Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The daily 'goings on' at the Pet B&B

(Left) Adorable girl Alley (dark tabby, left top) and handsome boy Scamp (dark tabby, left lower) were all eyes... on our dear BigBird2. Our little charmer Eclipse (black) had his pals in his sights... There's always so much to see and do around here. No room for boredom... That's for sure!

(Left) This gentle little shy girl is Angel, sister of Wilson, from yesterday. She's very sweet and likes to play 'invisible' when there are new people around. She and her brother had their first visit upstairs, while I was busy making messes on the first floor. Next week, I'll switch it up again and let everyone hang out on the first floor for a change.

(Left) Gizmo (grey/white tabby) is a sun worshipper like his brother Simba. Gizmo looked too cute all settled onto this ferris wheel... So, I managed to grab the camera and get a closer view of him....

(Left) Well, I guess Naomi (dark tabby) wanted to send another postcard to her mom too... She came out of no where and decided to take a run at the lower spoke and attach herself to it. She managed to hang on for a good while... good thing they are carpeted... She was very cute...

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