Friday, March 13, 2009

As the two-legged's head to Mexico.....

It is countdown at the Pet B&B..... as anticipation mounts for the start of March Break!!

(Left) Sweetie (Siberian) knows that his Christmas buddies Tookie, Felix and Winnie come back in today.... so, he's trying to catch up a few zzz's before they show....
When this little guy is tired... there is no keeping his eyes open!

(Left) Caruso hopes that mom is enjoying her time in Cuba with her students.... He's meeting lots of new friends, back here, in Canada.

(Left) Wally Wally Waldo, or just Waldo, which is actually his name (black/white), always picks his black/white cat bed to stretch out on.... He is another gentle giant... he turns into a 4 month old kitten as soon as he passes through our doors.... so much fun to see adult cats do that!

(Left) Peanut.... or Peanut Pie, as I always call him, just arrived last evening.... We saw him at Christmas too.... He will remember many a furry face from then and his previous visits....

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