Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can't wait to meet you Baffi

Q. A lady sent me a picture of her cat Baffi. He is booked to come in to the Pet B&B. She's been explaining my kennel environment to him and telling him what fun he will have with us and the other cats. She asked me to find out from him if he understood her and to make sure that he knew that it was a temporary arrangement only and that they would be coming back to get him.

A. I spoke with Baffi earlier this morning. I asked him to tell me what his mother had told him about my place. He said, ' like home but funner, play things, climb things, you'll love it, so much fun, so much to do, you'll make loads of friends... you'll see, we'll come back to get you in no time at all'.

I asked him what he thought of my kennel. He said, ' it'll be fine, mom said so. I'm not worried or scared. Mom said it'll be fine. I'll be safe and happy there with you.'

I asked him to tell me about his personality. He described himself as ' smart, intellectual, leading edge thoughts, kind, gentle, hard to get stuck'. I told him that I didn't understand that last one... He said 'I'm never stuck. How? I asked. ' I never get into situations that I can't get out of.'

When I inquired about the 'leading edge thought' descriptive... he referred to such topics as the heart... what it does... heart energy... it lowers cholesterol... it regulates it... manipulates it... turns it into love energy...

Well Baffi, sounds like we should go for a coffee or chai... I'm sure you have a ton of insights that would catch my curiosity ...

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