Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enough with the rain already... these kids want sunshine!

(Left) Mommy Snowy (white) and her daughter Ople, returned this week. These gorgeous girls will be staying with us until they leave, for their brand new home.... From the way their mom described it, they are gonna love it...

(Left) MenouMenou (calico)... What ya doing up there in the space ship big girl...? This little beauty usually hangs out in her lower kitchen cabinets. She will be staying through the weekend with us. Always good to see you again Menou.

(Left) A few of our your playfuls....Skye (siamese) just jumped down from the loft where Felix (black) is. That's our girl Sandy (dark tabby), watching the boys, from the ferris wheel. Felix is scheduled to return home this week sometime. The other 2 cuties will be with us a while yet. Everyone is having fun getting to know each other.

(Left) Oh Hi Pillule! (black) My handsome friend here, was on tour, through the townhouses... We had a chance to chat earlier this week. He has some pretty strong view points...and showed me a new trick... Cool! Thanks Pillule!

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Cleo (siamese). This little one can look rather shy sometimes but when it comes to neck scratches, that changes real fast! She's adorable, affectionate, and is getting more adventurous by the day. This is Carl's older sister.

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