Friday, August 13, 2010

Should be another action packed weekend at the B&B!

(Left) This handsome dark tabby is Tobie. He has visited us before and remembered BigBird1. He just went home yesterday. He had a great time with his pals.... Such a charmer. Tobias, Maggie and Tofi are missing him already. Very playful big boy.

(Left) There's my little cutie Mathilda (dark tabby). Cats are not her favorite friends but when she likes her human friends.... you're in! She's very affectionate and loves face-time.... She's also a chatty little Miss. She's got a big, gentle heart.

(Left) Pheobe (dark tabby/white) will have some explaining to do to her mom now that she's returned home with her brother Simon. Sounds like this perfectly adorable face can be a little less than innocent sometimes, at home. I always have fun with this big kitty. She's a complicated girl.

(Left) Another adorable dark tabby. Augustine has decided that the Tiger Rug is even more comfortable than her treasured airplane. She gave me a bit of a scare earlier this week. I think that it was Tuesday morning. I looked for 45 minutes to try and find her. I've been doing this almost 10 years... I was sure that I knew all of the cats' hiding spots here. When I returned after lunchtime, this is where I found her snoozin. I still don't know where she was. I hope that she doesn't decide to do that again when her folks return for her.

(Left) Here's a handsome Newbie for you. Rudy (fawn/white tabby) is on the shy side with strangers... but, if you are a cat, No Problem. Have a seat right beside me! He's sweet and gentle. He doesn't hide but is cautious to approach people. He's doing great just the same.

(Left) Our gorgeous black & white Peppy just left earlier this week. She was being especially goofy, just before her mom showed up for her. I liked this pic the best.... Mmmm, ladybugs... She may be getting a new little sibling in the near future. I think that would be a great thing for this playful, slightly shy little girl.

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