Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No. Not Hammie Hampsters....

(Left) 'You guys pay attention to where we're going and stay in step..... I'm just gonna check out what's going on outside for a sec.....'. Sandy (dark tabby) loves to be unique. That conformity stuff is soooo over rated! This gorgeous big girl is having a great time re-exploring all of her old play structures. You never know where you are going to find her next.

(Left) Chiefiekins (dark tabby) had BooBoo the bunny to watch this past weekend. Chief is much happier, now that we managed to get the matts off of his back.... It took some sweet talking on my part, but they're finally gone.... I think I get away with a lot more than his dad can sometimes.... He did have lots to say about it mind.... We're good again!

(Left) Felix (dark tabby) loves to greet everyone that stops by... especially the little people. He was so preoccupied by me and the camera.... he didn't notice that Noel (grey) almost used him as a 'landing pad', when she jumped down onto the bus from the blue bridge above. She landed, and kept going, right to the front of the bus, where she lay down and tried to 'out-hamm' Felix..... No turkeys in the bunch... but hamms, everywhere!

(Left) Speaking of..... There's our handsome boy Julius (dark tabby). Jules can keep up with Felix & Noel, no problem. He's sweet, calm and social..... and yes, a Hamm in his own right. He visited not that long ago. Great to have him back.

(Left) Fred (fawn/white tabby) and his sister Niko have just moved back to Ottawa after a couple of years in Colorado. They had a big journey last week in the car and settled in right away. This is their first visit to the B&B. They are both friendly, people kitties. They are doing fine with the other cats too. That's our adorable girl Jade (white) hanging out in the hay bail above. She's usually in one of her favorite Kitty Cabs or the Airplane. It was a busy day when I took this pic. Most of her favorite spots were already occupied. Many of her buddies went home today & yesterday but she has now moved up to the tiger rug, on top of the wagon. Change is Good!

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