Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grey kitties.... At the Pet B&B they are!

(Left) Tookie (grey centre) watches Ellie on the lower wing of the airplane..... taking a breather, is Felix (solid grey on left side).... This is the typical calm before the relay race....

(Above) Our new friend Lincoln (grey) has snacks with his new friend Suzie Q (tortoise shell).... mustn't forget the nourishment!!

(Left) Little Skittles (dark tabby) is in again for another March Break with us.... She's very social.... not one to sit still for too long....if there is attention to be had.... very gentle girl!

(Left) I think I'll just be 'invisible' for a while... in here... No one would suspect a thing! Little Dixie (black/white) found a quiet place of her own to just observe, for now...

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