Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots of familiar faces...

(Left) No. That's not a gorgeous black porcelain statue of a cat.... that's a real life, furry Miloshka! It would be hard to tell the difference from a picture though... He is so slender & sleek... and schmoozie!

(Left) A big thanks are in order.... to the one and only.... Gunther (dark tabby) !!
Thank you for helping me finish work on my taxes yesterday Gunnie.... I may have been late filing if you hadn't stopped in to straighten out my paperwork at the last minute like that!

(Left) Hi Chloe (grey tabby) ! This is one cute kitty... and adaptable.... She was completely laid back and comfortable, just like this, her first 5 minutes at the Pet B&B.... many years ago...Always great to have her in...

(Left) Another of our gorgeous kitties.. this is Trudy (black), or Madam... as her mom oft refers to her.... She can be a touch shy with new people... but, she's been particulary friendly and outgoing this visit... I always love to see the shy ones settle in so well...

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  1. I love looking at the pictures of all of the cats, they look so contented. What a wonderful place you have melanie.