Tuesday, December 14, 2010

As the kitties eyeball the tree ornaments...

(Left) There's my gorgeous big MinMin (grey/white tabby). Mindy is a big, big girl and she's as gentle as her size. This shy girl pops in once in a while. I have 3 or 4 big grey & white shy kitties that visit. You will usually find them in the same cherished hiding spots... Mindy will be staying on for a while longer. She's doing great.

(Left) Gingko Maria (black)... I caught you!! Gingko had climbed down from inside of the townhouse after I had finished filling all of the morning water bowls... She doesn't normally like being caught, out and about... if she's curled up relaxing somewhere, that's not so bad... but, to be caught out, on foot like this... well, that's a different story. I had one click of the shutter, and she was right back up her carpeted tree.... She's agile, sleek, and very fast... did I mention 'adorable'? Yes, she's that too!

(Left) My handsome little ChouieChouChou (orange/white tabby)... he also goes by his name, Choufleur.... This chatty little Mister just went home yesterday... He'll be back, along with so many of his old friends, later this week... Yes, yes...Silly Season has begun at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Our big cutie Bella (dark tabby) just went home too... She had fun exploring all of the new play structures and hang outs, on the 2nd floor... She's not a big climber, but found plenty of new comfy cozy places for snoozin'... We look forward to seeing her again in the New Year.

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