Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

(Left) There's our big girl Sheba (grey/white tabby). She and her 2 brothers are scheduled to return home this week. They usually come in for a pre-Christmas holiday and get back home again, in time for Santa Claus.... That's not to say of course, that Santa doesn't arrive at the Pet B&B each year... cause he certainly does! There will be a big bowl of cream and Meow Mix waiting for him!

(Left) There's another of my adorable girls, Alley (dark tabby)... now that I look down the page, I see that everyone is a gorgeous girl today, sorry boys, we'll see some of you tomorrow perhaps ... Well, some days are just like that.... Alley and her sister Naomi, below, are always busy entertaining themselves... They will have a whole lot of company to mingle with, in the coming days & weeks.

(Left) This cutie is Peppy (black/white)..She can be hard to get a good pic of, especially when she's in play mode, like she was here. There's always a whole lotta head butting and twirling going on.... She's enjoying all of the activities and her new play friends... She also is expected to return home in time for Santa....

(Left) Naomi, Naomi (dark tabby)... How is BigBird1 today? ... You've been spending quite a bit of time with him lately... I'm guessing that you're the one to ask.. This big girl often surprises me by where I find her these days... She keeps discovering new things and heights to explore. She's an adventurous little Miss...

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