Monday, February 22, 2010

By balloon, rocket or roof top.... the choices abound.....

(Left) Up, Up & Away..... Our handsome big Maine Coon, Sarek awaits his mom's return today. He and his brother Sulu had a great time making lots of new friends... I think Sarek's mom will be very proud of this big boy and of how confident he has gotten with strangers.... He's always been great with the other cats.... now, even with most strangers, he stays put, in plain view, and watches what they are doing.... Well done big guy!

(Left) Bow (orange/white tabby) and Jasper (black) sure do love BigBird2 watching.... The top of the bird house has been 'hot real estate' these past few weeks.... Good thing that BigBird loves a lot of attention... These two boys are roughly the same age... They have met on many previous vacations and have a great time together each visit.

(Left) Mountain Climber Jingles (calico), is another BigBird2 fan.... I think she would be a definite roof hopper, if she went outside. She and her sister Flick are tiny little girls, in comparison to many of the cats that we get in.... permanent kittens.... Their brother Gaffer is a fair bit larger than the girls...

(Left) Speaking of the black & white shmoozie boy.... Here's Gaffer... He's very affectionate and friendly... Any rough piece of wood will do, for a good neck scratching... He's usually found in the big rocket.... curled up & sleeping, or watching BigBird2 from one of the side windows... He often has Bow or Sulu bunking in there with him.

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