Monday, March 2, 2009

R&R&R.... Rest, Relaxation & Recreation!

(Left) Abraham (dark tabby) has a little tete-a-tete with BigBird1... 'He still refuses to let me visit him inside of his home'!

(Right) Ti-Min (grey & white tabby) preps himself for a little siesta.... in one of his favorite hang-outs... inside of the tractor..

(Left) Angus (black on top bunk) has the best view of all... smack in the middle of the room, he can see what transpires in all three directions... On the second bunk bed, Gingko (black) relaxes in one of her favorite spots, usually lying up against my big chunk of Selenite (white stone)... It's a very calming stone... On the bottom bunk bed, lies Squeak... (dark tabby & white)... That isn't one of his favorite spots...We usually find him driving the tractor or in one of my Herbie cars in front of the sunny window...

(Left) Clara (black&white) has been visiting us for a number of years, with her sister Alice... You can't see Alice right now, but she is sleeping on a pillow in the lower front part of the car... It's strange to see them hang out so closely together... That is not a usual sleeping spot for Alice... She prefers the rocket ship or phone booths....I'm all for breaking with routine.... change is good!

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