Thursday, March 26, 2009

We'll just rename it... tabby land!

(Left) The plane is fully loaded and ready to take off to sun drenched locations.... wait a minute... they're already there.. Everyone climbed aboard one of the sunniest spots at the Pet B&B... On the top, from the front, we have Chazz (dark tabby with white), Lily (dark tabby), Whiskers (orange tabby)... On the lower level... from the window... There is Squeak (grey/white), and our big boy Abraham (dark tabby)..

(Left) Little kitten Amos (orange tabby) saddles up to a larger format of himself... Whiskers

(Below) More orange kitties! This time it's Mr. Whiskers (orange medium haired tabby). He's a fair bit more independant than the others listed above... but very sweet just the same..

(Below) Our girl Sassy (muted tortoise shell) is only partially visible from atop the space ship.. She takes turns hanging out on her favorite structure... sometimes we find her on top.. others, we find her inside... Very calm little girl..

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