Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Acrobatics anyone?

(Left) My little Lucie Gucie... aka Lucille... (dark tabby/tortoise shell) is an animated little girl... especially if there is a camera present... She moves around so fast, when she's being goofy, that it's often hard to get a clean shot... She and her sister Tara are enjoying all of the daily entertainment... and, the refreshments, of course... Big Hello to mom & dad in the sunny south...

(Left) Ty (white/dark tabby) and his brother have way too much fun when they visit with all of their buddies.... and BigBird2. These two boys are young, active, very busy and adorable... Did I mention busy!?! There's our adorable little Maman (grey/white tabby). No she's not making cameo appearances when the camera comes out.... She's just THAT busy herself. It's not a wonder that these two like to pal around sometimes.

(Left) Bailey bunny just went home yesterday. This handsome boy is gentle and calm. He loves human contact, especially his little head and neck scratches. More bunnies coming in next week again. Bailey isn't as adventurous, as some of my bunny friends, when it comes to being curious about the cats. He goes at his own pace... What ever makes him happiest...

(Left) OK. 5 Bucks for the person that can figure out who this kitty is! Mom will surely recognize this 'look'.... Yes. You're right.. It's Lucille again.... I've seen very few cats that can slither their entire bodies across a carpeted airplane without once standing up... She's very interesting to watch when she's hammin' it up. My little contortionist.... We love her!

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