Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to rest and recover from the turkey hangover...

(Right) Black & white Esmerelda gets goofy on the ferris wheel.... She's a few years old now but still a kitten at heart...

(Below Far Right) 'Mommy Snowy', as I refer to her... is hanging out with the verrrry calm resident pup at the Pet B&B... I call her Mommy because she always comes in with her daughter Ople.... both of them are gorgeous big white girls..

(Below) Virgule (long haired orange) hangs out with Tucker (long haired dark tabby) while Roots focuses intently on BigBird 2.... 'come here little birdie... come here..... I just want to talk to you!'

(Below) Peanut (grey/white tabby) gives us a big stretch from inside of one of our 'townhouses'.... I call him Peanut Pie.... big gentle cutie!

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