Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a typical day at the Pet B&B...

(Left) Erin's big guy Winston (black) and Virgule (orange) are passengers on the upper deck of the airplane.... while (below Left) Spencer (dark orange tabby) steers on from the cockpit... I guess that makes Erin's little girl Elsa-Rae (below left-dark tabby) ....the flag-waver... for the coast is clear....

Downstairs (below) Maddie plays conductor of her little red & yellow Herbie car... (while the plane flies overhead... or upstairs, at least...)

(Left) I'm guessing that Friskee (black & white Maine Coon) doesn't care for the sound of overhead airplanes.... he takes cover under the 'waterfall' at the back of the room... He'll come back out when he can hear the grasshoppers again.... (Doesn't he have the cutest markings?!)

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