Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Each and every one... so unique!

(Left) Raja (orange/white) is looking very comfortable... He has now decided that it's much more fun to fly the spaceship, rather than just ride along on the inside, while his sister Millie flies it....

(Left) Silver (grey/white) just went home. It was his first visit with us. He did great. This is one chatty little boy, and very affectionate.

(Left) Sushi (lynx point Siamese) is a very handsome big boy. He's been in a few times so far. We don't get very many Lynx Points in. He has amazing markings and the bluest blue eyes...

(Left) Besha or Bella (Ragdoll)... She goes by either name... was with us last week... and, we're going to see her again in the coming months... This is a little schmooze meister... She has, 'getting affection', down to a science... Very gentle girl!

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