Friday, March 27, 2009

Celeb animals - Jennifer Aniston's Norman

I had a long and very interesting conversation with Jennifer Aniston's dog, Norman. He had a lot on his mind. His thoughts and viewpoints will give you some idea of to what extent we influence our animals.
Norman wasn't that keen on the chit-chat stuff... He wanted to talk about life and about Jennifer.

He said he's not that big on swimming or being bathed. He doesn't like being all wet. I asked him what he dreams about? 'Riding the stars, being up there among the planets, ride the moon, peace on Earth'. I asked about the last one. 'no more war, no more fighting, getting along everyone.' I told him that was a beautiful sentiment. I asked why he wished for that? 'Everyone would be happy, no more sadness'. He liked going in airplanes saying' high up, go fast, like going back down'. Why? 'the descent, the climb, they're fine, they make me want to fly like a bird'. He liked driving in cars because ' they're fine, go fast, fly by, the scenery goes far'. He said his health was fine.

I commented to him that his mother looks like a very kind, gentle woman. He replied, 'She's not. Why would you say that? Mixed up, worries all the time, she's not fine, not well. She looks for trouble all the time, not happy.' I asked him what he thought of her? 'Hard headed, too strong, headed for disaster'. How? 'Heart trauma, too much pain in heart, will kill her one day, heart warmed over'. I asked him to explain? 'heart warmed over, bubbling & boiling over, too hot.'

I asked him to describe himself to me? 'Wonderful boy, smart, clever, playful, clown around'. Tell me what troubles you? 'Being all alone in life, no one by my side, starting over, the parts that fell/came apart'. I asked him to explain? 'The parts that can't be recovered'. Parts of what? 'Of life, of love, the sadness goes on.' I told him that he's a very wise puppy. 'Life - it goes on. I try to be'. I asked him if he wanted to ask me anything? 'Where are we'. ??? 'Where do we talk from?' I told him that I think we communicate on the Astral Plane. He didn't think that we talked from there but didn't know either. I asked if he wanted to tell me anything? 'You are kind to help me'. How? 'To get it out, my pain, my worries.'

I asked if there was anything that he wanted to tell his mom? 'It's not the end of the world. It's not that bad. Stop being mad. It'll all go away again. You need to see the good in all you are.' I asked if he'd like to tell Jennifer all the good things that he sees in her? 'Brave, good heart, big heart, kind mother, so nice inside, smart, funny, goofy.' I asked if he had advice for his mom? 'Be strong, not tough, inside. Be warm, be funny, the way you are inside'.

I asked him why he was in his mother's life this time? 'Help her along, help her get through it, she needs my love and support. I can help her a lot.' I asked if he could see me? 'Not at all'. Hear me? Not really. I asked how he received? 'Knowing'. (That is my strength too, and feeling. Many communicators are strong visuals, others hear an animals voice, even their accents...Yes, they do!) He said he'd talked to communicators before but not for long.

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