Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday's Action, for your viewing pleasure.

(Left) KuzieWoozie (dark tabby) has returned to the Pet B&B for another visit, and to his favorite hand sink..... Kuzia loves to curl up in here.... it's nice and cool to snooze in... that makes it better than a basket even! This handsome big boy is doing great and sends out a big Hi to his folks out west...

(Left) DjangoBean (orange tabby) has many signature facial expressions.... This is his wide-eyed, head butting look, when he's being goofy, coy and looking for neck scratches... Django has been with us a while now and is scheduled to return home next week. He's such a schmoozie boy. You see him sitting upright, like this, about as often as you see him with his toes in the air....

(Left) Bootsie (orange tabby) just arrived yesterday for another holiday. He's a social, friendly boy. So far, he hasn't really staked out any favorite spaces... you never know where you'll find him curled up... He's a charmer.

(Left) Molly demonstrates balance, style and cuteness, in equal measure. This adorable dark tabby/white is right into play mode with her buddies. Good thing for her that Kaju, Percy, Skye and Sophie are arriving today.... It'll be another action packed weekend, and week. She's so easy to please.... Let's play. OK!

(Left) A couple of our young athletes..... Percy (dark tabby/white) arrived this morning again. Being a true outdoor kitty, he zeroed in quickly, on the windows... Lucky (black/white) was doing his 'I'm too cute look' for the camera, when both boys heard some interesting noises outside.

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