Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Charm, Charmer, Charming...Yep, That describes these guys!

(Left) Midnight (black) is a gorgeous big girl. She's visiting with her 2 sisters. These 3 girls love their food even more than I do. They eat with such gusto.... and they are schmooooozie...! Very affectionate kitties. It's always a pleasure to arrive in the morning to their bright eyes... The 3 girls send out a big Hiya to their family.... We are doing just great!

(Left) Kaju (grey) is a handsome, photogenic big boy. This guy could almost be mistaken for a plush Gund doll.... He never misses an opportunity to try to climb up onto your shoulder or back. He's a charmer and is really enjoying the outdoor life, these days. He also sends out a big Hello to his family.... 'Great to see lots of my old friends again'.

(Left) Here's one of my young crazy visitors... Skye (Siamese) is no stranger to the camera. He used to be quite the shy little guy, around here.... but, that was many visits ago.... Now, I stand beside him and he tries to make me laugh, when I have the camera in hand.... He also hopes to make his family laugh.... I'm sure that they are very familiar with this pose....

(Left) Kenya (calico) is a Newbie at the Pet B&B. She's an adorable big, friendly girl. She seems to prefer height, for her relaxing and sleeping times of day. She's gentle and sweet. She likes the back bunk beds and the high bridges. Sometimes I find her sitting in the sun filled windows. Btw... love the name!

(Left) Percy (dark tabby/white, right) is never that far from the ladies..... especially the playful, athletic ones. Sophie (chocolate Siamese) and Lola (dark tabby) love to sleep on that stair structure.... Percy doesn't normally hang out on top of the fishtank, like this.... He loves the airplane and spaceship..... Change is good, I always say!

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