Monday, March 23, 2009

So, what did you get up to this weekend?

(Left) Whoa! Hold up! We're here... I mean there! No. I mean Here!
Sparky (dark tabby) pulls back on the reins... This is where he's stoppin'!

(Left) Toffee (silver tabby) takes a stroll down to inspect the bails of hay... make sure everything is secure back there... just in case Sparky starts her up again....!

(Left) Mademoiselle (dark tabby) has been with us since mid December.. It is her 2nd winter with us.... She knows her mom & dad are back in a few short days... She's a little big cutie!

(Left) Lincoln (grey), can we get you anything to make your stay more comfortable?!? One thing about this little guy... He sure knows how to make himself at home.... After all... That's what we want!
If these guys are relaxed and 'at home'... we must be doing something right!

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