Monday, December 13, 2010

The count down is on.....

(Left) It's a bit hard to tell from his schmoozie pose, but Mijanou (orange tabby) is being all coy and playful... he's not actually hiding... although he does love to 'disappear' up here, on top of the phone booths, when new people are about. He is visiting again with his brother Fauve, below and sister Sheba. It's always great to see them again.

(Left) There's the boy! Little Fauve (fawn/white Munchkin) loves height, like his siblings... and he's often seen sprawled out, lying on one of the carpeted wall ramps... If you temp him over though, he will surely indulge you... and looks forward to his neck scratches whenever on offer.

(Left) This gorgeous girl is Sasha (grey/white). She's visiting for the first time. Boy, this is one laid back kitty. She's very gentle and friendly. She sends out a big Hello to her folks in the sunny south... 'I'm doing just great!'

(Left) As schmoozes go, Parker (white/orange) is right up there... This is yet again, one of his typical poses.... He just went home this afternoon. I know that he'll be soaking up all of the extra attention from having more people in the house over the holidays... more people=more hands to scratch my belly!

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