Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sun shiny morning..

(Left) Our little old girl Tanucki pops her head out of the 'pirate boat' to see if more of that wet food is coming up from the galley!!
She wants to eat again before the boat docks for the afternoon..

(Left) Smokey (top of plane- grey) has taken the top spot in the air... 'you can see for miles from up here!'... while Manon (white with dark tabby patches) soaks up some rays from the stairs... She's a bit hard to see in the light stream... Can you find the 3rd kitty?? Little 18 year old Louisa sits atop the orange cat train car.. scratching her little chin on the conductor's cap... ' I'm sure he won't mind a bit of extra furr...'

(Left) Little miss Soleil sits in the ...well.. soleil... She's an active little one... doesn't sit still for too long at a go...

(Left) Just when I thought I'd seen it all... Can you say 'balance'?! Lily teeters on the thin arm of the wicker chair while resting her front toes on the trim of Big Bird 1's house... As you can see... he's terrified of kitties!

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