Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday August 6th .... The party's gonna be at the B&B this weekend.....again..

(Left) This handsome little tyke is named Merlin (black/white). He was a bit shy with the other young crazy kitties his first couple of days in. He was happy to just watch them playing... that was then... this is now! Merlin now has fun chasing his buddies around. So many more youngsters just arrived today. He will have a very busy weekend!

(Left) This handsome older boy is named Max (grey/white). His family warned repeatedly that Max is not a 'cat person'.... I guess he's gotten into his fair share of scraps at home. He's doing just fine. As I expected, he's mostly laying low and hanging out in the pirate boat. He does like his neck scratches.... just, not by other cats....

(Left) This little black & white charmer is Peppy. She was in a few months ago and has returned for her 2nd visit. I mostly like to call her Peppers.... her mom has admitted that since returning from her last trip to Italy, she's taken to calling her Pepperoni.... I think she likes Peppers better..... She's a cutie..

(Left) So many adorable kitties... Augustine (dark tabby) has returned for a summer holiday.. She's doing just great and spends a lot of her time in the airplane, in front of the window. She's quiet and reserved but still likes lots of human attention, when it's on offer. She doesn't usually come looking for it though.

(Left) Bella (dark tabby/white) is in for her 2nd visit. She has taken up residence in one of the train cars, right beside BigBird2's house. When she's not snoozin', you'll often find her visiting him. She's gentle and calm.. She's having fun watching all of her feline friends being goofy.... She loves her neck scratches..

(Left) Yet another adorable dark tabby... Little girl Twyla has been visiting for years... She can be a little tiger when she first arrives and then turns into this little Zen kitty.... before long. The ferris wheel is one of her favorite sleeping spots.. She's being her usual adorable self.... The eyes say it all....

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