Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friendship and romance abound

(2nd pic Below) Tess on the left keeps an eye on me while her little buddy Caruso admires her.. she doesn't seem to notice... or, is she just playing hard-to-get?!

(Right) Our little old girl Mozart has a staring contest with me.... She's in with her 2 sisters Chopin & Chablis.... Wow, looks like these guys had some fun with my castle these last couple of weeks.... time to get the tools back out... repairs are in order it seems.. That is a sure sign that they were having a good time!

(Left) Who's the kitty in the .... fishtank?! Oh, good! Behind the fishtank!! Whew... Little Sweetie can't seem to figure out how they can just suspend themselves in the air like that.... We all know he's tried..... but, still hasn't mastered that.... He can get up in the air... he just can't stay there... not like these guys anyway.... verrry interesting!!

(Right) In one of our individual rooms we have (on the left) Neils and (right) Olaf... both adorable little guys.... Neils is a diabetic so we keep him out of the group environments so that we can better monitor his eating and drinking habits.... Olaf hangs out with his brother to keep him company...

(Left) Closest to the front is Axel all stretched out, showing off his impressive maine... behind him is Chopin (little sister of Mozart from the castle picture) and behind her, on the left, is our little gorgeous Rhubarb, as always, sharing a pillow with her best boyfriend, big orange Oliver....they make such a cute couple..

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  1. This blog is a fantastic way to keep "in touch" with pets when their owners are away! We enjoyed looking for Jasper on the blog when we were in Los Angeles and got a thrill whenever we saw him. We knew he would be having fun but its still comforting to see him enjoying himself. Thank you Melanie and Erin for having this wonderful "home" for our cat!
    The Araki/Howells