Thursday, January 29, 2009

Familiar faces... familiar spaces...

(Left) Big Boy Toto relaxes in his favorite spot while Gingko (black) in the background relaxes in one of hers....

(Below) As you can see, this top bunk is a favorite spot with many cats... Here Suzie Q (tortoise shell) shares the space with Soleil...(calico)

(Left) Thor (orange tabby) came back in today.. He is one of the many diabetic cats that we get in... Just like us humans, he gets insulin shots twice a day... Most animals that require medication are housed in one of our individual rooms so that we can best monitor their eating, drinking, etc.

(Left) Spencer (dark tabby) has been coming in almost since I opened over 7 years ago. He has developed a thyroid condition in the last year and takes medication for that. He's a gorgeous little guy..

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