Friday, February 12, 2010

Lily, Lily, Lily.... You are such a Lily!

Lily (dark tabby) just left the Pet B&B this afternoon.... As you can tell, she's an attention getter.... This adorable big girl often flags me down, when she sees me enter the group areas... A picture is worth a thousand words... Whoa, Hold up.... Momento.... She is such a cutie...

(Left) And, when she's not stopping traffic with her hand signals... she's stopping it with her playful goofy-ness.... She loves to make people laugh & equally, loves the camera... It was great fun having her to hang out with, the past few weeks....

' I know you're pointing that thing in my direction... but, can you really see me through that tiny little hole!? I am a big girl you know... Are you sure that you don't just see this priceless face, and not the rest of me?! SureSure?? Well... If you say so!

'As long as we are certain that the camera works ... I may as well go back to my favorite reclining position.... It's so restful for my back... I can get extra good stretches like this....'
You too cute Lily!

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