Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On a sunny afternoon....

(Left) Here's a better picture of Oscar (black)... in one of his very typical poses.... You've heard of Spider Man... meet Spider Cat! Who else do you know that can scale an 8 foot birdhouse in seconds flat.. then, hang over the side upside down, without hanging on?!

(Left) Chelsea (dark tabby/white) got more and more adventurous as the week went by... Here, she's discovered that the ferris wheel provides a much clearer view of BigBird2... 'All those other cats were right!...'

(Left) Charlie Chaplin (black/white)... I see you! I had to climb a ladder to find you... but I see you now! This little boy loves all things height!

(Left) 'Whew... How long was I out for? I need a real good stretch... Gotta get that circulation going again... Think I'll do some low cardio climbing in the 'carpeted tree forest'.... before lunch... said Coco (dark tabby)...

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