Saturday, May 23, 2009

No shortage of things to do while at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Erin's little boy Winston (black) popped back in with his sister for the afternoon this week... Here, he and Gizmo (grey/white) are focused, looking out the window, at the building facing the Pet B&B... As it happens, one of our neighbours, has started bringing her small white kitten to her office every day.. the little kitten loves to sit up in their sunny windows... directly in front of us... She'll have to stop in sometime and meet some of her neighbours!

(Left) Yes, It's Jack Henry again (orange tabby medium hair)... He's sharing the loft with our handsome boy Simba (orange/white).... They Do look comfy.... Orange tabbies are comfy any and everywhere though! No stress her....

(Left) When Zena (grey tabby) was here earlier this week... Erin entered one of the indoor rooms to find our little old girl up in one of the tree houses... She kinda looked like she was waiting on a 'fireman' to come along.... She was pretty pleased with herself for having gotten up there, but, wasn't so sure that she wanted to attempt the descent! 'Firewoman' Erin to the rescue....

(Left) Chief (dark tabby) gave us a half-hearted 'Who's there?!'.... I was trying to be so quiet when I snuck up on him sleeping inside of his favorite townhouse.... the one with the Selenite stone of course... He kinda looked up, held his pose, then curled right back down again.... zzzzzzzz..... That pose would be very good for the abs and waist!

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  1. Maybe I should get Zena a treehouse at home. She's been doing a lot of climbing and jumping lately!