Friday, January 9, 2009

What is on Sophie-Cat's mind?

Q. One of our customers asked me to find out if their girl Sophie: was bored being a single cat, wanted a friend, why she didn't like to be picked up, petted or to sit in their lap, why she would only play with a string, but only when they were dangling it in front of her... and if there were other toys or habitat that would make her happier?

A. She was happy to talk. She did indeed want a sibling in the house... 3 or 4 months old, wasn't that fussy on it's sex but did tend towards a little sister... she wanted her to be a brown/black tabby, like her, but with short hair.. she thought the names Ginny or Becky Sue would be nice for her friend..

She wanted a friend because 'exercise, boring here all alone, go outside together, to teach, tell stories to, joke around together...' . She'd obviously been thinking about it. Other questions: Do you like other cats? 'Sometimes, they're alright, can be fun.' Do you like people? 'They can be fun, alright.' Do you like to be picked up? not really, feet off the ground, not my thing.'

Do you like toys? yes, strings, rope, pull things, things to do/play on. Like what? big, strong things to climb up high. Do you like to play with little toys like mice and balls? not so much, boring really, not to chase.'

Do you like being petted? not so much, musses up my hair, static shock, don't like that much.

Do you like being brushed? not so much, tangles, pull out my hair, hurts my skin.

Do you like sitting in people's laps? I'm not one to sit still for too long, don't like to be tied down, too independant I guess.'
She described her personality as 'gorgeous girl, very pretty, friendly, classy, outgoing, personable, charming'.
Her mother told me that she has trouble with the neighbours cat and the one at their cottage... Of the neighbours cat she said 'I don't like this one at all, mean, tricks me. How? surprises me, jumps out at me, shocks and alarms me when I'm not looking. She believed that it was just playing however. Of the cat at the cottage she said' it's mean to me, bothers me. How? by following me around all the time, won't leave me alone to rest.'

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