Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow! YES!

(Left) Gorgeous big girl Polly (muted tortiose shell) has got pretty good balance to perch herself like this, on one post... She and her brother Scamp went home today. I didn't realize how long they'd been with us... time sure did fly over the past few weeks. We all look forward to seeing these 2 schmoozies again...

(Left) There goes Mally with her big 'doe eyes' again... It may look like she was giving the tree house branch a nice big hug, but actually she was holding onto it with all of her might and giving it a good few kicks with her back feet.... I don't know what this branch did to her but she sure enjoyed giving it a piece of ... her foot.... You too cute Mally!

(Left) Another of my charming guests... Syam (siamese) will be returning home tomorrow... This boy is on the go, most of the day. He loves a lot of attention... and the rest of the time, he loves to see what everyone else is up to... He's also been visiting a good while.

(Left) Yes, it's our little adorable Mallykins (dark tabby) again... This pic is for young Kadi... I know that Mally is thinking about her family and is excited to see them again soon. And if there was any question as to 'How Mally hangs onto that tree branch, above... check out the daggers on this little Miss... Nothing like a big stretch when you're flying in the airplane... they say it's good for circulation you know!

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