Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain! I want snow! Where's my snow?!

(Left) So many black cats and black & whites... well yes, and orange too! That's baby Merlin (black/white, front) setting up to tackle his pal Polly... complete with the back end and tail twitching side to side.. and, blast off.... Our little old cutie Bandit (black/white, back) was in again for another visit this past week. She takes up residence in the lower kitchen cabinets most days and pops out for a nibble, from time to time...

(Left) Eclipse! (black/front) and his new friend Wilson (black/back) both went home last week. We'll see Eclipse again over the holidays... all of his best friends will be staying with us... It promises to be an around the clock party... Wilson and his sister Angel will pop in again in the New Year... I have no doubt. Wilson is Mr. Toes.... you have gotta see the extra digits on this big lad...

(Left) Felix (black) just went home yesterday and will be back at the start of 2011... always great to see this big shy boy... I was telling his mom that he's not at all shy around other cats... only strangers. He's a real gentle soul.

(Left) Who do we have here!? Well, for starters, that's Bootsie (orange tabby) up on the loft... His buddy Scamp (dark tabby) is keeping BigBird2's house extra warm... Thank you Scamp! and that's Scamp's sister Polly (muted tortoise shell), watching the fish tank, to the back of the wall. Bootsie is scheduled to return home this week. Scamp and Polly are probably staying on through the weekend... Everyone's welcome. Stay as long as you like!

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