Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The heat goes on.... And the heat goes on...

(Left) Alice (black) and her sister Clara left earlier this week. This is how Alice's mom found her when she arrived to take them home. She was even cuter than this though. Alice's head was mostly behind the 'tiger's head' (which had since slid off of the haybails) and we could just see the top of her head peering out, hiding, with one eye watching us. It's fun to get a picture of her, when she's not inside of one of the phone booths....

(Left) This adorable little girl just left earlier this week too. CocoPuff (dark tabby) and her sister Calypso always have fun with their buddies when they stay with us. Coco was being the 'Cat Trains' Conductor.... that, or she was being a back seat driver.... This girl is so much fun.

(Left) Choufleur (orange/white tabby) arrived last week. He's been B&Bing with us for years. My chatty little friend loves height. Chouie is usually found either in the airplane or on top of the big carpeted rainbow. Always good to see you again ChouChou..

(Left) This handsome Gizmo (dark tabby) boy is a typical relaxed, playful, social dark tabby. He is scheduled to return home this week. He's gotten quite the workout since he arrived. He'll have some brand new muscles to show off to his folks... This is one busy, active boy. He is having a ball with Rosaline, Merlin, Shanti, Pheobe & Neil, just to name a few.

(Left) My adorable girl Paris (dark tabby) just left with her sister Mocha, this week. 'Give me 5 Paris!' She loves her big comfy cozy pillows... She and Bean jockied for this prime location. One would sit beside the pillow, if the other cat had already beaten them to it. When the pillow 'winner' would get up for a nosh, the other cat would usually angle in, and take it for themselves... I tell you. Never a dull moment around here!

(Left) Siblings Pheobe (grey/white, stairs) and Neil (orange tabby) are playful enough... but then, add in a little black & white Merlin, and you have the beginnings of a 3 ring circus.... They were especially roudy this morning. From the first floor, they really did sound like a herd of furry elephants up there.... Just another normal morning... Bring it on!

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