessie Wessie (dark tabby) just left minutes ago... We had lots of fun together.. Big, big changes for this girl & her folks in the coming month.... Exciting stuff Tess! New properties to explore, new friends to make..... Lucky girl! You'll have to tell us all about it when we see you next time.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dancing Mathilda.....

(Left) My adorable Trudy (black) is back in too. This little girl always makes me laugh. She can be shy around people but I always have fun with her. She's not so fond of men, especially when they are big and strong, with big voices.

(Left) The boys! Yes, Moe (black/white) and brother Gunther (dark tabby) were ever so kind to pose for a pic together. These chatty little characters are very much at home at the Pet B&B. I've known them for many years. Such photogenic kitties...

(Left) Abby (grey) and Skye (lilac point siamese) have been playing together for days... but, sometimes it bares just taking a break, and checking in with your friends once in a while... Our girl Abby is one chatty kitty.... and, watch out, when she gets that tail going.... it seems to speed up as her purr gets louder....

(Left) Little miss Mathilda (tortoise shell) is one of my senior guests this week... People are often concerned about how well their little old senior girls will do in the group, surrounded by all of those 'huge' and fit kitties.... Not to worry, moms & dads.... my little old girls usually end up 'ruling the roost'.... Mati is no exception.... She isn't so impressed by the youthfulness or size of some of her piers... I'm doing just fine! Thank you very much!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So much for the April showers.....

(Left) Our adorable girl Sophie (chocolate point siamese) loves the ferris wheel as much as her brother Skye does. You may have noticed that I haven't posted many pics of these two actually sitting! Yes, they are a busy duo... good thing that I have plenty of other playful guests in right now to keep them occupied.

(Left) Lily (dark tabby) is back in for another visit. So many dark tabbies vacationing at the moment... most of them are outdoor/indoor kitties. This little cutie just arrived this week and has already settled in. Once she's sorted, she is very friendly.

(Left) I know that you may suspect that Antone (dark tabby) tripped over the toy pile, on the floor.... Actually, he couldn't make up his mind what he wanted to play with most. He started with the green mouse, went to the white mouse and then had a twirl with the pipe cleaner. This handsome boy is scheduled to return home this week.

(Left) This big gorgeous curled up ball of fluff is named Besha. She's a Ragdoll. True to the breed, she is friendly, playful and loves everyone and all other cats.... and, she knows that she's adorable.... She's a lot of fun. Always good to see you again Besha.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are those Wedding Bells that I hear??

(Left) Here we have a couple of adorable grey siblings... Our handsome big boy Tommy (grey/white), on the front of the airplane & his gorgeous sister Abby (grey) are visiting the Pet B&B for the first time. These kids want to send out a big 'Congratulations' to their mom & dad today, on their Big Day! We aren't there with you... but we are! These two are social, playful and sooo cute.

(Left) There aren't very many kitties going home this week... but, we do have many more joining us, as the week progresses. The pirate boat was the place to be yesterday afternoon..... The handsome black & white to the right, is Spike... In the middle, is Tessie (dark tabby/white).. and there's Felix (dark tabby) again, staking his claim to the big pile of clean laundry... looks like I'll need to wash it again today.... I'll just be faster about making the beds this time.

(Left) You need a 'Sky Cam' to keep track of my little boy Skye (lilac Siamese).... Between him & his little sister Sophie, I'm sure that they've covered every square inch of B&B 'terrain'....especially the high bits! They must have little invisible knee & shoulder pads on... cause they explore with such ease & confidence... 'Hi' to the family!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ottawa Cats on a gorgeous sunny day!

(Left) So, after Diablo went home, the townhouse laundry was rewashed.... as the story goes, either the door bell rings or the phone... and, I come back to find a very cozy kitty curled up in it's soft warmth.... Stage left, in walks Felix (dark tabby). This handsome big boy has been B&Bing with his buddies for many years... He's a playful one...

(Left) Not only am I extremely handsome.... but, just look at all of my extra toes! Each toe.... cuteness x 2! This is Lucky (black/white)... It's his second visit. His mom is considering getting him a little brother or sister..... He's quite sure that he would not enjoy that..... OK Lucky. I'll pass it on!

(Left) Oh Suzie. You too cute!! Another of my little tree huggers.... Suzie Q. (tortoise shell) is rather young and playful. She, like her good girl friends Zaria & Tessie, is an excellent climber too... She'll be spending the next few weeks with us.

(Left) My little Coco Puff (dark tabby) and her sister Calypso just went home a short while ago. Little Puffie and Clipper had a great time 'swinging from the chandeliers....' Coco is a bit shy of new people but very friendly and social with the other kitties... Clipper just loves everyone...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Principessa Looking for her Forever Home

Principessa (Princess) is a delicate princess who knows what she wants! Tiny, shy Princess was covered in mud, mats and burrs when she was found. After being cleaned up by her loving foster Principessa's long-haired, bushy-tailed beauty was revealed. She has huge green eyes and is the gentlest, kindest soul who loves to cuddle. She is looking for someone who will cuddle her, sleep with her, and give her lots of attention. She loves to be held and petted at all times - and will roll around on her back asking for a belly rub. As soon as you see her, you will fall in love, as she melts into your arms and purrs away!
If you wish to adopt Principessa please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613) 820-7088 or via email,, or take a tour of the website at to see other sweet cats waiting for a forever home.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't you love spring time... with all of those catnip plants poppin' up

(Left) This little white & orange purr-machine is named Spartacat... or Sparti.... or Sparticus.... around here anyway... He will purr to any of the above names... I've known Sparti for many years and he hasn't changed a bit since I met him. He's still a handsome, friendly and loveable big boy...

(Left) Another of my longtime friends... Gunther (dark tabby) knows how to 'turn on the charm'... just like his brother Moe. Doesn't this handsome face just scream 'Schmooooze'.... These brothers love attention and neck scratches... They are big talkers...

(Left) Jane (dark tabby) came across Eugene's stash of catnip, inside of his carrier, where it was left, when we packed Jane up for her mom earlier this week. That was some potent catnip. She was covered in it and even managed to get it up her nose. I'm guessing that she had a much nicer return trip home that day. Lalala lala....Home we go...Lalala.....

(Left) I asked Eugene's (orange tabby) mom & dad if Eugene likes catnip... They said that he truly does... I told them that it's hard to tell, cause he's such a playful, goofy, mellow big boy all the time... This big buy doesn't need catnip to 'turn it on' for the camera... It's his natural state....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I thought a 'Bird Bath' was a Thing...not a spectator sport.

(Left) Well. Since the gangs all here....I may as well 'put on a show'.... Right BigBird2!? Everyone loves bath time.... just as much as BigBird does. We have a couple of black cats & a couple of Siamese... On the counter, at left, is Calypso, watching the action. On the floor, watching Sophie, is Eclipse (black). Climbing up that red scratching post is Sophie (chocolate point Siamese). Her big brother Skye (lilac Siamese), has moved in for the closest view. Eclipse has a blast playing with brother & sister Skye & Sophie. Good thing that they have another week+ together. The three should be properly exhausted by the time everyone returns home.

(Left) My boy Javert (white/dark tabby) just went home with his brother Spencer, below. Suzie (tortoise shell) is making time for each of her new friends. This little furry 'butterfly girl' is also having a great time with the playful trio above. We'll wait to see if mom gets her flight out today, finally.....

(Left) Yes, it's Eclipse (black) again. This time, he's helping Peppy (black/white), help BigBird2 with his morning bath. It's looking a bit like they're getting a bath too.... Our feathered friend loves to 'dry off''.... all over the spectators.... Who said birds don't have a sense of humour!

(Left) Hi Spencer.... This handsome orange tabby is often found in the kitchen cupboards snoozing... When mom & dad came for the boys this week... he made a quick dash to the back room & squeezed himself into one of the tree houses... when we opened the shutter, we found him sandwiched in there with Skye & Coco.... Coco didn't mind, but I don't think that Skye was expecting company so fast like that... He decided to exit via one of the treehouse windows and perched himself on the carpeted tree branch...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All shy kitties welcome!

(Left) Our handsome big boy Menou (white/dark tabby) loves to watch BigBird from atop the tall red phone booth. He can be a bit shy around people but he loves birds! This is one of his favorite hang outs.... He sends a big Salut! to his folks in the sunny south....

(Left) Two more of my handsome friends..... Eugene (orange tabby) and Spike (black/white) met for the first time this week. These two boys are playful, friendly and well socialized with other cats... They seem to have a common interest in flying airplanes...

(Left) There's an adorable little girl for you.... Coco... or Coco Puff, as I call her... can look shy until you approach her and start to talk to her.... then, she turns into a head-butt-er extrordinare... Just you try to leave after she starts with that!

(Left) Another of my shy gorgeous girls... Katie (white) is tricky to see in such a white cupboard.... she's adorable and gentle.... You need to be quiet and still, if you want to see her 'out & about'.... She's not real big on a lot of commotion.... She's only visiting for a few days this time. Always great to see you Katie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20! Already!

(Left) Dimitri (orange tabby) was just finishing up his breaky and cleaning the whiskers.... before settling into his favorite comfy cozy pillow.... We aren't sure how long he'll be with us this stay... Some of it may depend on that now famous dust cloud.... He always does great when he's in. He likes to stick to his daily routines.... and favorite spaces. He prefers drinking from the tap over drinking from a bowl.

(Left) We'll see how that volcano acts, later this week. I guess there is a chance that our adorable little Peppy (black/white) may be staying a few days longer. No need to worry mom... We'll just add another fishy to the pot, if it comes to that! This little cutie is doing great. I snapped her up having a snooze inside of the rocket.

(Left) Suzie (tortoise shell, top) and Eclipse (black, lower) are good playmates... They are often seen together in the plane, teasing and being goofy with each other. I'm guessing that Suzie's mom must have gotten her flight over seas... Eclipse is sure happy that she's staying a while.

(Left) Is this classic MoeMoe (black/white)... or what?! This little boy loves the camera... and my ferris wheel. He and Gunther are doing great as usual... The boys are having a nice long visit with us this time. I like having my camera handy when Moe gets into his crazy moods... You never know what he'll do next.... He aims to surprise!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dust cloud or not... the fun goes on!

(Left) This adorable little girl is named Calypso (black). She looks like & is just as playful, as another of my current black kitties, Eclipse. Calypso has the white tufts of fur in her ears though. They both love hanging out in the airplane too. Calypso is visiting us again with her sister Coco. Both girls are doing great.

(Left) These two adorable Siamese kitties, Skye (lilac point, right) and his new little sister Sophie (chocolate point, left) are 'getting into the groove' now.. They were both a bit shy over the weekend. Skye has visited on a couple of previous occasions. It's our first time to meet Sophie though. I snapped them up this morning, after most of the other cats had already settled for their morning naps. I expect that they will get more adventurous as each day progresses. These are cuddly people kitties...

(Left) Parker (white/orange) and his new buddy Suzie (tortoise shell, right) love being up high on the stair structure. I took this picture this morning. As I type, Parker has sunk himself into my big yellow pillow, as he likes to do for snoozin... Suzie loves to play with the other cats and makes her way around the rooms, all day long. She is currently on the top of the airplane, doing a big 'clean up'. They are a couple of cuties.

(Left) Just call 'Javert'! (white/dark tabby) ... and he'll answer you, with his very distinct voice.... works almost every time.... Javert and his brother Spencer are visiting once again. This handsome little guy is as playful and goofy as ever. The boys wish their dad Good Luck today in the marathon.... 'Don't break a leg Dad!'

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leroy Looking for his Forever Home

Leroy is a beautiful orange tabby born around November 2008. He is a friendly, loving cat that is very grateful to be indoors. He has been vaccinated and neutered and gets along with other cats and people. He would make a wonderful companion for any family. Give this lovely little boy a loving home.
If you wish to adopt Leroy please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613) 820-7088 or via email,, or take a tour of the website at to see other sweet cats waiting for a forever home.

Friday, April 16, 2010

So many friends arriving today.... Yah for Fridays!

(Left) This picture of Carabelle (dark tabby) is worth clicking on to enlarge. I was getting ready to leave at lunchtime yesterday. I went into the group area to turn off the lights, and found my little cutie sitting like this. Luckily, I had the camera downstairs.. She sat there a good while, letting me take a few pictures. Her eyes were big and inquisitive, as she watched me giggling away... still, she didn't budge.... was pretty funny! I wonder if she sits like this at home sometimes... watching TV beside dad perhaps!

(Left) My adorable girl Portia (grey) had a very brief visit this time... Those darn erupting under the glacier volcanoes again... What ya gonna do!? Oh Well. We look forward to seeing you again in the summer Portia..

(Left) This little old girl is named Mathilda (dark tabby). She visited on another occasion. She sure loves her height. This little miss loves her neck scratches too. She is what I would call a 'visual' communicator. She very easily pics up on your thoughts when sent to her as a picture. I discovered that, her first visit.

(Left) Tessie Wessie (dark tabby)... I told you earlier this week that I have a lot of dark tabbies in.... Tess is a regular visitor. She has the softest, most luxurious coat... and big perky eyes.... don't forget the little black dot on the nose. She's adorable but apparently doesn't like the sounds of big trucks outside. There was a delivery truck that made a stop at my next door neighbours office. She had been sitting very comfortably in the window, until he arrived. That's what she's got her eyes fixed on, from the back of the room.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What are beautiful mornings for.....

(Left) Leanna (dark tabby) was sitting comfortably atop the bus, watching the 'morning show'... This little cutie has already come to the conclusion that BigBird1 is never going to come out & play. She still gets a chuckle out of watching him take his baths though. Little cutie!

(Left) Now, we certainly don't want the kitties learning their grooming techniques from BigBird1. I already have a few cats that insist on drinking water from their paw.... but, this would be soooo messy! BigBird loves to splash around in his fresh cold water and, like a puppy, likes to shake all of the excess off, all over his walls..... Well, it works for him...

(Left) On Kenji's (chocolate point siamese) last visit, I snapped him enjoying the morning sunshine, while all stretched out on the ferris wheel.... This boy knows how to 'look' and 'be' relaxed... Just call him mr. zen.... He's one laid back little boy... true to his heritage...
His brother Monk is quite the contrary.. He's mr. get up and go... They say opposites attract. The certainly do get on well together.

(Left) Mr. D. (grey abysinnian). You look real comfortable sitting atop your carpeted tree perch. I'm thinking, that if you let Diablo outside, he'd climb up into a tree and spend his day mousing, with the attention and speed of an owl. I don't think that 'mousing' would be simply a sport for him... He would probably catch enough to supply the whole neighbourhood... 'I'll give you 4 of my mice, if you bring me another one of those pink fuzzy wand cat toys, to take home with me.'