Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 from our kitties to yours!

Erin and I thought it would be nice to introduce our own cats/kids to you and yours.... and wish all of our customers, 2 legged and 4's a magical New Year. We'd also like to thank you for your much appreciated business.

I have 4 crazy kitties that live with me at the house... my eldest is Spunky, the chilled out, big orange male tabby (above right). I usually call him by the name of Doodle or Spunky Doo ....Next, I have 3 black and white cats, 2 females and 1 male... all siblings.. many of my long standing customers will recognize them from the Pet B&B... I inherited them when they were 3 weeks of age... their mother was hit by a car. They turned 7 years of age on August 31st, 2008... they lived their first 3 years at the kennel.. they can still be found at the Pet B&B...I bring them in and out when they get too bored at home... so, many of your cats will recognize them too... Above on the left, is my little male Smudgie or more often referred to as Wudgie Wudgie....One of my females is below left. She is called Sweetpea or more accurately Tweet Tweet..... and below right, is my other female Moustacha..... keeping with tradition, she usually gets MooMoo.... (Hmm, I'm noticing a pattern here!)

Next, we have Erin's two little cuties... the big handsome black cat above is her boy Winston and below we have her little girl Elsa-Rae... they visit us regularly at the Pet B&B too.... she often brings them in for the day to play while we work... They would both be about a year old already... and still full of beans...

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