Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Family Day Everyone!

(Left) My little ChouChou (orange/white tabby) goes home this week. I've know him for many years. He's a big marshmellow.... He also has one of the softest coats that I've ever felt. He's looking forward to going outside again.

(Left) Little adorable girl Catou (white/dark tabby) is visiting again with her brother Romeo & mother, Maman... This little Miss loves to climb & jump around. She's just getting warmed up... This girl has energy plus.... That's our big handsome Sarek (grey Maine Coon) in the background, on the top of the airplane's wings... He's getting more adventurous too... He loves height.

(Left) This handsome big boy is Kuzia (dark tabby). Our regular readers will recognize him from many previous recent visits... He's found himself a nice quiet haybail to curl up and snooze inside of. He's quite the talker... Always good to see him again.

(Left) Bow (orange/white tabby) is back in town! along with his brother Ty... These boys last visited us over Christmas. They are having a fabulous time with their friends Jack Henry, Jasper, Luna, Catou and Maman.... just to mention a few.... This picture was taken last Friday, the same day that he arrived. As you can see, it doesn't take them long to settle in.

(Left) Another handsome long time friend... this big boy is Sam (grey/white tabby). He can be shy around people but does very well with his feline companions....He's very gentle and loves his neck scratches...

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