Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How much for the kitty in the fishtank?!

I just want to send a short note to the people that are waiting on me to talk to their animals... I haven't forgotten about you. I have just been very busy with building our new website and catching up on a few repairs, as well as building more playstructures for the cats at the Pet B&B... As you can appreciate, animal communication is a subtle language, that requires a very quiet mind in order to make a really strong connection with the animals... With my mind so focused on getting this big stuff out of the way ASAP, my mind has been way too busy to connect with the animals, in a way that I am satisfied with. I will gladly get to all of your queries, once I get the heavy mind 'lifting' out of the way.... Again, sorry for the delays.

(Left) Well, actually, the kitty behind the fishtank! That's our girl Tal (dark tabby).... She was very funny... If the fish swam over very close to her face, she'd squint, as if they would jump out and touch her... She did the 'rounds' of the fish tank... watching from all sides, standing on the little cat chairs in front and, from the top of the tank, looking down at the fishies... Nope.. no fish for dinner that night!

(Left) Fluffy (grey/white) and his younger brother Charlie (black/white) came back in for a visit. They'll be moving to the East Coast shortly... but, I have a feeling we'll see them again one day... They were both in a short while ago... That time, was Charlie's first stay at the Pet B&B... He's an old pro at this now... This picture was taken on the day that they arrived... no shyness here....

(Left) Our gorgeous little girl Noella (black/white) is visiting for the first time... The family was a bit concerned that she wouldn't settle in very quickly... This is one social kitty! She loves attention... but, that's a typical black & white for you!

(Left) We caught Bella (grey/white) snacking on some kibbles ... She is the sister of Dasha.... Bella, when she's in, is usually found, way up high, on top of the phone booths... That is as high as they can go at the B&B.... Bella takes advantage of every inch.. Each additional inch, improves your view, that much more....She should know!

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