Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Christmas Season starts this week at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Little miss Alley (dark tabby) can be spotted sleeping on the corner bunk beds sometimes. Lately I've seen her sleeping on top of the loft, on a cat bed beside one that her sister Naomi is on. These 2 girls will be getting excited at the prospect of seeing their mom again for a visit.

(Left) Little boy Merlin (black/white) would get into determined moods, where he just figured that Polly (muted tortoise shell) should be ready and willing to play cat & mouse with him... (guess who the mouse would be?!)

(Left) My gorgeous girl Bella (dark tabby) was snapped this morning after finishing her breakfast... she does love her wet food... This gentle, sweet girl loves her neck scratches and lots of attention. She's doing great and sends out a big Hello to her folks in the sunny south...

(Left) Oh Caramelle (calico)... I hear that it's never a good idea to fly an airplane when you're lying upside down... This little cutie just went home and is due back in later this week. She's a hamm and a half!

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